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  1. Yes it is sometimes amazing. I bought a 1952 Ford F-1 truck back in 1999 here in my home town that sat near the front of this guys business property with an old torn canvas over stuff in the box. Along with two boxes of spare parts were two flat head motors. One clearly used and the other not a spec of oil or paint but not looking fresh rebuild either. Turns out this guy got the motor from another guy (so the story goes) that worked at the Ford Engine Plant here who somehow managed to smuggle it out of the Plant back in the day! I bought everything except that motor because this turkey had l
  2. 1971, all black Dodge Daytona 440 six pack four speed pulls into the back parking lot, gets out, opens the hood for show, closes hood, gets back in and........... let's it go doing a 180 only to meet the Vice Principle! Fastest car around? Never saw that car there or around again as the guys dad owned the Dealership where he grabbed the keys from. Wish that was mine today. The other one was my buddies father's 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with 351 Cleveland, shaker hood and 4 barrel all factory stock. We took that out one day and even though it was an automatic shifted from 1st to 2nd at 54mph and 2nd
  3. Thanks guys, Received an email from Ken and has some parts. Thanks. As to Spicer parts, being a Canadian produced car has some issues with Canadian part content back then. Seems they required a % of Canadian part manufacturing content back then (protectionism?). Indeed have a spare trany that checks out as a 51 GM standard truck transmission (exactly as in the car now) so..... measuring and recording rear end numbers and sizes to see what might fit. Appreciate any and all help here, Doug.
  4. Wow! Those look great! Especially since they are pot metal! Keep posting please.
  5. Car is not apart yet but........ hoping to find parts sources before my bay gets tied up for a long spell. Because my car has the enclosed drive shaft system suspect the universal joint(s?) but.. thought if I could contact a few suppliers on availability might make things go faster. The car is: 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman, 4 dr sedan, 6 cylinder, standard shift, no air. I have checked/posted in the Nash Club but thought I'd try here also. I'm located in Southern Ontario, Canada but willing to travel some if need be. Thanks in advance, Doug.
  6. Getting ready to look at the rear end on my 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman and before I tear it apart wonder if you folks can recommend parts suppliers for things like: u joints, bearings, seals, ring & pinion, etc? The catch 22 is not knowing what is needed to fix until things are taken apart but.......... do not want to tie up a bay too long searching for suppliers. Thought I'd ask here 1st, make contact on availability and then proceed with the tear down. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Doug.
  7. OK, so I've seen some 90's caps that have a similar tri-shield center but.... none that appear to be separate like these. With a depth of about 1.5 inches it looks to be a stand alone center cap. Possibly with a trim ring? These really have my curiosity up and would like to know what they go on. Anyone?
  8. Thanks for the guess Mitch. I Googled 80 Skylark and did not see any with that cap so far. If they were not light stamped aluminum and the tri-shield I would have guessed 30's wire wheels with the 6 or 7 inch hub but........ Anyone need these? Know what they fit?
  9. Edit: Gee, If we could only convince Rob to wade out into that outside garage and forge a path through it to his tech library dug out section, this 58 horn question could be solved once and for all. __________________ WHAT THE........... Guess my reply 6 posts previous wasn't clear enough. The only real question now is, did MrMootsie manage to get the Horn Ring off his 58 Buick this weekend?
  10. Have had these on a shelf for some time and do not know what they fit. They are aluminum and appear to be a center cap. Any ideas what year they are for????
  11. Just a suggestion: Go on You tube and type in 1958 Buicks. You will find a good video of a 58 Limited that one of your countrymen brought back from the US and did a beautiful (aka expensive) restoration. Wish mine looked that good!
