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  1. George - I am the Admin/Moderator for the Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum'. Based on your email address (in your primary post, on this thread), you are already a member of our forum, and have been since September 2014. It could be that you forgot that you registered, and may not recall your forum 'handle' or password. Based on what I've found, the 'thread' here, etc., I will re-set your password for your account on the forum. This will generate an email to you, with a system-generated password. You should be able to use your email address & that password to log-in to your account, and will be able to change the password to something more convienent to you (just access your profile to do so). If you have any issues, please email me: forum@hetclub.org Regards - ADDENDUM: The re-set of your password has been done. Please let me know how it goes (thru/via the email above), either way...
  2. Hi Lon - No, don't need another project. How things change in a few years - have enough to keep me busy for the next 10-15 years... LOL!
  3. Ok, that makes sense. According to the 'History of Hudson' by Don Butler, it is a Pacemaker Touring Sedan. That was/is the lower priced version of their (at the time) newer-styled cars. It was not as well equipped as the Hudson Six. According to the book, it weighed-in at 2,867 pounds, and cost $854 in 1939. Hudson actually made 'one' Hudson Pacemaker pickup truck (a prototype - see picture below) - Which has never been found. Most likely, it was destroyed.
  4. Hi Jay, Nice looking car, however actually, it is not a '112'. The 112 (Model 90, Series 90) have headlight 'buckets', attached to the sides of the front grille assembly. Series 98 also has the same front end assembly and headlight 'buckets' as the 'Model 90', but those are part of the commercial line which included 'Big Boy' pickups. As an example, below is a picture of the front view of a 1938 Hudson 112 - very similar to the configuration of the headlight buckets on the '39. Notice the headlights on the grille - Here is a picture of my own 1939 Hudson 112 Model 90 'rust bucket' (pending restoration) - Your car is most likely a Series 91 (Pacemaker) or Series 92 (Hudson Six). If you can provide the serial number, it will 'tell the tale' - as the first two numbers (probably 91 or 92) will indicate what series/model the car is (many can tell from a glance, but not me - I just know it isn't a '112'). Regards and good luck in your sale - Rick
  5. Not mine. Not sure where else to put this - Didn't find a 'Military' section, and the only 'White' listing appears to be for a steam car... Just came across this while 'browsing', thought there might be an interest. I understand that these type of military vehicles are very collectible - 1945 M2A1 Half Track - Government Liquidation Description: 1945 White M2A1 Halftrack, starts easily and runs well, appears to be in mostly original condition and has 1945 dated tracks in serviceable condition. Transmission and transfer case shift easily, clutch and brakes are good. Steering is tight and has nearly new tires. Does not have original fuel tank and is missing instruments. No Glass, no manuals, no hour meter, enclosed cabin is not climate controlled, has an electric start, no ignition key, 147 horse power, white inline 6 cylinder water cooled gas engine, 20 gallon fuel capacity. Max speed 40 MPH, range 175 miles, armor .25 inch, This Halftrack is nearly rust free underneath and is in remarkably good condition for its age. These can be registered to drive on the road and spare parts are available. Has one Jerry can but it has a hole in it. Please contact Doug with any questions at 530-333-3399. Preview is available Monday thru Thursday from 8:00 to 3:00. Buyer must load. Site does not have loading dock or ramps. Lowboy preferred. Removal by appointment only Monday thru Thursday 7am to 4pm PT.
  6. Unusual to see this type of collectible vehicle at auction on this type of venue (Government Liquidation) 1946 Dodge P.E. Van Pelt Firetruck - Tanker has a Dodge T 118 flat head 6 cylinder engine. Has two speed rear axle. Brak - Government Liquidation
  7. Interesting to find a collectible vehicle such as this on this type of auction site (Government liquidation) 1946 Dodge P.E. Van Pelt Firetruck - Tanker has a Dodge T 118 flat head 6 cylinder engine. Has two speed rear axle. Brak - Government Liquidation
  8. Unusual to find a collectible auto at this type of auction (Government Liquidation auction) 1926 Ford Model T two door. Original 4 cylinder, 2.9 L engine with holley vaporizer carburetor. Has two speed transmissi - Government Liquidation Located in California, has what appear to be current CA license plates.
  9. Based on the 'post below', I am retracting my post. I still have my opinions, and will keep them mine...
  10. A highly unusual place to find this car - usually, this websit auctions military equipment, etc.. No reserve/minimum, and bidding starts at $150.00 (don't think it will be there long). Online auction, Nov 1-5, 2012. 1931 Cadillac Lasalle Roadster Convertible Coupe 353 cu. in. L-head V8 engine with a three-speed manual transmission, ol - Government Liquidation
  11. Perry, If you are able (and with the new owner's permission), please send (PM or email) me his name and address, and I will see that he gets a copy of the WTN - the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club's award wining newsletter. No pressure, and the information will only be shared with the editor of the WTN... Regards - Rick C.