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  1. After painting up  cabinet and wall shelf unit I wanted it out of the garage mounting it on the back wall. Unfortunately it was a rainy damp day so hung a temporary tarp to divert water which gave me a decent work sheltered work area.




    With a bit more work will see how it holds up to our winter snow....

    Meantime the cabinets are dry now.

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  2. Having spent two days at Mom's fixing up landscaping around her new sidewalk the morning was wet and cold today so no more progress with that work. I need to continue with the pea stone to provide some drainage of water off the new sidewalk and she wants the excess dirt  removed to plant grass.

    Guess who is going to be cutting that next year?




    Did a few errands in the rain and wanted to get at things around the garage at home.

    Decided to move the metal cabinet and wall unit outside thinking I would continue getting the space ready for the Limited to be pushed back inside...

    Once out back I realised the rain was dripping onto the stoop of the new door and noticing a tarp sitting there, decided to rig up a temporary water diversion which gave me a dry space to position  those cabinets and keep the stoop dry.




    Meantime I had fired up the propane heater again and before you know it was more than comfortable in there. Looking forward to getting projects finished up and getting at that front frame of the Limited in the new year.


    Might be time to hang a new calendar...



    That wood cabinet is somewhat heavy (might be me...?) but got it up on top of the metal one below with some effort.

    I only had 2 1/2 inch wood screws which are not quite long enough for a good bite but it is sitting there without anything inside for now and will make a trip to Home Depot tomorrow.




    Going to see if my son will help me after we go and get his new metal cutting band saw and sander that came in for his garage. He wants to do metal fabricating on the side and thinks he can make me a metal ramp for the difference in pad height to be able to park the cars back there when the garage is enclosed.


    One step at a time.

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  3. Fired up my propane heater tonight and got it warmed up enough to paint a metal cabinet with my left over can of Buick green engine paint.




    I moved a few things around while waiting for it to dry and put a rag to my 52 Ford flathead that's waiting to someday go in my truck.

    No it's not an original colour but with the truck being white like how it's going to look.

    (at least it's not a 350 chevy...) 





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  4. After spending most of the day at Mom's fixing up her garden & landscaping I brought my propane heater home to warm things up in the garage as I wanted to paint that metal cabinet. I felt it was a bit cool to use the engine paint and get a decent finish.



    With it set to medium it didn't take too long to feel the heat so went in for supper and came out afterwards to find it perfect.





    With a little paint thinner and some good mixing it went on very nicely.




    After cleaning up and making sure the paint can lid was sealed well, I moved a few things around and decided to fuss with the flathead I have on the engine stand.

    Not sure what is up with the air cleaner and the generator but will address those after I get the Limited back inside.




    Back to Mom's tomorrow...

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  5. Que the song, "What A Difference A Day Makes".



    Had to borrow my sons lawn mower yesterday to cut two customers yards that had grown with this last two heat waves we've had as mine crapped out and after dropping it off saw this at a light on the way home.





    Went to bed last night hoping the forecast was wrong but....


    (The wife is looking for her parking spot back.)  sigh...



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  6. Not really thinking too much about keeping her Lance as right now there is no choice.

    The few that showed a bit of interest around here (car guys for sure, not tire kickers) basically expressed what has been said here on the Forums that "Projects" are a hard sell. I get that so prettying her up till I get the drive train fixed up will help but not counting on a sale this winter.

    Fortunately I have an agreement with the soon to be new owner of the property to be able to use the garage till the middle of April but I have a LOT to do to get her inside beside the Special!

    I'm sure not getting bored trying to keep away from catching the virus!!!


    Meantime, off to grab my son's lawnmower as the drive axle seized up breaking the belt on mine. Time for some paybacks kid. LOL

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  7. 53 minutes ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:



    At our latitude we are darn lucky  to perform these tasks this time of the year!


    With you being even further north than me I believe you.

    In fact my wife went to college in Winnona and has shown me pictures where the snow banks were so high that the rule was to paint plastic golf balls with fluorescent paint and put them on the top of the antenna (when cars had those) to be detected when coming to an intersection.

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  8. Started the morning with putting a coat of silver paint on the wood cabinet after finishing a few spots of primer outside on the garage door opening I seemed to have missed. The temperature was 54 degrees at 8 am.






    I hoping the door and cabinet will be dry enough tomorrow to paint the down sides and then after purchasing new hinges, will mount it outside on the back wall.


    After some errands went back the the Special garage to pack up a few things to move out and looked at the Nash a bit closer.

    The rear bumper was showing a few spots that needed some attention so brought over a chair and my metal polish. 




    Kept at it till I was satisfied it was the best I could get it.




    Will clean up that trailer hitch one day...

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  9. Had a bit of fun today.

    It started with an actual job in the morning that wasn't big but just down the road from my car buddy.

    When I finished up I noticed he had some of his cars out so went for a visit.

    I thought maybe he was going to wash them up as it was back in the low 60's today.






    I found Joe inside the garage lowering the hoist with his 55 Cadillac to pull it outside and put one of those two Monarch's back up on it and the other parked underneath.




