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  1. Mark, Haven't heard from you. Any chance of getting the lock cylinder, crank hole cover, and throttle & choke knobs/cables? Thanks, Dave
  2. Mark, Any update on when parts will be available? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi Mark. Have you had a chance to check on the lock cylinder yet? Do you know what you want ($) for the choke cable, crank hole cover & lock? I'm hoping to put my '34 Dodge DR Sedan up for sale by the end of the month and would love to be able to be able to add these parts before then. I'm boiling out the gas tank this weekend, then have just a few minor fixes to make. Thanks, Dave 408-265-4842 dbenzing@ix.netcom.com
  4. Hi all. The problem was solved by replacing the fuel filter! I am a bit embarrassed by the simple solution and that I had not replaced it before asking you all for help. Because the car ran fine after starting, I never suspected the filter as the cause of the starting problem. I installed a new, clear one at 1936 D2's suggestion in order to be able to observe the gas flow, and it turned out to be the only thing needed as the engine starts easily now on its own. I still don't fully understand how a the "bad" filter only seemed to impact starting the engine. Thanks to all for your inputs an
  5. Ply33 - yes I would very much appreciate some assistance! I'm lost my right leg 2 years ago and can stand on my prosthetic leg for only a short amount of time, so am mostly in a wheelchair, which limits the amount of things work I can do and makes actually driving the car impossible. My daughter's boyfriend helps me when they visit, but he doesn't know much about old cars. I have not checked the float bowl yet so I don't know whether it's empty or full. It being empty has been suggested as one cause of the starting problem but, as I said, I have not yet confirmed that. If you can stop by,
  6. Hi All! Again my thanks for your ideas and inputs. Here are a few pics of the carb & feed line: The carb is side feed as can be seen. The feed line goes to the side of the engine & then downwards to an inline filter. From there it goes to the underside of the car and back to an electric fuel pump located about midway on the car and from there to the gas tank. The original fuel pump is not connected to the line. I do not know why it was bypassed and an electric pumped installed. It was put in by the previous owner. The electric fuel pump is turned on when the key is turned to
  7. Here are some more pic's of the car. I will take & post pics of the carb & fuel lines this weekend. As far as suggestions of a leak - none are visible, plus the inability to start w/ gas alone is constant. Even if the engine has been running for a while, then is shut off and immediately tried to be restarted, it won't - unless starter fluid is used. Thanks, Dave
  8. Thanks all. I will try KLC's suggestion and look at the carb as soon as I get some free time. I should have mentioned that the carb was rebuilt 6+ years ago, but the car's only been driven about 200 miles since. Also the car is converted to 12V and has an electric fuel pump. Wouldn't that keep the bowl full?
  9. Hi Mark, Yes, I'm in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. Call me at 408-265-4842.
  10. Mark, Thanks for your reply. I just need the choke cable knob. As far as the door lock, I just need the lock cylinder that fits in hole in the door under the door handle. From your pics it looks like its there. If the associated lock linkage is there, I'll buy that as well. Best,Dave
  11. Hi all - having a problem that I can't figure out and hoping someone has an idea how to fix it. I have a 34 Dodge DR Sedan that will only start without a blast of starter fluid. Cold or warm; choked or not, it will not start under any circumstances unless I give it a quick squirt of starter fluid, and then it starts right up. I have even tried 100 octane gas with and without lead substitute. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  12. Hi Mark, Just wondering what's the status on any parts you wish to sell. I am still looking for: 1. Passenger front door lock cylinder 2. Crank hole cover 3. Choke cable knob I'm trying to complete my 34 DR Sedan before putting it up for sale. Thanks, Dave dbenzing@ix.netcom.com 408-265-4842
  13. Hi Mark, I need: 1) the passenger door lock 2) the chrome cover (shield shaped) that's at the bottom of the front grille. (crank hole cover) Let me know what you want for them please. Also, if you can post a picture of the dash, there may be some parts (knobs) I can use as well Thanks, Dave (408) 265-4842 San Jose, Ca
  14. I'm trying to locate/purchase a passenger side door lock for a 1934 Dodge DR (4dr). Thanks. dbening@ix.netcom.com
  15. Looking for a pair of original mirrors that strap to sidemount tires. Any make considered. Thanks. dbenzing@ix.netcom.com
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