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  1. Final report: new battery obtained and in place, everything came on with hookup, started, and went for a drive "out the bypass." Ran beautifully like she always does. Stopped to fill the tank and a young man came over and asked, "Is that one of the Maserati ones?" Turned out his older brother was somewhat of a LeBaron connoisseur and had told him about the elusive TC, but he had never seen one. All's right with the world again.
  2. Back from the dead... Hooked the leads from my jumper to the battery cables disconnected from the existing battery, everything came on. Tried to start her and she started up like her old self. Off to get a new battery. Thanks very much for the assistance folks, much better to be buying a new battery than chasing down a short.
  3. Thanks very much guys, I like the sound of it being a bad battery rather than a dead short somewhere. Just tried reconnecting and got no spark when touching the final connection. Still got the voltage drop across the battery poles. Will try the jumpers next.
  4. My 1989 2.2 l TC has lapsed into a coma. Put her cover on in January when the weather turned lousy and put the battery on a minder for the duration, my usual winter protocol. Went out to start her in February and everything was dead, no lights, no clock, no crank and no start, not even a flicker from the hood light. Colder than blazes so decided to leave her until spring. Forward to yesterday, tried again with the same results. Checked the battery, 12v across the poles, checked neg pole to positive clamp, 0v, checked pos pole to neg clamp, 0v. Hooked the battery up and the battery voltage dropped to 4v across the poles immediately. Searched the forum and found a couple notes about the hood light wire shorting to the hood frame so checked that, but all appeared OK so removed the bulb with no effect. I'm now worried I may have a dead short somewhere which will be hellacious to find. Any ideas?
  5. I have a 1989 TC with the 2.2L engine. The car runs well and looks beautiful, my step-mother was the original owner and barely drove it. I'm having two issues: The foam liner under the hood is disintegrating before my eyes, little bits of foam all over the engine and big chunks coming off. What to do? Are replacement liners available? If I just pull it out of there, will the heat from the engine effect the paint on the hood? The instrument panel behind the fascia has slipped down, is resting on the trip reset and the odometer has stopped working. I'm reluctant to dig into it until I know if its going to be a major issue to fix and I'll quickly be in over my head. Anybody had this problem? Thanks for any assistance.
  6. Reluctantly, we have decided to sell our 1989 TC. An early build car, the car was bought new by my step-mother in California, then moved with them to Denver. When they couldn't enjoy it anymore we bought it and brought it to Philadelphia. With 24,000 miles; interior, engine compartment, and underside are immaculate. The exterior has some small parking chips, but otherwise is perfect. The car runs beautifully, all mechanicals function as they should except the odometer quit at the end of the summer. The top pull down works and all tops are excellent. Comes with original toolkit and umbrella, full set of dealer promotional material including pewter model and pen set, and hardtop rack. Collection is growing and need to focus. $12,000
  7. I read the article in the newsletter and think its a great idea, just hadn't gotten around to checking it out. I looked at the contibutors page, but don't see any mechanism for adding a profile or pictures. Is that coming?
  8. Pulled into a service station in the TC with a brand new Vette in the adjacent bay - driver even had a matching color coat and hat. I gave him a cheerful hello and went about filling the tank noticing that he kept looking over at the car. Finally he went around back to see the emblems and with a knowing look came over and said, "Trade ya..." Turned out he had heard about the TC, but had never seen one and couldn't get over what a good looking car it was in person. Made up for at least some of the LeBarron comments.
  9. I had the same problem with the clamps on the engine bay lines, and also back by the fuel filter. Gas would pour out once pressure built up. Make sure you use OEM clamps. I have a really perplexing problem now. If the car has sat for a week or so, there is a slight gas smell on start up which rapidly goes away. No evidence of leaks under the hood, or from underneath. No gas odor in the garage. My guy at the Chrysler dealer who trained on the TC's in Turin can't find anything.
  10. There should be two 1/4 inch holes under the front valence and back from the turn/parking lights that you can stick an allen key up into to loosen and remove the two allen bolts that hold the assembly in place. Once those are out, the assembly pulls out forward so you can get at the plugs in back to change the bulbs. I went through exactly what you're going through trying to figure it out. Be careful when reinstalling the allen bolts - if you lose the inner one off the allen key it can be hard to fish out.
  11. I noted in the latest TC America newsletter that Karleen's husband Hoyt passed away last month. Karleen is a tireless advocate for our cars and I'm certain we all share in offering our condolences to her and her family on his passing.
  12. Well, I started the TC up Sunday just to see if I could trace the problem, and there was none. No trace of a leak. Don't have a lift, and I definately don't fit underneath, so will have it flatbedded to my local shop for a more detailed check. At least I won't have to have the fire marshall come and sign-off before the truck takes it.
  13. I pulled the TC out today for a run to blow the cobwebs out, and promptly smelled gas. Thinking it was the engine compartment fuel lines (which I replaced when I got the car) I quickly shut down and openned the hood, but no evidence of a leak. Walked around the car and found a puddle of gas just in front of the passenger side rear wheel. I started her up again and looked and sure enough, gas coming from that area but couldn't tell exactly where. Shut down again and pushed her into the garage. Any body else ever had this problem? I don't remember seeing posts on this topic.
  14. Do you have the plastic gasoline door release lever down by the drivers seat?
  15. Hey there and welcome to the club. I live in Malvern, right up the road from Valley Forge. I've found who has to be one of the last Chrysler mechanics around that was actually trained on the TC's in Turin. He's at Town Motors in Exton and has taken very good care of my '89 TC. Have you driven through Malvern/Frazer lately? My wife swears she saw another red TC on Rt 30 a couple weeks ago.
  16. My step-mother, the original owner of our '89 TC, joined the local Maserati club in Denver, CO and always felt welcomed - no snobbery from at least the local group. She never knew about TC America until we acquired the car from her and found the club.
  17. I've now replaced all my struts with new ones from Lou's. No problems, and good speedy service. However, at least one other forum member has had a bad experience there.
  18. My wife and I are trying to go. TC America is having a regional event at the show. Sounds like Larry Carlson (TC Guru from Arizona) may be there as well.
  19. I have the Stormweave cover from California Car Cover for my TC. You can order specifically for the TC, and the fit does seem pretty good. Not cheap though.
  20. I bought the cockpit cover California Car Cover sells for the TC. Certainly seems to be custom cut and fits perfectly. Three tabs fit under the trunk lid, velcro straps go around the mirrors, elastic straps hook under the door handles, front held in place by the windshield wipers. Looks pretty good as well. Seems like it was under $60.00.
  21. I have to say I'm surprised to hear about your problem with the trunk struts from Lou's. I've now replaced all the struts in my TC with absolutely no problems. Sounds like you got an inaccurate shipment - make sure you let him know.
  22. Don't suppose you have the plastic handle for the fuel door release lever by the driver's feet? Been looking for that for awhile.
  23. Folks, I've found a source for the gas-filled struts for the TC: Mr. Lou's Stuff at www.autopartsbylou.com They list the TC specifically on their site, prices are reasonable, and service very quick. I ordered two hood struts which came in a couple days, are OEM (Sachs), and fit perfectly. Just ordered the storage compartment and tonneau struts as well.
  24. Same problem I have, the plastic part is broken off. Oh well, the hunt continues...
  25. I need the fuel tank cover release lever that's down by the driver's foot if you have that available. Thanks
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