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  1. Beautiful looking Roadmaster Bill! So you have been bitten by the 58 bug too. 🙂 It sure looks like the one Smartin (Adam) used to have. I saw his car at the National Meet in South Bend which he drove from St Charles, Mo and back. A couple of questions: 1- I noticed you have (or did have) the clear plastic seat covers on the car. Did it come to you that way or did you put them on? 2- Would you by any chance have an extra spring for the fuel door? In looking at my Limited fuel door noticed it is missing and not sure why I would take it off... le
  2. With locating my needle nose pliers at home here, heading over to the Special soon. Any suggestions as to lubing/cleaning up the cable? What is the recommended lubricant? I recall reading something about not to get too much in the speedo head as it will gum things up? Appreciate any and all guidance. (I'm not to old to learn something new - yet... 😏)
  3. Thanks Adam! Guess you were posting while I was typing. That seems reasonable rather than using a used unit. I really only want to do this once...
  4. One nice thing about having four 1958 Buick's all these years and collecting parts at swap meets, I know that somewhere, something I want and have saved, just has to be around... Spent a good hour sorting through boxes before realising I would not have coiled that cable / case up that small taking a chance on kinking it. True to the phrase "it's always the LAST place you look". I tried turning the cable and found it to be free with no resistance. Headed on over to the Special to see if they are the same length and while passing a fellow car guy's h
  5. dei

    1957 76C

    NOS, Man that is something to die for, especially those drums (let alone the ball joints) ! I have a good spare set of drums that I want for the Roadmaster as I don't know the condition of them now. Found them at a swap meet a few years ago. Your frame is looking better all the time!
  6. Bill, Took these shots today and hope they are what you need. If you need more let me know. Clearly my car is not restored so can testify this is the original set up. Care to share pictures of your car?
  7. It's logical as you state it John but thought (at least in my mind) I was careful pulling it out after unscrewing the large sleeve holding it in place. Either way I need another inner cable at the vary least so out to the garage I go to dig around for a cable and housing I believe I have saved from the Limited parts car and compare lengths. I should be so luck they are the same length??
  8. Thanks for the feed back Adam. So you know what my hands look like tonight reaching down in there. LOL! Would you have any idea if the Limited cable is any different than the Special? I believe I have the housing/cable from the Limited parts car. Will be digging into the shelves/boxes tomorrow. I tried turning the speedo once out by hand and it actually rolled easily and started to register the mile on the trip odometer but as in the past didn't move on the actual odometer. With having replaced the transmission with the rebuilt unit last year
  9. Not that it's been "on the shelf" but finally today reached that almost impossible 4th nut under the dash to get the speedometer head out. Not much room with my big hand for access... Should be fun to put in that good unit (on the left)!
  10. With both units side by side, looked them over carefully. With the replacement unit having had the wires cut will compare to my existing harness and place the cut wires/bulbs in the old head to put them in the correct spots for reference before tightening everything up. Upon closer inspection don't I see something sticking out of the cable port... It came out with ease but what happened there? It might explain why the drum recently started to jump (roll up and down) upon take off then record smoothly but what would cause it to suddenly break off l
  11. Exercised the back today and finally removed the last nut holding the speedometer in place. What a struggle reaching that bottom nut! With my arm reaching over the dash and at the same reaching from under (basically hugging the dash) I was able to direct this combination and carefully loosen it off... Hard to see but there is minimal room to wiggle the unit out with the stiff wiring harness and that vent tube behind it!! I had undone the trip odometer reset cable from the dash before so once out (and accessible) disconnected it from the case as it
  12. Need a speedometer cable for my 1958 Buick Special. Mine is broken at the head so suspect I need the cable housing and the cable complete.
  13. Bill, I can take shots of my '58 Special for you this weekend if that will help you out. The gas tank door would be the same on all models and suspect the brackets (bumper to frame) would be also but will compare my Limited (currently apart) with the Special for you and see.
