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  1. It's good to check in and see you are exercising and enjoying the collection John! This year is a bust for me on the challenge until sometime after Labour day earliest but enjoying hearing about every one's getting out. Keep it coming gang!
  2. Gary, Trust me when I say I know all about home maintenance. With two homes/properties there is always something to do... Knowing the area where you live and able to get to the lake in short order I like to see you enjoying the time (on a calm day). Great shot!
  3. After supper looked out the front windows and saw this come up the driveway. My car buddy was out and decided to stop in for a visit. The Cadillac is a local car all it's life and Joe bought it from the original owner's daughter. It was repainted once but the chrome is all original as is the interior. Surprising how sitting by itself the styling makes the car look so big and bulky but here beside my truck not quite so big. It was a nice visit. I need to get the Special back together and find time for a ride or two...
  4. Spent the better part of the day Sunday with more exterior cleanup and things are looking better as far as eye appeal. Decided to scrub down the garage door and siding which was really dirty. Yes the garage is stuffed and another bin will be needed with the move and sort operation. Fortunately I have made arrangements to have use of a Sea Can for parts storage and can start with the transfer next weekend, hence the property cleanup efforts for now. I still have plenty of paver stones so decided to place some on this corner to neaten things up along with mounting a m
  5. Naturally Nash parts are on back order. So fitting with this hurry up get in line and wait new world order... It is what it is and moving along with the other priorities needed. My son ordered a bin for stuff he is disposing of and was planning to throw stuff out from the basement and share the cost but... after coming back from working the lawns found he literally had it full to the top! We covered it with my tarp that night to keep the furniture from getting wet (adding to the weight charge) from the overnight storms. Thinking it would be picked up on Saturday took the cover o
  6. Turns out while cleaning the Nash up a fellow car buff down the way stopped by as he had never seen the Nash before and as we talked gave me the name of a guy at a local Auto business who has been in the trade for many years unlike the new counter guys who have never even heard of a Nash let alone where to look for parts... Ted is going to check as there are two different distributors for the car and with pictures of mine try and set me up. Not sure when they will come in or when I can get my mechanic to come over to install but have to keep moving forward.
  7. No I was asking about the front two exhaust ports. From my iPad it looks like a plate.
  8. Appreciate the info Doug! Will check it out on my desk top when I finish up tonight with work. Nothing like a bit of rain to push the day back trying to keep on schedule.
  9. Is that plate under the exhaust manifold standard for the 57 engines? My 58's don't have that.
  10. I didn't use the starter spray, poured gas, sometimes a bit and sometimes a lot with the choke both open and closed over about an hour or so then pulled a plug wire, put in a screw driver in it and asked a neighbour to watch for a spark as the starter button for this Nash is on the bottom of the clutch pedal. No dice with that so tested continuity of the coil wire and that was good. Has power to one side of the coil. Any suggestions accepted.
  11. Unfortunately that was 11 years ago and moisture has it's way of creating issues. Going to go over connections and clean them to ensure good contact. Being in Canada running into a few places that won't ship across the Border (Internationally) but will check them out too. Thanks.
  12. Agree with you 100% regarding this! I have a few video tapes with Dad and his cars plus a lot of photos let alone three of his antiques so believe me when I say "they are special". Dad saved this article from his local paper. The T was his daily driver (sitting behind the wheel) in 1941. So I support your idea, hearing your Dad's stories in his own words will be a great treasure for all.
