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  1. So... quietly I carried on taking things off, marking them, taking pictures and putting the small pieces in freezer bags, labelled of course so down the road I won't have to hunt in the bottom of a pail or box, look at something and ask, "What was that for?" Doug BCA# 35039
  2. So it is cool out but the rain has quit and the sky is clear. Progress..... at least with the dismantaling, then..... Trim coming off fairly nicely. Surprisingly the seal is somewhat pliable yet, Even able to cut it back with a utility knife. THEN!!!!! It's a good thing I don't have young kids near by..... Not good to see a grown man weep (you thought something else didn't you?). Doug BCA# 35039
  3. Rob, LOL. However...... you forgot one thing in your description. Not only were the pants plaid but... they were bell bottom pants!!!! Time has changed all that including the shaggy blond hair which has now gone silver (my wife says grey but we agree to disagree - ha ha). Went to a funeral last week and there were many there from a Drum Corps that I was in and have not seen for over 35 years.... Every one of them knew me and said I have not changed. Time is not kind to everyone... had to be introduced to a few (sigh). Then... got up this AM , looked out the back and saw this..... 75 degrees
  4. Here is an interior shot of the twin sister Limited. Doug BCA# 35039
  5. While waiting for the weather to clear (April showers bring may flowers I guess!) I decided to poke around a box with the Limited information and came upon this. Taken in Pheonix, Arizona when I drove down to help bring my sister back to Canada after graduating from ASU. Found the bumper on a Roadmaster 2 door in a wrecking yard still attached and I borrowed some tools from the place, took every nut and bolt off, no problems! The note attached says I paid 95 bucks! It will go on the Roadmaster. Doug BCA# 35039
  6. Wow. Now that's yard art! I'd miss that too. Maybe you should turn the front end into a bbq grill and leave it there. Now that would be cool. BBQ...... hmmmm!? Good one but...I'm thinking I better just carry on with the work order. Although.. contemplating saving the rear quarters and possibly hanging them on the garage walls (inside naturally) with lighted tail lights..... While I most definately will miss seeing it there, it is easier knowing that I have her identical twin sister sitting inside the garage and various parts will be used to keep the collection going. Doug BCA# 35039
  7. Rob, No apology necessary here. Clearly, liking/having something different from the norm is what defines me and let's face it, it would be a boring place if we all liked and did the same things! I didn't realize you had your 57 that long too! Fun Club isn't it? I went to the High School 50th reunion (my 25th) with the Nash as they had a Car Show on the Football Field. Would have taken the Special had it not been parked way in the back of the garage. It was a great time and like you said, my classmates all remember the Special and were amazed that I still had it too. Sadly the Vice Principal th
  8. Man am I going to miss seeing this when sitting by the bonfire after she's gone...... Doug BCA# 35039
  9. Since I'm saving the doors I decided to take some time while the BBQ was warming up and clean up the window frame. I used to take a new can of oil, soak a rag and wipe the chrome leaving a film and after all these years, pleased how they came out. Nothing was show quality when I parked it and the pot metal has issues but.... cleaned up pretty good. Even the vent window crank came out nice!
