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  1. With that smile on the mans face in the suit and hat, it must be the Lawyer representing the owner?
  2. My wife did that for a time back in the Fall with the store I posted above. Even then after checking things on line she found lots of substitutions or deletions so went back to gathering what she wanted through the store. We currently should be good for the next two weeks and hope... things at least flatten regarding the confirmed cases. If not, then doing as you did EmTee will be the responsible thing to do.
  3. Too bad they are sold out... Did they list one for a 1958 Buick? Oh the things I would do going back.... 😉🤣
  4. Another Day In Paradise... Like everyone else we found ourselves needing to restock some groceries and this time my wife asked if I would go with her. Wanting to have more time with either car, I said sure so let's go hoping it will give me some credit... With a population of 200,000 or so and a Provincial (and Federal) mandate that non essential business close down, traffic looks like a Sunday at High Mass. Pulling into the parking lot it was obvious that others have the same needs but it was not packed like a usual Friday would be. Once inside pa
  5. To my knowledge Don all Limiteds were made in Flint. With only 1026 of the 2 door hdtp's made I can't imagine it worth Buick's while to produce them at another plant in the US let alone Canada. The vin # verifies both mine were made in Flint as is my Special convertible too. Likewise the knight's head chevron is specific to the Limited models but not clear as to it's significance with Buick. Maybe someone has an answer to this?
  6. Thanks. I like the way you say keep picking away at it. It's a bit like eating an elephant, one bite at a time I guess. What paper was the article in? I have met Tony & Susan with their Limited on several occasions. It's a very nice car and a great couple! I took this shot at the Retro Fest Car Show in Chatham.
  7. Early technology like the new trucks that make the trailer disappear when backing up?
  8. Officer I swear, I only had one beer. It was the squirrel on the road I tried to avoid hitting...
  9. Took some time today to change out a flat (bad old) tire. Working in tight quarters with a none running car is always fun but hey, have nothing but time right now... With that done decided with the mild temperature to clean up some branches.
  10. I then turned to cleaning up the hub cap which proved to have lots of curb rash but will do for now as a roller set up and keep in my mind what she will look like when finished. I have a set of really nice hub caps wrapped up to put on when that time comes. With three out of four wheels installed i need to decide if I want to lift the front end higher to get at the frame and floor area to clean and paint at the transmission area before installing it or move move stuff and pull her out on the flat passenger tire to be able to replace it outside for access.
  11. I had rebuilt the brakes on the car awhile ago and was pleased to see the drum looking as good as it was. I had to take off the centre/locating pin as the rim I was putting on didn't have the holes in the rim. Needing a break as my back was complaining a bit I turned my attention to the wheel bolts. They were in good shape on the threads but decided to put them on the wheel and clean up the heads before installing them. Everything was good to be able to slide the wheel in place and with the jack, was able to lower it to get the bolts started sav
  12. With the state we are all in it has been awhile till today needing to get away from the news and my business concerns. With the weather in the 60's I went out to the garage and managed to move things around in order to get at the drivers side rear wheel with a jack. I had to get the jack under the axle to get it up high enough to place a stand under the bumper bracket first to get the tire off the ground. Naturally I loosened the wheel bolts first and took them out but... With the low fender design could not get the tire and wheel past the metal to get
  13. I built the 1/32 scale plastic antique car kits starting very young and had them on the dresser and head board of my double bed till Mom came in to dust using her vacuum... Dad understood my frustration (aka anger) at that so made these two wood cases for me to protect the offending action in the future. They range in quality from a young kid's work to a late teen. They are still protected in my hobby room.
  14. Hard to post a like or sad on this Gary but thanks for the pictures. Hopefully brighter days are ahead.
  15. I can relate as to "bigger job than expected" syndrome Brian. Not unlike what Matt is finding with his Buick... so we are in good company revealing the reality about vehicles sitting for long periods of time. My Special is apart discovering a few things I didn't figure on and with the National deadline looming was at first sweating having it in good order for that as spring is usually my ramp up time for work. That expectation has now been put on hold and with our City in a State of Emergency, find I have the time to poke away on the car (and get out from underfoot). Th
  16. Posted with all good intentions.
  17. Ed, Are we talking about the same elderly gentleman that has passed? He had a bad back when I was there last year but seemed to be handling it...
  18. Really wish you success with the sale of yours Mike. It would be a fine addition to my collection if I had the room.
  19. There is a lot I like about these cars personally except maybe those excessive wide white walls...
  20. Mike, Not to dilute your thread here I think your price seems more than fair considering my friend has more than 3 and a half times what you are asking in his Continental. I can attest they handle & drive wonderfully for such a big car.
  21. She might be in the middle but what a doll!
  22. When I was a kid Dad bought this 1949 Ford in 1962 as an every day driver. You might notice the license plate is from British Columbia so he hadn't been to the Licence Office yet when this picture was taken. As such being at that time 13 years old, most cars in Ontario at that age were usually full of rust (due to the salt in the winters) but this car was in beautiful condition. We moved from the BIG City a year later and Dad decided being a stick shift he wanted a car with an automatic and put the Ford up for sale while at our cottages. They were outside a Provincial Pa
  23. Spent time with getting the broken speedometer cable out of the car. Going to clean up an old one I had on the shelf and installing it with fresh lubrication. Then... on to the next thing.
  24. With a bit of work I was able to get a grip on the speedometer cable in the Special. Seems like a lot of none hard lube in there so pulled it out carefully to compare lengths. Happy to confirm they are spot on in length. Will wipe down the old Limited cable before applying new lubrication and then re-install it. Thanks gentlemen for the feedback. First order of business after that will be to test the headlight switch now that there is a bit more room there and ensure I have dash lights...
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