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  1. Thanks for the comments and......... let the fun begin. Went to the garage last night late to pump up a tire on the Overland and tried to turn the tires by the steering wheel and .......... snap! The rod from the gear box to the passenger side wheel broke at the wheel. Thankfully it was in the garage and not on the Road! I need to go back tomorrow and take a good look at what exactly broke before I head off to the Wills Overland Dealership. (ya right) Will be needing some help as to parts once I figure out what I need so...... will post pics later.
  2. Well, the time has come. My father has decided that he will gift me his PRIDE AND JOY'S due to soon loosing his drivers license at the age of 87. Three cars are involved: 1920 Willys Overland Model 4 Touring, 1928 Willys Overland Whippet Cabriolet Coupe and 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman 4 dr. I was 12 when he bought the Overland in 1967 which was a running car but he decided to rebuild the motor, and 14 when he bought the Whippet as a project car (which took 28 years to restore) and 15 when he bought the Nash from a co-worker with original paint and upholstery. Today: The Overland has it's
  3. Hi, Having a 1920 Overland Model 4 not sure you would want to use a 12V garden tractor or motor cycle battery on a 6 volt system. No expert here but what about the amp meter and amps on the headlights? I have boosted a dead 6v battery with a 12v occasionally just to get it started but never left it on when started so...... just giving you something to consider. I'm in Canada but a 6v battery is still available at farm supply places and not that expensive (about 95 bucks as of last year).
  4. Can anyone help? Tried to move what is becoming my car gifted from my 87 year old Dad today and when I tried to turn the steering wheel I heard a crack and the wheel suddenly moved freely! Thank heavens it happened in the garage and not on the road! Dad has owned this car since 1967 and we both have driven it to events locally until 2007. It has been sitting since but...... WOW! It looks like the main steering rod from the gear box has broken at the passenger wheel. Because it was late I did not get into it further but....... any Overland people out there that are familiar with this or can sug
  5. Found but not recovered unfortunately. I live in Windsor, Ontario Canada right across from Detroit and was driving my Dad's 1958 Buick Limited 2dr as an everyday driver at the age of 17. We have a metal recycler here that the yard is visible from one of our main roads. The pile of vehicles to be shreded was about 12 or so high and what do I spot at the very top? One black '58 Buick LIMITED CONVERTIBLE! Did a U turn and parked on the shoulder to to make sure it wasn't a mirage. The crime of it was that it had a beautiful back bumper and side chrome quarters which we needed on ours let alone t
  6. I'd like to know if any one can help with some info on a kit I received today. It is a PACCO Carburetor Tune-up Kit E-11124X for Buick 1957-58 Early. What I'd like to know is what carb it might be for as it is currently in a sealed plastic package with instructions. Before I open it up was hoping to see if it will fit one of my 58's (Carter 2bl or Rochester 4bl). The gasket set package has a number printed on it 400-22 otherwise the remainder small packs are flipped over so I can't see more info. There is a Notice Special Instructions small sheet that says the Pump Plunger is made of leather a
  7. Curious, states new, purchased here or...... what year. Where are you located?
  8. Just picked up my order yesterday from Classic Buicks and wanted to say thanks once again for responding to my post. Now all my 58's will have new pedals and be looking good in that regard. It has been stated before but deserves to be said again, this is why being a BCA Member is a great thing and can always find someone to help you out somehow! Now I can drive with some confidence this year.
  9. I have used SS on my 58 Buick and my 78 Chev 4X4 when I used that for snow plowing. Bought these sets from a company called In Line Tube (Michigan). They come complete and pre-bent with all fittings (other than the T block). Admittedly there was some tweaking to get one or two lines to fit but generally was happy that I was able to do it myself. They are pricey for sure but I felt it was worth the investment & piece of mind to not worry about the steel lines rusting at some point. Do it once, do it right and drive with confidence. One might argue SS is not original and not sure how that g
  10. Let it Snow, Let it Snow............. Last Thursday was working outside here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with my sweater on (about 50 degrees). Yesterday and today fully dressed (cover hauls & boots) snow blowing customer driveways! Temps - 26 degrees. Just received parts for the Buick. No heat in the garage. Oh my! What happened to that rodent`s prediction?
  11. All three of my offspring have/ are driving Chevrolet S-10 pickups with a 4 cylinder engine so they can not go out racing crazy. The youngest even has a 5 speed manual. __________________ Larry Schramm Good for yoiu Larry! That is the exact reason I got Dad's Limited!!! He was not going to let me drive around like my buddy's in some hopped up Chevy and terrorize the neighbour hood! The 58 Buick's in the early 70's were a bit old school for sure but I dared to be different then (as now according to my wife).
  12. Did not drive the same car my Dad did as his was a 1926 Model T roadster which he sold a long time ago. He is soon to be 87 and an antique car owner today and always said he wished he still had that 'T'. Me on the other hand still have two of my High School cars and the picture is of the second taken a few years ago in Port Huron, Michigan at their restored local Gas Station they turned into a Tourist Information Office. This one is a 1958 Buick Special convertible. My other is a 1958 Buick Limited 2dr that Dad gave me in 1970. Drove both (at different times naturally) to school and because of
  13. Not me personally but my father (soon to be 87) does, at least till March 30th when he will be losing his license. At that time has decided to gift it (a 1966 Corvair 110 Convertible) to my Sister who still has her early production (made in 1959) 1960 Corvair 4DR which she bought as her first car in 1973 or 1974. While it seems some have had issues with theirs, my sister drove hers out to Phoenix, Arizona to go to Arizona State University in the late 70's, a 2200 mile one way trip with no problems. My now wife and I flew out one fall to visit her and drove the car to Lake Havasu and then down
  14. Michael, Just got off the phone with Dad (86 and still a going concern) and he says he still has the wings: complete with beveled glass. However, they are up in his garage attic and I have to move his Corvair outside to get to the trap door so..... bear with me till the weekend and I'll get them out, measure and if close post a picture for you. Doug
  15. Michael, I'm sure my father still has a set that supposedly came off a 1924 Oakland Touring. I will see him later this week and post a picture for you with some measurements. I know it is later than your Buick but........ let me see.
  16. EXCELLENT !!!!!! gearhead - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Doug.
  17. Need a black gas pedal for a 1958 Buick. Mine broke at the floor obviously due to age and is so sloppy will not be able to control the linkage properly. Any help or leads for a new one greatly appreciated. Tried Wheatbelt but no luck.
  18. dei

