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  1. runs, needs resto, straight body, virtually rust free, solid, floors, pans, trunk, and rockers, all glass, flat 6 runs, vehicle in phoenix, az $8500 OBO frank 623-937-4779 knucklfrank@aol.com
  2. this auto will be either going on Ebay in the next sweek or so or getting chopped, channeled and shaved. for you purist act now.
  3. I have a nice project that if the right buyer is out there, this is a "40 6 cyl. flathead, I had it running 2 months ago, it needs an interior and basic restoration of the suspention as the rummer components have deteriated from the arizona heat, one small spot of rust at the trunk lip, solid floors, except for a few dings a very straight body, straight chrome, all glass, radio, clock, I'd like to get $8500 out of it, e- me for more pics. frank 623-937-4779
  4. thanks for the tip but 120's are a 5x5 bolt pattern and only in 16", I have a set of 16's in a 5x4-1/2" pattern which fits the 6 cyl. 1800 series now I want a set of 15's in the 4-1/2", I think the early ford will fit, Vintiques ahs a set for $70ea
  5. trunk on the sedan has a small "fleur-de-lis" type emblem halfway between the handle and the upper lip of the hump trunk but this is at the front of the brochure and doesnt say wether its a 110 or 120 view, the only rear view I have is of the 110 and 120 coupes and either they used the same pic for both or neither coupe has a emblem, but the pic of the 120 has whitewalls and the 110 business coupe doesn't, the parts manual states this emblem was for the 1802 series and up as was the packard crest, the super eights, so some had them but not the 6 cyl. series, attached is a stock 1940 120 coupe, notice no emblem
  6. rick is right, I have a '40 110 business coupe and the only thing on the back that says "packard" is the bumber. I have a 1940 sales brochure that shows this also if you need a photo copy to convince you
  7. my 1935-41 parts book only lists the part numbers to the model (1800,1801 ...) and no particulars as to bolt pattern and dia.
  8. yea, I figure it out one way or another, i get responces like "its more than just the bolt pattern, offsets will effect your brakes, funny when we were kids deep dish mags never effectec the brakes that i could remember, i know i will have to watch out for the clearance between the tire edge and the fender cutout, its pretty close but i have 3-4" to the inside with the stock wheels, vintiques has steely 4-1/2" stock style wheels for $70 each, thats probally where I'm headed.
  9. hey I took everybodys word and bought a set of 51 carribean wheels (15") which were 5", and after receiving them and not being able to install, I measured them, they were 5", confused I measured mine and they were 4-1/2", the coupe i have even had a 5" bare wheel in the trunk, which i then tried to install and it wouldn't align up either, the original owner probally got it for a spare and never even tried it, thats when I measured mine and found the dif.
  10. 1940 only offered the 16", i conversed with another '40 owner, he has a 1801 and his pattern is 5", mine is 4-1/2", I expect that to be the dif., I noticed that ford and dodge also has had a 4-1/2" pattern in their smaller 5 bolt pattern cars
  11. so your wheels are a dif. part number than mine, maybe thats the diff btwn the 4-1/2 and the 5", yea i get 4-1/4 btwn centers so plus the 1/4" i get 4-1/2"
  12. I have a '40 coupe 110 (1800) bolt pattern outside 1 to the center of 3 is 4-1/2", a 54 carribean wheel is 5", aka 5x5, the catalog refers 2 diff. wheel pn#s for the 1800 and the 1801 and 2 diff. brake drums also, is there 2 diff. bolt paterns in 1940????
  13. according to vintiques wheels, bolt pattern is measured from the outside of 1 to the center of 3 for 5 bolt pattern which mine is 4-1/2", so if you went center to center and given the dia, you would be 5", do you have the 35-41 parts list, it list for the 1800 #351723 and for all others 1801,1a,2... pn#338700, so the coupe had a dif. part no. for the wheel, and the brake drums for the 1800 and 1900 were dif # then the 1801,1a,2..., is yours a 6 or 8 cyl., is that the only dif btwn the 1800 and the 1801?
  14. the wheels were off a mid 50's carrabean, my wheels off the '40 are definitly not 5", i never knew how to measure till the ebay wheels didnt fit and i looked it up and mine came out to be 4-1/2", is your '40 a coupe or sedan?
  15. JT, well I ound out today that not all packards are 5x5 bolt pattern, my '40 110 packard is 4-1/2" bolt pattern, the wheels I just got, they are 5x5 but will not fit the '40 110, my pattern on my 110 is smallewr than the wheels i got, and yes I measured the wheels I jusr received, to bad I didn't know how to measure them before, now does anybody need these wheels or can trade for the Jr. bolt pattern, see attached file for pic of the wheels
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