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  1. My post was 6 years ago and I'm getting requests for these. I no longer have a source.
  2. The 2.94 ratio used a blue 38 tooth driven speedometer gear and the 3.21 used a yellow 41 tooth gear. I specialize in 65-66 parts, so let me know if you need anything else. HTH, Jeff in CT.
  3. the link isn't working because that's your link to edit the post. I tried to go to Winston Salem CL and see it but can't. maybe if you went to that page while not signed in or use the link they emailed you. HTH, Jeff
  4. Dan, look in their inventory. No search unfortunately, but you can jump ahead. it looks like a dark green, just like the one I have. http://www.rpmmotorsportsmn.com/servlet/the-48274/61-CADILLAC-LEFT-DASH/Detail HTH, Jeff
  5. "you just have to move the thin trim between the years." Yes, in other words, relocate the trim and quickly weld up the holes. I'm sure someone has a '65 Fleetwood rear door needing zero body work for a reasonable price. Just have to find that person who thinks they're "old" and not worth anything.
  6. The 65-66 rear doors all collect water in that rear corner. I'm sold out, but you may be able to find one from someone who doesn't know 'they're gone' for a good price. 65-66 Fleetwood will work, you just have to move the thin trim between the years.
  7. Hi, Starting in '61, Cadillac wheels could be either black or gray, not just black. There's no rhyme or reason to which was used on what car. Just like they used Rochester or Carter carbs alternately. Just what they had on hand that build day. These wheels APPEAR to be '61-64 style since they have the round indentations between the stud holes AND are connected by a raised ring. 65-67 wheels do not have this ring, but do have the indentations. 68s (exc series 75 and cc) are all gray with no ring or indentations. So, the gray or black wheels are identical. If the center is out of round, it wa
  8. LOL, I should have said I was crushing it and created a false sense of urgency. At this point it's going overseas, but it ain't over til it's over.
  9. I'm helping a friend sell it. No time to clean it up before the snow hit! http://www.ebay.com/itm/111255462449 Thanks, Jeff in CT 860.805.1575
  10. I remember the shorter 6" blade wasn't long enough and had to use a longer one and bend it a bit.
  11. Theeocto, Yes, it may be someone who reads the CLC forum may know of the car. Unfortunately, no DMV gives out information on past owners or registrations. Most pre1980s records were paper anyway and either tossed or buried somewhere.
  12. I specialize in 65-66 Cadillacs and have had this happen on more than 1 parts car. Not sure it's possible get to it from the back side. It's the locking mechanism that's stuck. Not sure if it's a spring that keeps it from getting to the unlock position or a lever stuck. I've messed with these for hours and then end up using a long sawzall blade from the outside slipped between the door and door jamb to cut the striker. If you put wood shims on either side of the door, it won't get a marred up. I'm sure there's another way, but this was the fastest and least frustrating for me. If you find anot
  13. I'm looking for an entire parts car. A overseas customer car was in a flood and he wants to rebuild it. I know it would be less for him to just buy another, but he wants to rebuild this one. So, I have the nose to dash and back window to trunk. Does anyone know of a series 75 interior from a '66? A 65 will not work. I could use glass too. thanks, Jeff in CT
  14. The antenna is the same, just use your old support bracket and fender hardware. HTH, Jeff in CT
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