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  1. In an effort to move a bit further along with the organizing of my Buick collection..... much to my wife's delight, spent the evening looking through boxes and wrappings in the basement with hopes, once cleaned up, of possibly using it this Xmas Holiday Season. Most of this will be for my Special when I decide to repaint the car. While I know (in my mind) what is (should be) there, moving things to a designated area, pictures and labeling them can only help my boys (and my wife) should something happen that I don't finish what needs to. I often think of a fellow antique car guy who didn't p
  2. So another car season is (has) come to a close and there is still much to do outside before the snow starts to fly and the days are getting shorter ........ However, making the best of it with my boys and a Sunday BBQ while the Limited sits for another winter.... waiting, waiting, waiting......
  3. My son bought this car this past summer as an everyday vehicle and so far..... He used our 1993 Buick LeSabre Custom while in High School and after for a bit and really wanted another.
  4. Not One BUT TWO..... Sadly the LeSabre, was totaled when an idiot ran a stop sign in front of my wife.
  5. You guys sound like my son today. LOL! I had to say to him when he started to talk about finishing the fenders, paint, a brake job..... Whoa wait a minute. I appreciate the enthusiasm, REALLY, from him and you guys too. But the reality is there is more work on this car than my 57,000 mile Limited which has the front clip off too and new metal waiting to be put back on after an engine rebuild when money becomes available for that so.... Don't get me wrong, I'm still pumped tonight about the possibilities and.... have this crazy hope in the back of my mind that two (maybe three) of the 58's wil
  6. While my thread so far has been mostly about my intentions for my Limited (parts) car.... Labour Day Weekend my youngest son says to me, could you help me out one weekend and go out to his car in storage and change out some gas in his 1991 Mustang? Since I needed to do this for my 1989 Cougar also, picked today to help and cover two cars. Here is the Buick connection.... My '58 Roadmaster is tucked there away in the back. Haven't looked at it for some time and there really aren't many pictures of her since it was bought as a future project (man has time passed....), so captured these. I ha
  7. Since taking time to attend the National, work has kept me busy (fortunately). Spent Labour Day at our local Car Club Car Show (with Dad & the Whippet). In keeping with the start of my thread, my wife is on 'Vacation' this week and decided there was "work" that just had to be done so......... Cleaned out the shelter beside the house about 4pm today. Found: AND: Now.... Along with cleaning up other stored things (yes, I'm a saver..) decided to chop up some wood and burn what wasn't needed. Took a few shots of the Limited with the new camera (night vision). Kind of ghostly since she w
  8. Well.... Finally was able to figure out how to re-size pictures that seem to work on my system (and for my technically challenged mine). This is what I purchased for my good Limited. After a good bit of elbow grease with some metal polish, here is what they came out like. AANNNDDD....... This is what the sky looked like just after I got home right after that limb fell down! That system followed me home from South Bend and had I left an hour latter, would have been on the freeway when it hit. Fortunately no one was hurt in that storm but it took the hydro out in some areas for about two hour
  9. Taking a moment to say that I went to the National in South Bend on the Friday for the day to meet who I could from the Forums and scout out the swap meet. After a 3:30am departure, hot day on the tarmac, talking to many (Thanks gang for the support), I did find something for my other Limited that will be the subject of this thread when I am done with my parts car. (Need to keep the wife happy here) Oh ya, sat on the Detroit/Windsor Bridge about 8:30pm and watched as a severe weather front moved in. Nothing like being dead stopped in traffic, high up out in the open over water watching a black
  10. LOL! Ya, it is a stretch being Titanic. Talk about patina though! Once things settle done a bit I need to get back to the dismantling. I did acquire an industrial fan recently to help keep the mosquito's off while working. Now, if the rain will stop a bit....