  14. Picked up the first set of panels for the Limited today. Going to dig out the rad cradles and the lower splash pans to see which ones will be the best to do next. Cleaned up parts are giving me incentive to keep moving on the car but will be going to the Special tomorrow to remove that hidden bolt for the speedometer removal next...
  15. Used changing the clocks ahead 1 hour and the batteries in the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors to switch out my Buick Shelf. The details with this are excellent! it has the Steer Head with horns on hood round chrome like the actual car. It also has the pistol door handles and the rifles that go in the consul. That chrome piece on the shelf is actually one for the Limited hood in the garage. I can take looking at this for awhile. Some people count sheep to sleep at night... (I think you get it right Lance?) 🤩
  16. Adam, I can see with the amount of cars you deal with it would indeed be a blessing (aka time saver). Space and costs are the reasons I'm not there... Lance, Other than getting at the Roadmaster one day, my days of doing extensive work are numbered, even if I had more space... I actually have a small table top sand blast cabinet that needs to be tried out for small, I mean small pieces. It was a gift from my son thinking it help me out but a couple of things: it's not big enough to handle my 15 inch rims and my upright portable compressor I don't think has enough capaci
  17. Being that it is under padding and not seen underneath (unless lying on one's good back) I used a paint listed as a rust encapsulator before applying the black. I've had that top off once before many years ago and never noticed any paint on it then as evidenced (I believe) by the surface rust I found today. My thinking at this point is any covering / paint is better than none at all. Should it be a problem some time down the road,,, I'm leaving that for my sons to deal with (or not if it's sold).
  18. Using Daylight Savings Time change as my excuse (and I'm sticking to that...😉) I changed out the Limited two door for the Wells Fargo model. It even has the steer head on the hood centre chrome. All in all a nicely done model of the original which by the way, still exists.
  19. Started with with the intention of cleaning around the raised metal as getting in close was a pit of a challenge. One thing led to another, three hours later and three wheels... Had just enough time to spray a coat of black on before supper. Will let it dry completely before flipping it over and painting the top.
  20. That's too bad Pete. Been in that situation myself once or twice. Should you come across another '58 keep me in mind please. Doug
  21. Thanks Lance. Since it came from the Roadmaster which has the foot selector switch I'm OK putting an operating Sonomatic in the Special. Imight keep the inexpensive AM/FM in the glove box for a bit of FM music if I can figure where to put in better speakers (out of sight) for a better sound.
  22. I put a little more time in on the dash top tonight. Figured with it being padded / covered up going at the rust with a brass wire wheel wasn't going to be a problem. With the top side looking not too bad went at the speaker grill. Continued doing the back side. Then took a can of black and shot both sides. While waiting for it to dry noticed this stamping on the dash top. Assuming it's a part number... Once it was dry enough to set aside I flipped the dash top over and
  23. Brought the dash top out to the garage today to see what I could do. I had gone to Dad's garage (at Mom's) and saw he had an old school hair dryer and brought it home to try and heat the glue holding the vinyl. While it took awhile, did a nice job. i was able to get the black vinyl loosened and lifted leaving only some of the cotton padding. With this dash being padded noted the speaker grill is covered with the cotton too. Continuing with the hair dryer I carefully used the scrapper to remove the balance of the cotton pad
  24. The nice touch with the well worn napkins was the stainless steel hose clamps used to hold the knife and fork wrapped in them. I'll bet there are a few of them that walk out of the place. Will most definitely go back and with the Special parking it for a picture or two in front of those gas pumps!
  25. Distraction today as we had to take our neighbours to the Metro Airport in Detroit for a 2pm flight. On the way back after saying goodbye I asked my wife if she wanted to try a restaurant I heard about for a late lunch. Since we were going by Dearborn pulled in to show her this. It's located on Michigan Ave near Oakwood Blvd in the heart of FORD Country. In fact, behind this building across the railroad tracks is The Henry Ford (Museum) and Greenfield Village. The Model A's parked there have darkened windows and don't have seats or door panels but sure l
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