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  1. Hey Good Luck Jeff, some fun is headed your way.
  2. Welcome TC Shark, good luck on your new ride
  3. Hi Richard, I'm pretty new to the TC world, but I've been working at trying to understand the prices, and I've watched e-bay almost every day for 4 months specifically for TC's.... Here are a few things I have observed ... Low miles is always good, but with the poor odometer performance, low mileage is not looked at as positively with these cars as with other cars. 91's seem to not be the highest dollar cars, but are still desirable. I bought a "parts car 91" that ran good but was rusty for $1,600.00, and I bought a very nice low mile 89 turbo 2 for $6,000.00.. I've seen very near perfect 89 turbo 2's sell at $9,000.00 even a little more, and I've seen what looked like nice cars not even get $5,000.00 .. So my opinion, and please just take it as one car guy to another not professional advice ... depending on the area of the country, and the general condition, I think you will get from $4,500 to maybe $8,500 if it's really nice and everything works great. The 89 & 90 "standard" (stick) transmission cars with the special motor generally get more money ... But one just sold on e-bay in poor but running condition for $1,650.00 and I almost bought one that went for $8,800 (I bid $8,700.00)and I saw one go for $6,500.00. I know this isn't a great answer but maybe it can start the discussion.
  4. Hi Old Ford, I have a digital camera and an 89 in my garage ... I'm willing to do what I can to help. I also have a service manual and a scanner ... Although my manual might be for 90 and newer, I'm not sure. Just let me know if you need either.
  5. Funny I also own a Superbird, it is just a 440 Road Runner after all
  6. Hey Gostly, I'm new to e-bay but I have been watching for "Chrysler TC's" every day for the last couple of months, and I didn't see the car you are talking about. I do a search of all e-bay motors for "Chrysler TC" . What am I doing wrong? I may be new to e-bay but I do know to "watch out for scams" it sounds like you may have found yet another.
  7. Hey Slygy0, Your just too far from me in the Chicago area, I have been to your general area twice picking up cars (flew in and drove back) in the last couple of months, but driving my truck and trailer there empty, and back full... just too much. So I have 2 questions, how much to haul it all the way, and what about 1/2 way?
  8. Hey Noah, As simple as this might sound it is the first test I do when I have a battery /charging problem ... Start the car then carefully remove a battery cable ... if the car keeps running, it's charging, then I look elsewhere. (be real careful with that battery and you only need to test for a few seconds)
  9. So as far as hail damage, the hood, tops of the fenders, trunk lid are the only areas? I ask because I have a rusty car and I'm thinking maybe If I used both I could make a good one?
  10. Hi Everyone, I just got home with my "bad" 91, Yellow, black interior, black top TC. It is a complete driveable car, but it does have some rust, and other defects. I thought I'd throw out the possibility of selling the car to someone who might want to fix it before I start the parting out process (About $2,600) and before the parts hit e-bay maybe some members here have needs ... Let me know.
  11. Being a Mopar guy for a long time, I understand the lack of respect, but I feel the need to point out that the TC is the ultimate in the lineage of it's car family, just like a Superbird is the ultimate Road Runner, The Daytona, the top Charger, the Hemi Cuda .... you get the idea.
  12. Hi and Welcome Tom, I too am new here, and also bought a 89 T2 (Ok I used the "so my wife could drive it" too when I told my wife I bought yet another car) I'm soon to pick up an 91 that is rough and I might part out (I have not seen it in person yet)still trying to think of a story to tell the wife on this one?? Anyway welcome.
  13. Thanks for the help. A better description would be, a small puddle after a stop but it forms under the fire wall, about 6" to the pasengerside of the middle. I drove the car on a trip of 1000 miles, and added coolant twice, about 2 quarts each time. I don't reconize the heater hoses ( they don't look like the old regular ones)and I got a pretty good look at the turbo rubber section and I don't think that is it. I had heater core fear, but .... Thanks again. ----B---
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