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  1. The 63 also had a large red a/c that said Wildcat on it. Also a Wildcat face on it.
  2. I have had my regal turbo to 125 but they were built without speed rated tires so that was as fast as it would go .Everyone says they were faster than the Vette in 87 but this was true only only on the track,not on the highway unless you changed your chip. Norb
  3. Dozens of chrome Buick wheels are sold as rally wheels but rally wheels were painted. Just check Buick parts book.
  4. I just went to the secretary of states office & they mailed it to me. Norb
  5. I went to the Buick open today.They had the best display of Buicks yet. I crawled all over the new LaCrosse and might think about getting one some day. Tiger did not have a good first day but it is early in the week. The weather was perfect but this might be the last open for Buick. Norb
  6. I worked in the Buick Experimental lab from the early fifties until I retired in 89.Mostly on engine developement. My own first V6 was an odd firing eng so I spent a lot of time changing timing chains.In the eighties,the Buick V6 was as good as any eng. I have had many since.Never an oil burner,never a problem.I still have two. On my 87 Turbo with way over 100,000 miles,I have not touched the injectors,turbo,alternator,water pump,or AC. Just changed the drive belt. But I dont race it anymore. My other V6 is in a Lucerne & it seems to be OK too but the gas milage is not quite as good as the park ave was. Norb
  7. I am looking at a beautiful 73 yellow Gran sport in the Sept 06 issue of the Bugle.Nice article by Pete too.
  8. Roberta,you can do anything. Call Leno & tell him about this sale ,if it is true. He can save it for us.
  9. Harold let me drive it in Buffalo when it was first shown.Maybe we could all chip in & buy it.I have 10.00 $ to start.
  10. Is that the long flowing vail or the shorter one that looks like it was clipped off ?
  11. In a 63 Buick dealer book I see beat belts optional.Did they have them before that ? When were they standard ? This is for a Buicktown quiz. Thanks
  12. I have a Dealer Catalog that has optional belts in 1963 but did they have them before that ? When did they become standard? My books cover everything except seat belts. Thanks!
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