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  1. Hello Ted and Keith, We apologize for not responding in prior years. I have forwarded your concern on show car parking to our Fall Meet Chairperson for a response. Hope your visit to Hershey in October is a good one and best of luck at this year's show!
  2. We would appreciate eveyone's feedback on the Car Corral at Hershey this year. Location, accessibility, etc. Thank you!
  3. We do not permit golf carts. The only thing we do permit are electric scooters, no gas powered vehicles, and you must have your state issued handicapped parking placard in order to register your scooter at any of our field entrance tents or the service center building. You will see golf carts being used by Hershey Region members for operating the show. Hope this helps. We get this question a lot!
  4. There are camper parking spaces available at the AACA Museum (don't know if they have water or hookups available), but there is a shuttle bus that runs from the Bus Stop at the north east corner of the Red Field to the museum during the day. Lisa
  5. Car Corral stickers were mailed out Wed. this week. Lisa
  6. Car Corral is located on the road that travels around the Orange and Green Fields, starting behind the Giant Center. 2007 Fall Meet Map
  7. If anyone is having trouble with the field maps on the Hershey Region site, you are seeing 2006 instead of 2007, click the refresh button on your browser window. thank you.
  8. I get this question a lot to the website so here is the latest......... Overnight camper parking during the 2007 AACA meet will again be at the old farmhouse across from GIANT Center. Registration for camper parking will occur at two different locations, depending on when you arrive. If you arrive on or before Monday, you will register at the Fairway Building. This is the brick house on the corner of Hockersville Road and Hersheypark. If you arrive from Tuesday on, you will register at the old airport building in the White Field. This is the field across Hersheypark Drive from the Stadium. There will be signs directing attendees to the appropriate registration location. See you in October. Lisa
  9. Field map PDF's are now available on the Hershey Region website. http://local.aaca.org/hershey/fallmeet.htm Enjoy!
  10. http://local.aaca.org/hershey/fallmeet.htm
  11. The meet is always the first full week in October each year.
  12. The show was "FANTASTIC" this year. Thanks!
  13. Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for owners to make of car, only the name of the person who purchased a space and their space number. But it would be nice to have that information for the future. You are not the first person to ask.
  14. Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for owners to make of car, only the name of the person who purchased a space and their space number.
  15. Information on trailer parking can be found at the Hershey Region website, http://www.aaca.org/hershey/faq.htm and yes there will be parking at the maintenance building in a lot next to the handicapped parking area. Entrance to the show car field: Go to map at http://www.aaca.org/hershey/2004map.htm Travel south on Rt. 39, between the Car Corral/Giant Center area and the Chocolate Field. Stay in the right hand lanes which will lead you in behind the Giant Center and on to the show car fields. Hope that helps. Lisa Hershey Region
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