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  1. I am looking for that address that you can contact at Lincoln museum to get background on my car? Is this site still operating?I knowyou used to be able to contact them I believe they had access to the original build sheets?Thanks!
  2. Hi:My Cntinental has what I call typical 48 brakes trouble is everyone else now has disc brakes!I looked thru the venders here and speedway etc.Wanted some shoes for the front with softer?linings maybe avoid the necessity of doing and expensive disc conversion,on car that isn't used much?I have asked this before the address for the info from Ford on the car!Back in the early 70s when the last title I have was issued they used the body number instead of VIN on the title would be nice to verify that numbers are correct etc.Getting to old to enjoy crawling under cars anymore don't know if that
  3. Hi:I would be satisfied with reasonable brake could live without the disc ones.I had a 47 that had Hydro-Vac -Booster on it and at least it stoped pretty good.As I think now I did replace the master cyl with a stock one on it though!This one like many of the drum cars I remember it may dive one way or the other without to much warning when brakes are applied!It gets your attention!If I drag the brakes heavy for a little while then can count on straight stops for a bit!Makes me think that better replace the linings,I understand there are some places that make a softer lining that has more grip
  4. Has anyone installed the kit from speedway looks good for $320?They say ford and got no reply when questioned them about fit for the LIncoln?I think the spindles are the same?Do I need the dual master cylinder and the other valves also.Mine stops poorly would be happy with the drums if would stop others seem to get better results did take them apart clean and check but didn't replace the linings only some of the pistons with new kits! Drums are smooth but wonder about some better brake linings would like to avoid the disc cost if possible!Thanks!
  5. Just ordered couple new cylinderes for the top on my 48,one is leaking and the other is damp too so guess might as well do both!Looks like a straight forward job have I changed the doors but they mound differently. Looks like just a pin on the bottom and cotter key if the pin comes out shouldn't be any problem the top screws into a bolt like fitting ,I assume you remove that from the top mechanism and then adjust the length on the cylinder with it as I see one side is different position than the other side!!Just thought would ask before I try making the change.They were working OK so just case
  6. Haven't been into the site for some time and find the new place kind of confusing but will learn I guess!After owning this 48 Convert for many years guess maybe time to get the build sheet for it.I know you can send for it but not sure where to find the address,I believe it was $20 for the info?My car has the body number on the title found the Vin down on the crossmember!I guess in those days they weren't so finicky about Vin numbers as have the title from 3 states going back nearly 40 years and always had the body # on title!Thanks!
  7. Spring is here getting out of storage then all these new ideas return!The drum brakes on these things were probably good in 48 but now not up to modern standards!I believe there are kits you can buy but guess they are expensive?Not sure where to find them either!Checked the kingpin for the early 70s ford P/U and the 48 have the same part number?I have heard that these P/U had disc brakes and could just install there spindle on the ford axle?Would then only have to change to a proper master cylinder!I would bet it isn't that simple!!!But I like the idea and cost would be lot less than the kit
  8. I am back to that old question of what to use in the window and top system.I still have brake fluid in mine and if I remember it is a hassle to switch over to transmission fluid.BUT have to replace both top lift cylinders as they are leaking so would be a good time to do it but as I said I think it isn't fun like you have to bleed everything etc? Appreciate your opinions on that!Thanks!
  9. Hi:I believe that the front disc brake spindle from approx. the 70s ford P/U should fit the Lincoln.I think have seen that somewhere on here!They even have the same bolt pattern and I did check the part number for the king pins is the same for the early 70s ford P/u and the 48 Lincoln!Any body that has done this conversion I know there is a conversion but have seen a price far out of my budget these spindles are common in most junk yards!Any ideas??Thanks!
  10. I knowthis has been asked and probably answered in the past but no idea how to do it now!My problem is that 20+years ago when my LC was put on the classic license they apparently didn't know how to find the VIN and used the body number on the title.I have located the number on the front crossmember but the title shows only the body number.I have seen the address to get the build sheet but don't know where to find it now!My concern is to be able to link the numbers!!My previous 47 LC had no visible Vin but title showed it when I finally found it under the undercoating on the rear of frame it d
  11. Looks like I wil need to replace the tie rod ends and the drag link on mine!Ican get the Ford parts locally with no problem but wonder if they are the same as the Lincoln?I see the drag link assy has the same 3306 number as Ford but the first numbers are different,but the the ford shows 21A the LIncoln shows 26H?Sure would be nice if the parts interchanged!!SO many of the Ford parts are the same as the LIncoln!!ANy ideas??Thanks!
  12. Got a question here trying to figure wires on my 48 OD Solenoid.Peecher and Birdman don't agree!Peecher says fwd wire is green.Birdman says his is black??Now which do I hook up, my wires are shot and want to run new ones! then in looking at L-M Service news Vol1,No.1Nov 46 shows the #6 front terminal as being green and rear as being black?Help!!I hate laying under that thing anyway!!!
