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  1. The grills are interchangeable however, there are no holes to fit the teeth. Ask me how I know :-( I saw a mint '51 for $800 at Tucsan at the Packard meet in Gettysburg last year. Out of my price range at the time.
  2. In my '51 327 I used the RJ12C and the plugs were hit by the piston just enough to change the gap. I changed to a A5 which is a bit shorter and hotter.
  3. 1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Limousine.
  4. I've been using 20/50 in my 327 1951 Packard 400 since last year. It seems to run smoother than using other oils. Rusty has a good point about getting the sludge out first.
  5. Part I need is 14.25 " long and roughly 6.25 between each pin. Thanks.
  6. 1951 Windsor Deluxe trunk script "Chrylser" lost_in_519@hotmail.com - Mark
  7. Looking for a buyer and suggestions for price. I am in the unfortunate position of having to sell my 1951 Patrician 400. Rebuilt: motor flat 8 327 gas tank fuel pump carb transmission new wires suspensrion brakes. New light body work and paint. New White Wall tires I have nearly all the chrome except the bumper and grill completed with NOS
  8. The hemi is gone, replaced with a 350 small block chevy. Disc brake converion and a 2nd air system added. The passenger side window does indeed have a slight inward curve to it of .25" at the center. If it s supposed to be flat glass then all the better. I've been trying to find anything on this car. The sellor made up all kinds of stories, none of which I believed or turned out to be true. The car is in fantastic shape for its age. Garaged for most of its life helped I guess. If anyone has info i'd love to hear it. - Mark
  9. Its the full limo. The front window has a slight curve to the glass. I've attached the picture. - Mark
  10. I recently aquired this car and its in great shape and a lot of fun. I do need passenger side front window glass. Can anyone provide me a source? Thanks. - Mark
  11. It was smaller than I thought it was going to be. I also expected more variety in cars. I expect the heat was to blame. I was humid and 40c + every day.
  12. Bill Hirsh or Memory Lane Motors (in Canada) have original paints. Had no trouble getting it for my '51 - Mark
  13. My 51 Windsor Deluxe Limo is very long. Wish I could find some stats on it.
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    Every 51-54 i've stumbled over has been abandoned due to engine issues. That's where I'd put my money. - Mark
  15. Anyone else going to Barrie today/tomorrow? I'm hoping to get an air filter for mine. - Mark
  16. That's an 18 hour non-stop drive for me. The old girl would never make it. Don't these events ever get closer to Canada ;-) - Mark
  17. The Airport museum in Toronto Canada is restoring a Lancaster and has several engines in various conditions. - Mark
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    Won't restart!

    I noticed that too. The stabilizer doesnt work as well after 6 months as it does after 3. When I store my car, I've been putting half a tank of gas, plus the stabilizer in, then top it up with fresh gas when I take it out. Seem to work nicely for me. I've had the tank coated so i'm not worried about rust (yet ) - Mark
  19. Took mine out for a spin on Sunday. Put air in the tires. Was happy it started first turn of the key after I primed the carb. - Mark
  20. I have a spare Mascot for the hood in good shape, need a rechrome on the base. Comes from the Patrician 400. I also have many other extra parts. - Mark
  21. yes. Still have it. I'll check my side. Check yours as well. My postal code is L3R 4P5, Markham Ontario Canada. - Mark
  22. Includes starter, coil, generator, carb, fuel pump. Runs fine. You pay the shipping, motor free to a good home. Replaced it with the correct 327 for my car. - Mark Location: Markham Ontario Canada L3R 4P5
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    I agree Speedster, My '51 is worth maybe $20K to the motivated buyer and I'm into it for about $35K Other than a transmission cooler concealed behind the grill its all original again. - Mark