  13. This mornings rain (somewhat needed) has put work on hold today so posting a bit more on the Nash. Keith, several years ago (actually a lot of years ago...) my youngest and I were up in Newmarket picking up a 10x20 portable tent, stopping for lunch and a group of antique cars rolled in. Low and behold wasn't there an identical black '51 Nash Canadian Statesman! We chatted some before the group headed back out on their tour and I thought we exchanged contact info but looks like I lost it with the last computer hard drive crash. See, I looked further into the distributor Sunday f
  14. Sunday (Fathers Day) was of mixed blessings. The good was seeing and talking to both boys and their mates. Got a WiFi extender from one of them and appreciate I will now be able to use my I pad out on the deck now. Went over to the Nash earlier to discover my firing issue is indeed moisture in the distributor... The rotor looked like this so will have to find the box marked Nash parts and see if Dad has spare ignition parts to put in. With that I spent the rest of the time with cleaning her up since it was sitting out. The vinyl on the doors had mildew so
  15. Good call EmTee. I discussed that (via text) with my go to mechanic last night who stated the very same thing so will be heading over this afternoon and see how things look. Once it runs I will continue with the cleaning as she is really dirty. One surprise (and set me back) was opening the trunk to find Dad's case sitting there with some trophy's and plaques from car shows he drove the car to. He told me that when he was called up on the draught in WW2 he packed this bag and reported to Wolseley Barracks in London, Ontario, Canada by train. Wh
  16. Sure is! It's a 14 acre property I supply the labour on their machine which takes a full 6 hours to cut with this machine. They are hoping to get their bigger diesel back soon when the correct parts come in. Supposedly it will knock time down to 4 hours. Meantime it's work and a cheque. I just need to find my radio headphones... Kingsville is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and the property is located across from the Kingsville Harbour which makes for a great spot for a lunch break.
  17. Friday was a hot day on the machine but finished reasonable early so went to the battery store afterwards to buy a new 6V battery for the Nash. No sense in playing with charging an old battery only to find it is beyond it's life expectancy. Spent a good three hours today pulling her out to clean and pump up the tires before removing the old battery. The hold down bracket had some residue so took it into the garage and wire wheeled it before painting it and the bars up. She cranked over fine but didn't fire up... Tried a few things but had to pack up for
  18. With having caught up early today I ran over to the garage and spent a couple of hours. I'm putting in a fence on the side lot and painting a post before screwing in the braces and boards to clean things up and then painted the side doors for the same effort. I then went over to the Nash to see what cleaning it will need. Sadly it has been long enough the chrome needs some big cleaning so decided to get at that. Patience and LOTS of scrubbing is doing the trick but it wasn't like when Dad gave me the car. A little here and a little ther
  19. Thanks @EmTee for the support and will report today I did spend about an hour accessing where to dig into the garage a bit. Cleaning/moving empty boxes was a start right now... Some will be needed to put small things in off the shelves so a bit here and a bit there is where I'm at now. I took a bit of video but can't recall tonight how to post it and maybe shouldn't as it is embarrassing what things have gotten too. 🙄 Will try and keep active as things show a more positive result.
  20. The rubber hose is a fuel "supply" line. The end of the hose at the rear of the car connects to the gas tank on the fuel gauge which has the pickup in the bottom of the tank. The tube at the top of the tank is only a vent with a short hose clipped onto the cross member above where the springs, are preventing it from draining the tank. My tank is a '58 with the gauge on the side whereas the '57 I believe is on the top of the tank. The hose goes onto the fuel pump naturally on the engine. Then there is a hose that goes up to the fuel filter and then ano
  21. Hey guys, I saw JohnD's post late last night and was going to respond but had to think about it at the late hour I read it and then saw you both asked today while I was out working. First let me say right off that my wife and I are OK physical health wise but my mental health, while questionable at times in the past, is being put to it's test. I don't want this to be a "Wendy Whiner" piece but like I'm sure some of you are dealing with, changes to the normal way of life for us are big and don't expect things to be the same ever again. 95Cardinal reached out (a
  22. Nothing car related and frankly quite depressed about the whole situation. Things keep cropping up that I have no control over but need to be addressed. At least I can say we are all healthy but...
  23. And that dirt road will make you feel comfortable driving slower and actually seeing/enjoying the countryside. I'm aware Michigan still has dirt back roads "if you will" but here in my part of Southern Ontario one has to look hard to find a dirt road anymore. Most have been tar and chipped or paved with asphalt. I remember a particular trip well taking back dirt roads when I was a kid in a car club members 1931 Buick bus along with a full passenger list. That's me on the far right. Quite the experience when the old straight 8 couldn't make it up t
  24. With my car still sitting in the garage with her hood up two of my friends came over Sunday for a visit. I should have spent the time working on the Special but it was good to see them (distantly of course).
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