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  1. year one has some but not alot for the 74....most 72 lemans parts will not work, but thanks.....
  2. looking for emblems for trunk/header/sail panels, green seat belts, doors, interior trim, fenders, bumpers, rocker moulding, fender well moulding, rear tail panel, cowl panel, bucket seats, factory WP coded engine, sway bars, dash bezel, speedo circuit board (w/tach), any NOS PARTS, text or call 717-557-7690
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know the car was sold and as far as I know is in process of restoration back to its former glory.
  4. Call Chris, he can sell you all the glass for your car cheaper than you can have your local guy cut a few pieces! 406-906-6467
  5. Tired of trying to find one to complete my set....so heres your chance to complete yours.....may trade for 2(or 4 or 5) near mint 54 caps(doesnt need to have gold center, but needs to be near flawless). 54 Studebaker Spinner Hub Cap Full Wheel Cover RARE | eBay
  6. Black, not perfect but complete with shifter insert and glove box with lid, structurally near perfect, could be recovered, hinge works on glove box! $500 717-557-7690
  7. Will make a package deal on all or part of it! 717-557-7690 may consider trades Heres a list of the NOS Post Cards: 1968 Chrysler 300 $5 1968 Sport Fury $5 1968 Plymouth Valiant Signet 2dr $5 1969 Plymouth Sport Suburban Wagon $5 1969 Plymouth Valiant Signet 4dr $5 1969 Chrysler New Yorker $5 Heres a list of the shop manuals: 1978 omni/horizon $5 challenger/sapporo $5 plymouth voyager/dodge compact $5 arrow/colt $5 1979 chassis/body $5 colt/arrow/challenger/sapporo $5 dodge d50/arrow pick ups $5 electrical $5 chrysler/dodge $5 colt/champ/front wheel drive $5 1980 voyager van/sportsman/front section(have 2 of these) $5each colt/arrow/challenger/sapporo $5 d150-450/ramcharger/trailduster/power wagon $5 electrical $5 aspen/gran fury/volare/diplomat/mirada $5 engine performance $5 newport/st regis/cordoba/lebaron/new yorker $5 1981 truck $5 ram 50/arrow $5 150-450/rmacharger/trailduster/4x4 $5 engine performance $5 diplomat/lebaron/mirada/cordoba/st regis/newport/gran fury/ new yorker/imperial $5 chassis/body electrical $5 omni/horizon/reliant/aries$5 1982 challenger/sapporo $5 diplomat/mirada/cordoba/imperial/new yorker/gran fury $5 arrow/ram 50 $5 colt/champ $5 engine performance $5 omni/horizon/rampage/aries/reliant/dodge 400 $5 diplomat/mirada/cordoba/imperial/new yorker/gran fury $5 1984 conquest-4spd auto supplement(i have 2 of these) $5each 1987 electric&engine performance $5 ram van/caravan/voyager $5 Heres a list of the NOS owners Manuals: 1968 Dodge Polara/Monaco(a little bent) $9 1970 Plymouth Fury $9 1971 Dodge Monaco/Polara(2) $9 each 1972 Dodge 400-1000 $9 1973 Dodge Sportsman $9 Colt $9 1974 Dodge Monaco $9 Coronet/Charger $10 Colt $9 1975 Imperial $9 Dodge Charger $10 Coronet $10 Colt(top is rough) $8 Chrysler Cordoba $9 Plymouth Fury(3) $9 each Valiant(3) $9 each 1976 Plymouth Gran Fury/Fury/Volare/Duster/Valiant(8) $9 each Dodge Monaco/Charger/Coronet/Aspen/Dart(6) $10 each Chrysler New Yorker/Broughm/Newport-Neport Custom/Town & Country/Cordoba(2) $9 each
  8. Used Factory X-11 cowl hood, fiberglass, $125 can text or email pics 717-557-7690
  9. Late 60s big car fender, NOS, in original red oxide primer, 67/68? $125 717-557-7690 can text or email pics
  10. I would like 1 or 2 of these, just the spinners, but would take a whole cap, or 5 near perfect ones with out spinners....54 Studebaker 717-557-7690 Thanks
  11. Hi, Im a newbie here and to the Buick line. I recently found a 63 Wildcat and it is a factory 4 speed car, but someone stole the tranny years and years ago. The current owner was going to "fixer up someday" but I think I have talked him into selling. I was wondering how many stick cats were produced in 63, and what for trans needs to go in it. Also what the car would be worth once its brought back to "show quality" status. Would it hurt the value to replace the 4 bbl with an original 2x4 set up? Thanks