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  1. Car on far right is 1938 Ford Standard, not 1937. Grill is different.
  2. I purchased a late 31 Dodge DH (1st series 1932) which had a single side mount. It was on the passenger side. The same as my 1932 Dodge Canopy Express.
  3. 1931 DH and 1932 DH (prior to introduction of the DL) had a few minor differences. One was the faux louvers in the radiator grille insert was changed to a simple stamping that looks like vertical slats. Another difference is the addition of a front seat adjuster. I had picked up a late 31/32 DH as a parts car for my 31 DH and noticed the differences. I believe the ram radiator cap was also introduced at that time, but I'm not sure on that. I do have the grille insert available.
  4. Many sates titled cars by the engine number. My state included since many vehicles did not have separate serial numbers. My 1931 Dodge DH is titled with the serial number as they did with cars which had serial numbers. I would try a different DMV office to see if they will title the vehicle with the serial number. Just apply with title using the serial number.
  5. Do you have any bumper medallions for the 1931 Dodge?
  6. Here is a 1928 Nash Landau sedan with trunk lid open. This pic is of a Standard 6. The Standard 6 had 4 lugs, Special 6 had 5, and Advanced 6 had 6 lugs.
  7. That's a 1928 Nash Advanced 6. Trunk is integral with body. It's similar to my 1928 Nash Special 6.
  8. Could you shoot me a few pics of both ends and the profile?
  9. I agree, 33-34 Ford. I 35-36 had an indentation in the center portion of the cowl.
  10. I'm referring to the splash shield to body molding, not the running board trim. Thanks
  11. Is there anyone out there that reproduces that molding? My DH and my DD's are missing all but a few inches of that molding.
  12. Does not look like front cross member of a 1930 Dodge DD (6 cyl). Engine number is definitely not Dodge. Look on left frame rail (on the side of frame) above and slightly to the rear of the front axle. Dodge stamped the engine number on the frame in that location also.
  13. Pitch Circle Diameter. ie, bolt pattern