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  1. well thanks, a least two of us are happy, im glad to have it out of my driveway and another car lover is happy. there are deals out there, but you have to be willing to get them, currently i am going to pick up a 1970 olds 442, no option car in virginia with 50000 orig miles. never been apart or in an accident. car has documentation to prove it and carfax and olds organizations have written its original. value as is is well into the 30000 plus price tag. got it for less than 2000. yup priceless history to me for cheap. you have to work for what you want and be willing to go get it. gl
  2. just bought a new project car, so therefor the maserati must be gone by the 23rd of january. NO OFFER REFUSED at this point. If you got an offer make it cause it needs to sell fast. I repeat NO OFFER REFUSED.
  3. car is now 1000 obo. another post is above or below depending on if your logged in or not. Thanks
  4. 1989 TC cabernet with ginger interior. Complete car with lots of pics. Blown head gasket. car ran beautifully when it ran. In storage for a year. 2.2L auto with a good turbo. heat and ac worked when the car was running. new maserati stainless steel exhaust and recent tune up, and recent brakes. parts alone are worth a ton. email for pics. Car is located in rhode island. Please email me at ri2sign@cox.net or slygy0@hotmail.com car has 90000 original miles. great for parts or easy restore. have all the pieces and everything need to complete the engine rebuild. engine is not siezed
  5. car must go, 1000 or best, everyone that has told me to hold it or given me money to hold has backed out. i dont want to deal with the ebay hassle for selling it so therefor im only going to give it a few more days then begin to part it out. you can easily make your money parting it out, but I need it gone asap. thanks
  6. For those who care, this car will be going on ebay te day after xmas. This is a last ditch effort before the car is sent to the junk yard. thanks
  7. sorry i am in exeter rhode island, car has never seen snow unless it is left out this year. in storage for a year or so now.
  8. please email me at ri2sign@cox.net i have loads of pictures and i was planning on using a full trailer for safety. the car needs to go asap. thanks
  9. i will tow for 45 cents per mile plus the cost of the trailer, i am trying to avoid driving it to far but for the right amount i will. i need to get rid of this car so make an offer. thanks
  10. the car is in rhode island and i can tow just about anywhere for a fee, but the car must be picked up or delivered by me. I just need to get it out of here asap. make an offer
  11. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati with a fair interior and decent exterior, blown head gasket but the car is all there. original 90000 miles and comes with a rebuild kit. Car is a 2.2L turbo automatic with hard and softtop. cabernet exterior, ginger interior, original maserati rims. parts alone are worth a ton as you guys know. Must sell or the car will end up on ebay or the junkyard. Please email ri2sign@hotmail.com if interested. price is $1500 obo, must sell.
  12. i have an 89 with a blown head gasket for 1500 or best just sitting here with a nice body except for a small dent on passenger quarter panel. the price is negotiable as well just need to get ride of this car. i hate to see it go but its sell it here before the end of the month or ebay or its in the junkyard.
  13. sorry i put the infor in the last post and not in this one. the car is in rhode island and cannot be driven because of a blown headgasket. i hope this clears everything up.
  14. forgot to put my email addresses, ri2sign@cox.net or slygy0@hotmail.com
  15. The car is a 1989 TC in cabernet with a ginger interior, and a black top. The car is the 2.2 automatic. THe car must be out by the end of the month. I would rather sell it to someone here than someone through ebay or autotrader. if it is not gone it will end up in a junkyard. i do not have the time to restore it or part it. Lots of valuable parts, 2500 dollars or best offer. thanks
  16. I have a fair 1989 TC for sale in Rhode Island. It ran great with no leaks before a blown headgasket. less than 100k on the car. no windshield leaks either. has been in storage for 1 year. no time do a restore. new maserati stainless steel exhaust and new brakes. complete car for $3000 obo, come get it or will help arrange shipping or will tow up to 1000 miles for 75 cents a mile one way. thanks email me with questions ri2sign@cox.net slygy0@hotmail.com
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