  10. So about mid afternoon the rain and sometimes sleet (this is April right?) quit and then there was a light in the sky! Out to the back and took a look where to start. I'm going to refer to the Limited as 'The Critter Motel' since with all the floor rot and access through the trunk floor the mess was huge. Before I would think about climbing in to unbolt the window clips, I sent in the House Keeping crew (ME). After an hour of careful work it got to this point. Notice the remains of the original carpet just below the bottom seat trim. The front of that carpet is different and never noticed it
  11. Hey Rob, (You have a second-generation bathtub Nash, too. I am so sorry for your loss (of dignity).) That's funny actually. Never heard anyone say that they thought it was ugly but... I did hear a few say that their parents would not let them use the Nash because the seats folded down flat... you know (think 50's parents mind thought). However....... My Limited did get the comment, That thing is so chromed up it is gawgy! I mean what teenage kid in High School in the 70's drove a used Buick Old Man car? It did change some when one day in Auto shop Class the Teacher told us we had a field trip
  12. (It is not as rusty as the shed in the next yard!! Build a shed around it.) Actually...... I tried suggesting that awhile ago but........ In reality, the car is indeed more rusty than that shed. Sitting outside even up on cement blocks with that soil under it has done a number as expected. Once I get the windows out, the doors off and the seat out, and the front fenders off it won't take too many cuts to remove the body shell in manageable pieces. Last November, thinking I could jack it up enough to bolt on the tires again, all the jack did was crush the frame and never raised it at all! Th
  13. Thanks Adam. Because these Buicks were my first cars and never sold them like most people do, I have many more stories. However, I want to be able to create new stories and not just look back (although I have been reminded I do that a lot! - ha ha - darn that City Hall) My youngest son (who also has his first car - not a Buick but that's OK) said to me at Xmas, "You are not getting any younger you know. You should really get them going again." He's right! While I have poked some fun at my wife (does she really look sad riding in the Special in my avitar?), I'm also 58, the Buicks are 58's,
  14. Seriously though, doesn't this qualify as Yard Art? It certainly gets people to discussing the piece (ha, ha) Doug BCA# 35039
  15. Hey Jim, THANKS! Just to refresh your mind, we met last year at your place when I picked up the trunk mat for my Special. I know you were in fast mode getting the 57 in order for the Nationals. I'm really envious of you driving her all the way there and back! My driving will be on hold till I get the Limited dealt with first as the Special has that typical dynaflow syndrome and I have two boxes of rags soaking up the fluid. Guess it sat long enough to completely flatten that seal and will have to take the trans out for service but..... focus now, focus.... Doug BCA# 3539
  16. Some of the dismantling work before the week of rain. Rear Window - good condition now Bottom clips are ripe Quarter chrome Maybe Sunday weather might be better. Doug BCA# 35039
  17. After lurking around the Forums for a while now and being inspired by more than a few that have displayed their abilities from professional skills to the amazing accomplishments of those just wanting to have a driver quality Buick, I'm taking a chance and putting myself out there in the hopes to be able to get organized and keep motivated in dealing with my 1958 Buick collection. Having watched with particularly special interest, Smartin (Adam) and his 58 Limited and now his 58 Roadmaster, I have to state that a specific demand from City Hall (a.k.a. Mayor Wife) two weeks ago has me making an
  18. shheesh........ correction... meant to say 6 volt POSITIVE ground system. (not enough coffee this AM)
  19. And....... Get a few looks hauling my utility trailer around with my 1952 Ford F-1. Don't let the rims &tires fool you, it is the original three on the tree flathead V8, 6volt negative ground and standard brakes. I just change out the bulbs on the trailer when I need lights. Doug BCA# 35039
  20. Here is my 2011 Ford F-150 with one of my cars - 1928 Whippet cabriolet. Only have traveled locally (not more than 30 miles) but handles GREAT! Doug BCA# 35039
  21. OK, so finally found my friends 1960 Monarch Lucerne photos. Now, with that kind of name can it get any more Canadian than that? eh? They are group shots so not the best for the car but think you get the idea. I do know when I have gone with him to the States that it sure gets everyone buzzed. You should have seen the crowd around it at the Ford only show in Dearborn two years ago! Doug BCA# 35039
  22. Posting a photo of my 1951 Nash CANADIAN STATESMAN. Really not much visual change from the US model, just fender badges stating Canadian Statesman. Mine has the flat head 6. A friend of mine has his fathers original purchase 1960 Monarch which is distinctly Canadian. It has been published in many times and yet I can't find my picture of it. When I do, will post one.
  23. Not me personally but my father (soon to be 87) does, at least till March 30th when he will be losing his license. At that time has decided to gift it (a 1966 Corvair 110 Convertible) to my Sister who still has her early production (made in 1959) 1960 Corvair 4DR which she bought as her first car in 1973 or 1974. While it seems some have had issues with theirs, my sister drove hers out to Phoenix, Arizona to go to Arizona State University in the late 70's, a 2200 mile one way trip with no problems. My now wife and I flew out one fall to visit her and drove the car to Lake Havasu and then down
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