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  1. Might be an idea to start a thread on "spare parts" we want to exchange of cheap cheap or other parts. I have a 49-50 Swan and hood mount bar that I picked up thinking it was 51. Looking to trade or sell. - Mark
  2. I have a book on Callsic Cars in Cuba. EVERYONE has a swan on their car even it is in not a Packard. They consider it a sign of luck. - Space
  3. If you would like me to chck anything for you, i've got a 51 400 - Mark
  4. I have a decent hood mascot for the car. It is missing in the picture. - Mark
  5. Kewl... Once I have the air filter ready, i'll run it down to you to have a look at. I think i'll also do as you suggested and cut the bottom start out and use a regular paper filter vs the oil gunk bird's nest stuff in there now. I wish winter would hurry up and get started so it can end. Spring seems so far away when you have to put your toys away when it is cold! - Mark
  6. Thanks Bob. What should I use? I can barely paint a wall so I will do the prep work and send it out for painting. Unless painting is another of Alberts hidden talents :-) - Mark
  7. According to my manual, air was an option for mine. I would REALLY like to put it in. Trying to source the parts is hard. Kanter is EXPENSIVE for this kind of stuff and they dont have everything I need. - Mark
  8. R12 to R134 didn't make me happy. I don't care what they say, it just isn't as cold! - Mark
  9. Thanks, I didn't know that. The N-95 is a hospital mask designed to stop infectious viruses so I shouldn't have to worry about lead posioning. :-) - Mark
  10. Thanks Bob. I have a number of nurses in my family and i got a bunch of the N-95 masks from them. Nothing gets past these babies! - Space
  11. Thanks Bob, For others: The projects guy is Wayne Kempfert (763) 498-7184 - Mark
  12. I'm off all this week. I don't go back 'til the evening of the 8th. - Mark
  13. Further to that... Which one of you troll-faced bastards just beat me out of a door sills!!! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> LOL, just kidding. Can't buy em. Anyone know how to fix them? Bent and a bit twisted. Tried pounding them between 2 pieces of wood. Waste of time that was. - Mark
  14. Yes, I got that. Most stuff is over priced but if it is a needed part then I grab it. Who knows the next time it will come around. I am mostly getting chrome parts. Cheaper to buy them then to replate them. I figure I'll put all the extra parts in the trunk and hit some Packard venues and sell them cheap to recoop some cost. - Mark
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