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  1. Ever since you posted this I have been looking for a photo I have of the first Buick oil well gusher.I will find it sometime.
  2. We did,nt allow things like that in a Buick Factory Dealership.
  3. Our 04 Buick pictures with the girl on the hood are the same with a different background.
  4. These are pictures I took years ago with my Brownie
  5. Today,s Flint paper announced a buyer for the Buick main office building without giving any details.It,s a beautiful design,all marble & granite,with a big modern auditorium .I have seen the big executive offices on the third floor.On the second floor with the big windows is the cafeteria where the food was quite resonable.Escalators,of course.This picture I took last summer.Not a dealer building but an important part of Buick.It,s been empty for a year or two.
  6. This is a newspaper section covering the new East Side Buick Factory Retail Store.Opened in April,1952. My first day with Buick
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