  12. (cont'd) Sorry, hit the wrong key! The ends could be heated or with a dremel maybe be ground enough to take it off and if you find another good one use silicone or some type of adhesive to fix it back on. Back to the removal of the chrome ring: With a flash light, lay on your back on the floor, you might have to wiggle the ring around some and the wheel but you will see the round headed screws close to the column just above the metal spokes of the steering wheel. These screws go through a separate three prong bracket that houses the contact assembly for the horn. Suggest disconnecting the batt
  13. Not sure about 57 Buicks but........ I have four 58's and........ as to taking off the chrome horn ring: There are three screws UNDER the ring that you need to take out and that will give you access to the steering wheel nut. DO NOT try to pry off the plastic while on the car. Even if you get it off in one piece you will find it is offset to the nut and maybe not even get a socket and breaker bar of ratchet over that nut. Once the ring is off you will be better able to see how the plastic piece is attached. Right now if I remember correct they have plastic sprews that are melted on the ends
  14. Not to be too long winded here (ha ha).......... my experience with restored vs original is this: I now own what was Dads 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman and while about to turn over 100,000 miles, has 75% of it's original black paint, original chrome, original glass and original upholstery. As one would expect it shows some wear in the paint and the upholstery from years of service. However, it has a documented three car owner history and has only seen one winter use in it's whole life. While at a car & boat show a few years back, a man spent quite a long time looking at her and finally app
  15. With the fender, drum headlights and the two body line stampings on the door...... looks like a Whippet. The 27 & 28's looked similar. Maybe the larger Model 96A?
  16. Took the 52 out for the first time since 2007 on a Fall Colour Tour with about 40 other people. Figured it was time to do an oil change as...... the poor tired old flathead V8 blows oil something fierce. It's one of those "check the gas and fill with oil thing". The whole trip was 140 miles and WINDY but no break downs for anyone and I went through 3.5 quarts of oil and 42 bucks (CDN) of gas. If it was not for the fact I have another low mileage flathead sitting on a stand I more than likely would not take a chance on driving it but naturally it seems like it will run forever. All in all a gr
  17. My experience was when I bought a new Ford F150. Last Xmas the deals were such that Ford gave me 3500 for my 1994 GMC truck under a Cash for Clinkers Program. With almost 200,000 miles, needing a valve job (V6) and with wheel well and cab corner body work it was time to let her go. I would have been lucky to get 400 bucks on the open market. Hope I get my monies work on the new one!
  18. Hey Whippet collectors! WANTED TO BUY: A radiator badge for a 1928 Whippet model 96. Have realized the one on the car says Made in Canada and in fact was not. It was made in Toledo and would like to have the correct badge on the car. Can anyone help? Doug
  19. Spent Sunday at the Orphan Car Sow in Ypsilanti, Michigan yesterday and thought I would share a few pictures. This show is for only Orphan cars, trucks, firetrucks and two wheeled vehicles that have been out of production for a minimum of 7 years or more. Had to have been 300 cars? Lot's of brass this year. Hard to think Plymouth and Oldsmobile as Orphan cars but....... guess Pontiac will soon be joining the ranks also........... Enjoy.
  20. Well, Sunday was a great day! And Landman, I do savor every moment I have been blessed to have with Dad. Took the Whippet and him to the Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti, Michigan which the last time we were there was 2006. He talked to so many that he has not seen for quite some time so I think it was as good for him as it was for me. He is not bad for 87! Good to have him beside me for the pass and review. Actually, it is quite a sight to see the two of us fit into this small car (and quite a feat). Doug
  21. Brought out my '52 Ford truck and got a call to cut a lawn (a senior asap - go figure) and thought, "what the heck". Took me about an hour longer due to talking with all the neighbours about the truck. Still a good day!
  22. So........ Again, not a classic but.... Took the Whippet out to a Labour Day Show with Dad that we are members of and thought I'd post a few pics. Found the picture from the day Dad bought her. What a come back!
  23. OK, found a few photos of the Whippet in progress and the "Day of Purchase" and thought I'd share. I was there, just a young kid and while not running (no exhaust, gas tank, gauges, upholstery, etc) wondered what he was thinking (not unlike what Mom thought!). Notice the Model A Cabriolet up the hill. The man decided that a complete running car was a better choice for him than the work needed to get the Whippet going. How does a 6ft 2inch man at 68 get in and out of the rumble seat to fabricate a none existent rain drain????????????? Progress, even while raising three kids on a single income f
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