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  1. I know exactly what you are feeling Matt regarding our hobby / driver cars. I have put off getting at my car even with all what I have in stock thinking I will need to put her back together as like what your are experiencing, I'm sure one thing will lead to another and my small business is way off it's mark... Concentrating on bringing in money another way and that is slow so with free storage and no even local car gatherings... leaving those nuts and bolts and tools right where I left them till things are in better shape. God I hate the expression "We are all in this togethe
  3. Brian, I like hearing that your Dad is in there like a dirty shirt. LOL Enjoy these days. There will come a time...
  4. Challenging year is right John... However, to your statement above, since our P M has started to open a few things up some the traffic volume in town is more like it was back in February. Maybe it is lighter out in the County but with Chryslers going back into production this week will bet the commuters are hitting the bricks anxious for that full pay cheque again. (can't blame them for that) As to the driving habit's I've experienced... I missed the memo stating that the Rules of the Road during this pandemic have been rescinded like stopping fully at stop signs o
  5. Seems the older I get I find myself leaning to things I did when I was young too. Might be that simpler comfortable time thing? Guess that's why I kept my High School car all these years...
  6. Well, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
  7. Yes they are for the '58 Limited only models. Presume by the condition the plastic insets are gone?
  8. I'm curious as to the process you used with steel wool and mag polish. What grade of steel wool did you use? Was this done only by hand motion or with a polisher? I have wiper scuffing and wondered if this might reduce or clear it up. Thanks.
  9. Been there with that! LOL
  10. I'm really squinting my eyes but can't quite see it....
  11. While not my 1930 Buick Bus it is me (on the very right) & my dad with the cap on the right helping hold up the sign. The year was 1969 and the Club was going on a day trip along the north shore of Lake Erie. That old straight 8 got a work out with all the wicker seat filled. The owner eventually sold the bus to an actual bus company 40 miles east and they restored it but were able to save those wicker seats (which were very comfortable).
  12. Just sent them an email inquiring about my 1958 Limited. Glad to hear they can he helpful with the yardage required. Waiting to see what the cost is going to be then convert Canadian to US... Should be interesting.
  13. I have a complete rear axle to the drum,s sitting by itself but no way to measure the weight without a proper scale. Any suggestions to help you out?
  14. Here is the wiring diagram from the 1958 Buick Chassis Service Manual.
  15. Lance, You night want to PM 95Cardinal and see who he used on his radio for his '58 Caballero. I got the extra radio he had and said it had been gone through too. Can't recall what his name was.
  16. Before dad had the Whippet fully restored I found a st of 1928 plates and gave it to him one Xmas. The mounting is a bit awkward but did his best.
  17. Long before the advent of YOM plates Dad found a set for his 1920 Overland and put them on with the current registered plate. This was taken in 1969. He never ran into a problem with the police on them but did get stopped once because the car didn't have turn signals. Hence you see them bolted on the front apron.
  18. Received a call wondering if I would be interested in some work in Kingsville so met the man early, discussed the project after showing me some equipment that would be involved and decided to drive on down to where we had cottages years ago. It was a real a eye opener when I stopped at what was once known as The Municipal Beach. There used to be a sandy beach out to the end of those steel groynes. Lake Erie is at an all time high and with the south westerly winds lots of damage to property going on. Drove on down to the cottages and took this shot.
  19. Sunday morning I made a trip to a Home Depot Store on the outskirts of town that is rather large and allows one to actually get in a line to ask to purchase goods instead of on-line or calling on the phone. It was worth the gas as I had spent from 1:30 till 4:15 Saturday trying to get through at my regular store on the phone and then only to be told I could pick up the few things I wanted sometime after 3 the next day>>>??? Staying isolated not able to earn a living is one thing but this hurry up and wait in a social distance line is testing my patience. Was told by my neighbour
  20. No issue at all Keith. Like Dad's antique cars, family treasures keep him alive for me and obviously you too regarding your grandfathers furniture. Dad told my son Mark that he could have all his wood shop tools and know he would like them as a hobby craft also being the mechanical engineer that he is. If I think of it will dig out some of the toys and shoot some pictures Dad made for the boys when they were young.
  21. Thanks guys! Dad used to say he was the prime example of "Jack of all trades but master of none". In his day growing up (like many others) living on a small farm money was tight, so one had to do things that the young generation today (not all...) say, Take it in to be fixed or through it out and get a new one cause it's cheaper than having it fixed... He always said he would have loved to be a carpenter working with wood but back then labour didn't pay what it does comparatively today so went to work as an Operator In Training for the Ontario Hydro till becoming an Assi
  22. It would be a guess on my part but as big as it is, might have been in a locomotive roundhouse / repair shop?
  23. At the risk of boring you (since I brought it up) here are a few of Dad's wood turning projects. These are but only three of the many he made along with toys for my boys. This May the 4th he would have been 96.
  24. Made trip over to check in on Mom and with finding her out in the front flower beds seemingly good in the almost 70 degrees today, went into Dad's wood shop with intention to make a box for my padding mould. Dad was an amature wood worker mentored by a friend whose hobby was making fine antique looking furniture. He started late in life but really came to doing some fantastic projects including turning multi species bowls. Consequently there was plenty of wood pieces to choose from but used a piece of what looked like siding. I only ever used his equipment a few times myself so
  25. With a hearty lunch today and constant light rain I laid on the couch while the wife turned on the idiot box and literally cat napped! Woke up some time later seeing my 19 year old house cat sleeping on my lap. We/she has been dealing with a bladder infection and early signs of kidney failure for two weeks but has turned around some and seems to be her old self (for now). Vet says as long as she eats regular and not crying might be around for 6-12 months. Doing what needs to be done for her not to suffer. After I moved her to another chair went to the garage
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