  11. Thanks John for the few words on my rant (sometimes it helps). Mom fortunately has not had a stroke but.... the event is a fore warning of the potential that can / might happen and currently is undergoing a bunch of tests to maybe avert such a thing happening so... doing what needs to be done and time will tell. Thanks for asking. Also in the mean time, keeping my eye on Graigslist and Kijiji and so far nothing showing up. My suspicion is the two houses in the neighbourhood that have new renters (kids) and their friends that just moved here in the last four months. Had two of the younger ones
  12. To all my fellow Canadian Buick Members, HAPPY CANADA DAY! Hope you all can enjoy your family and friends and maybe a bit of Buick time too. For me it has been a "one step forward and two backwards" situation these past few days with having to deal with my mother who appears to have had a mild stroke. No one called me till Friday evening and while she was sent home, we have to spend Tuesday at the hospital to further evaluate the results and possible consequences. With Mom being the only licensed driver and still living in their own home at 85 & 89, life just might be taking that big left
  13. Guess we jumped Fathers Day a week early and if it never gets any better (which was GREAT) than this past weekend it is really all that matters, making the most of the situation when you can! In the end, the material things are just that, things.... but family is really all that matters. I took many pictures and video to help me remember the moments in my declining years hopefully a while down the road.....
  14. Well my day off wasn't spent on the Limited as I would have liked but but took Dad (89) and my (his) Whippet to our local car club Spring Show. This is about Buicks so.... check out those hub caps on the trailer! Just before I closed the garage door I heard my Special calling to me asking, "when will I be going out to a car show again?" While the car attendance was down a bit due to three other competing shows, the Buick marque was well represented and this one really caught my eye. It was listed as a 1934 two door sedan. The body, paint and outward appearance at first glance looked to be
  15. Yes John, sadly this car has seen it's day but... parts will live on in another "identical" Limited I have and some of the few parts that will share among my other 58's as required. It's about being self employed and "making hay while the sun shines" (as Dad used to say) that is in play right now.
  16. Hey there... It has been too busy to work on the "cars" and after almost 4wks of 7 days/wk.... FINALLY have this weekend (Sunday) off! Went back behind the garage to look at the Limited tonight and found.... Man this season has made things growing crazy with the rain and temps this year! Have decided to grab the moment and take Dad and the Whippet to our local Car Club Annual Event this weekend since she fired right up the other night and counted off those four cylinders with pride! In my heart it is still Dad's car and I know he loves to get out and see the guys. Will get to the Limited so
  17. Because this is about ME ...... & my 1958 Buick's... and because work has taken me away from progressing on my Limited, thought I'd share a shot about work today that, after about 11 and a half hours, just caught me in the moment. The place is on the Canadian side of the usually 'forgotten Great Lake', Lake St. Clair and about 7:30pm. What I tried to capture was a Lake Freighter (with no success) in the reflection coming down stream towards the Detroit River, the sun was still bright, the temps were perfect and I was the only person on the work site with calm winds and about 40 feet in the
  18. Rob, Yes it does look somewhat better. I can even just about see more clearly those red fuzzy seat covers. Poor Limited.... but the few girls I took for a ride in it didn`t say anything bad (back then - think 70`s) ha ha
  19. Dang, Nailhead unbridled! Just soooo sweet!
  20. Had to steal an hour and a half this evening to look under the hood at the rods and brackets that hold the Hood insulation in place for someone. The rods are MIA and a quick look in the garage was not fruitful! That organized thing is really in play as I'm sure I did not throw them out but where are they...... The hood is toast but the brackets are salvageable. rear center rod bracket front center rod bracket Went to close the hood and.... it almost folded at the hinge on the drivers side! YIKES!
  21. Too busy working to get time for the Limited right now, that will change some soon enough, so... One more from the box.... Wished I'd treated this picture better before I was able to scan it. That's Mom's 65 Olds Delta 88 Dad found somehow. It seemed he was able to find Oldsmobile's and Buick's that while having 60,000 to 80,000 miles on them, were usually owned by senior gentlemen who faithfully maintained them and usually garage kept for a good price. What is not quite clear to see, is the red furry seat covers I had on the Limited! MY BAD! Interestingly (or not) I came across a box last w
  22. So the rain has stopped, the phone is ringing and work is coming in.... YEAH! But no working on the Limited this weekend.... So, from the Limited box, a shot of her in better days, 1975. That's Dad's 70 LeSabre he bought to replace the Limited as he needed a car when the U-joint broke and the early 60 Corvair was my sisters that she drove out to Arizona and back two times in order to have wheels there. She learned there that they called Corvairs 'Mexican Road Oilers' due to leaking valve covers. Hers did need replacing when she finally came home for good.
  23. RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY, little Dougie (really) wants to play. With three pieces of lawn equipment needing attention for my properties, have to spend time getting those in order on my only day off....
  24. And..... A few of the Limited parts collected over the years. Several of these actually were saved from my car. Doug BCA# 35039
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