    Soon To Own

    Thanks fellows for the kind and encouraging words. As I stated it is a bag of mixed feelings for me and fortunately Dad is dealing with things quite well. He feels it is better to loose his driving priviledges due to eyesight than be involved in an accident, hurt someone or worse yet NOT be aware of his condition and be a burden to us. Hence I feel extremely lucky for that as much, if not more, than owning the cars. Kevin, I love the expression Rust In Your Veins! Have to remember that one. I know I've eaten a bit of rust over the years trying to do my own repairs because of little or no mone
  19. Right Mind? Up for debate. Have been working outside for going on 37 years and it does NOT get any easier for sure. Working harder for less pay but........... other than pulling stakes and going south life goes on. (brrrrr) High tomorrow predicted at 10 above. Safe travels out there. ps. Work is cleaning windows.
  20. dei

    Soon To Own

    Trying to post those pictures again
  21. Thought I'd post a few pictures of what will soon be transferred over to me. See, Dad will be turning 87 in May and after the results of his latest Eye Exam, it will not be long before he looses his license. While these cars have been in the family since 1967 and I have grown up and learned how to drive stick shift in them it is a mixed blessing that the time has come. They are; #1- 1928 Whippet Cabriolet Model 96. Dad bought it around 1968 and while not a basket case then, it was not running and many parts were missing still after changing hands several times. It took him 28 years to get it
  22. WOW! Thanks for posting and great job! Brought back a lot of memories for me as my family took that route back in '69 in a 1959 Olds Ninety-Eight from Ontario, Canada. We went up the West Coast to British Columbia then took the Upper Trans Canada Highway east. Round trip was just under 8 thousand miles in 4 and a half weeks. I was 14 at the time and think (in my mind) I remember some of that beautiful Western scenery. Sure wish digital technology was available back then. It is wild (pun intended) that you were able to take your trip in a BUICK. A dream for me right now would be to do something
  23. Thanks to Sue at Wheatbelt for responding to my direct inquiy. Parts should be here early next week.
  24. Looking for the drivers side rear wheel molding and the straight piece that attaches for a 1958 Buick Special Convert or 2 door. Polished/shiny not important but dent free is. Anyone know of any out there?
  25. My two 1958 Buick Limited 2 drs both have slit back front bench seats and have the matching material covered (what I would call) robe rails. Not sure if this was the last year for this feature or not. Can't remember if Dad's 1959 Olds Ninety Eight had them or not.
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