    Guess he is taking it to a muffler shop in town to have a Stainless Steel exhaust system put on so it had to be ready to drive out first thing in the morning.


    I hung around while he let everything warm up good before putting them away.

    Standing there, smelling the engine oil and exhaust in the air sparked a desire in me to say good day and head over to the Special garage. I have things to sort over there and thought I would try and start the Nash first. With success on that I moved her over to the other driveway and give her a much needed bath.




    I would have loved to take her for a spin around the block saying I needed to blow dry her off but that drive train complains enough I don't want to screw up what is wrong there even more.

    Once this place is sold and we pay off some debt I think I'm going to invest in getting it fixed as no one is interested in purchasing a project this time of year.

    Besides, she is talking to me to get fixed up and be out on the road again...






    While wiping her down a neighbour came over to drool over her as he calls it.

    I then went inside and started up the old reliable Special to warm her innards up and went back out to find an older couple standing at the end of the driveway. The woman had this big grin on her face when I said come on over and sit inside the car if you like while I backed up to the front of the car. 


    I then shut the Special off and told them to have a look at her while I stepped outside and answered a few questions about the Special and the the Overland. 

    Gee I've missed the weekly cruise-in evenings...


    With them saying thanks very much and continuing their walk I resumed wiping down the Nash doing all the door jambs and trunk seams.




    By then the sun was starting to go down so with fingers crossed hit the starter to park her back in the Car Port.

    With no reluctance starting up I turned on the head lights to be sure to be seen when backing out onto the road and gently drove the 100 ft to park for the night.




    Tomorrow I'm coming back to set the live trap and see if I can catch what I believe is a raccoon roaming around again!

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  10. 3 hours ago, lancemb said:

    That is some old paint!  Is that a 55 hood ornament base in the rear of last picture?



    Yes on both counts Lance. 

    I used the paint on the new water pump casting and touched up the block some when I replaced the fuel pump too after cleaning up the oil around there. 


    The hood ornament base is NOS and would look nice on someone's 55.  

    I bought it years ago for the bomb site in it.

    Know anyone that needs or would like it ?





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  11. Sunday was a wild windy, cold rainy day which meant time spent inside the garage was the option.

    Those cabinets were calling to me so set them up on a temporary table, grabbed my sander & mask to prep for painting.




    Going to use metal primer to slow any more rusting on this one.




    By the time I primed the wood cabinet it was time to head in.




    Low and behold after supper I looked around downstairs and found the can of Buick Engine Green paint I had tucked away. (It's always the last place you look for something. LOL)

    It's now in my office easy too see before I'm ready to use it.



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  12. After a call from Mom decided I had better get over to bag leaves and start to finish the landscaping THE CONTRACTOR WOULD NOT DO...


    It wasn't as nice as last week with temps only around 40 degrees but by keeping moving the body builds heat.


    I dug a small trench and lined it with landscape fabric then poured pea stone in to help draw water off the side walk.



    Lot's of kneeling going on...

    Saved some pain with my investment in foam pads. Best money I've spent in a long time!



    It wasn't long before the daylight was going so left and went back to the Special as that place will be sold this December and I have to concentrate on cleaning up the property and clean out the carport now.

    There are two cabinets I want to use at home so loaded them into the trailer after taking the big one off the wall.


    After supper I brought them into the garage knowing I want to refinish them before mounting and placing them out back.



    Now, if I can just locate that can of Buick green engine paint for that white cabinet...


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  13. Me and my family about 1966 on a Club tour in Dad's 1920 Overland Model 4.

    I believe that was when the distributor went egg shaped and we had to be towed to the destination Motel by that Packard.


    Dad tried to brush it off by saying he was pushing the Packard with a stiff rope.



    Then some 40 plus years later I got to drive him around our local Airport Show.

    It was one of the very few times he was a passenger in the car.


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  14. With my height & age, using a brush would put me in traction for a long time too so a small roller on a broken tipped short extension pole did the trick. Went through a gallon and a half getting done what I did but now the weather has dipped temperature wise and have to finish the rest if we get an unusual January heat wave I guess. 


    Went back to the garage with the Special searching through a cupboard and found strings of Xmas lights (among other things) and brought them home. Plugged them in and out of 5 strings found enough good bulbs to put up this.




    If the neighbours didn't know somethings was going on before I think they will know now.



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  15. With temperatures around the 70 degree mark this past week, taking advantage to put stain/preservative on 1 year old fence boards and garage structure since wood supply is on a back order (to be a Looong Wait so am told) and want it protected too.

    75 feet is completed plus 20 feet of side fence so far.




    There will be plenty of time for inside jobs when the weather turns and have my Limited inside again where it will be warm.



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  16. Continued to take advantage of the 70 degree weather again today with the staining.

    It was definitely T shirt time being in the direct sunlight.




    Managed to get all the back done and some of the neighbours side on the pad before darkness approached.




    will tackle that area in the morning and hopefully get started on the garage door tracks so I can push the Limited back inside and give the spot back to my wife for her van again. She has been patient about this so far....



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