  13. Seems latey I have an unending supply of questions!That wide roll arpond tyhe back of the front seat on my 48 Conti is loose along the outside by that chrome support that runs up the outside of the seat.If I can get the back off the seat I can get to it to use some small screws to hold it back in place presently did try weatherstrip adhesive but it isn't firm enough.Can't figure how to get the seat out so could get at it with a drill and screwdriver.Seems to have some movement but hate to break somnething trying to get it out,would guess maybe it is just hooked in someway but thought would ask
  14. Peecher thanks for the reply will call Merv see if has has anything!
  15. HI;Well into another project!The solenoid on the OD didn't work so have another one that seems to work so will try it but is leaking badly thru that small seal on the shaft.Does anyone know the P/N for it to try to get it locally?Funny the manual lists 2 different ones with different dimensions?One I believe was for a 16H and one a 56H mine is a 48 conti!SO might actually be the 56H?I got one from Boos Herrell in the past but just thought for small item maybe pick it up locally and get her back on the road quicker!
  16. Trying to figure out it appears that at least Ford used 2 sending units one in each head I assume these wyld be the same as ford?I can't find them listed for the Lincoln in any of the sources!If they also used 2 can I use one and hook it to the dash gauge?Not sure of the electronics if the Lincoln used two will it be accurate with only one?Gosh they are expensive too looks like $60@ for the ford ones!The currant one in the CAd is for a 12volt negative ground system and is hooked to the Lincoln 6 volt positive ground system this doesn't sound good but I don'tknow that much about electical gauge
  17. Hi:thanks for the replies!Actually the car has a series parrell switch in the system so is actually operating on 6 volts only 12 volts to the motor for starting!
  18. Hi:just a note here after cleaning up the brakes on my 48 they still had hard pedal!I ordered the 3 flex hoses from Narragansett and installed them.Had little problem with the clip that holds them at the frame actually had to get little E clip to replace what was on mine.The brakes require less pressure than previously!!Still not power brakes but did make a noticable difference in pressure needed on pedal!! Had been told that the old ones tended to swellup inside requireing the higher pressure to activate.Anyway I felt it was money well invested for the small cost and noticable improvement in
  19. Just a question here.My 48 has a 54 Cad engine apparently done long ago!My question is the temp gauge is off quite a little,I am thinking if could get one for the LIncoln and install on the Cad motor maybe get a more accurate reading as the Cad one probably not very compatible with the Lincoln considering it is a 12 volt motor,imagine thes ending unit was meant for 12 volts and don't know how compatible it is with the Lincoln 6 volt system!Kind of superised it works at all!Any one deal with this on there cars??Thanks!
  20. Hi;If I remember correct it is possible to exchange the front spindle assy.from the first disc brake ford P/Us to the Lincoln?This was supposed to be about a direct swap from the kingpin and the 5 1/2"bolt pattern!Looking to improve the brake effectivness on mine!Just received the new flex hoses and will install see if they help! Easier to look for them if someone would know which ones it was!!I think I have seen the proper brake Master cylinder for this conbination on some of the old car sites,I think the one for the ford of the same year should fit if I rmember correctly I used a ford one on
  21. I have always used DOT3 brake fluid.I know they recomend switching to ATF but on the other hand they were apprenhesive about the affects of it on these older cars rubber hoses?Said you should replace them with new hoses first that sounds like could be a real pain!Just repalced the one from the pump to the firewall but I think that would entail several others too!How do you bleed the fluid out of the system without taking everything apart.Have talked to others that say they have done it with no problem or are useing silicone brake fluild too!My recent window failure resulted in pain off the roc
  22. Hi:Thanks for the reply probably expalins my problem.I wasn't aware of the proper way to check level!!Funny 20 years and couple of cylinders on my 47 and never ran into this!SInce replacing the leaky hose things seem to work OK now and when the level gets proper that should take care of that too!!Your support is much appreciatted!!Thanks!
  23. Haven't delt with this pump much on this car never had this problem on my other one!This is a convert so has that additional on pump!When bought car had to change one window cylinder,and replace the line from pump to firewall.Not sure about the fluid level.It pushes fluid out the small fill spout depending on how many things are operated!There was no gasket on that fill cover put one on as seemed like it would need one and that is where the fluid comes out seems to go up and down with operation of windows or top?Not sure what should show in the fill spout!Seems like should be up there but then
  24. HI;I asked this sometime ago but didn't get any answers so will try again!My 48 has had all the door striping etc removed apparently someone was going to replace it and never got any farther!Tried Steele they don't have anything for it.Probaly some of the LIncoln venders should have this,hopefully?Any idea which to try?I must not be the only one looking for this!Thanks!!
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