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  1. Okay. This is a question for all of you experienced TC owners and mechanics. Just today I had a prospective buyer for my '89 TC tell me that he has been told that the 3.0lL engine on the '90 and '91 TCs is easier to maintain than the '89 2.2L engine. Does anyone out there have a reason why, or is it even a fact? Also, what is a Carfax report, and how could I get one on my TC? Thanks. Suzanne <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />
  2. 1989 TC 2.2L Turbo Automatic. Royal Cabernet/Ginger/Tan with 74,000 miles. Sacrifice. Beautiful condition inside and out. Runs like a dream. Always stored. Includes portable hardtop rack, original floor mats, factory brochure, operator's and service manuals. Can't store any longer. Will drive my TC to the buyer. Worth $10,000, asking only $7,000. Photos at: http://members.aol.com/OpenSkyStudio/Car.html Contact Suzanne or Brooks at (719) 379-0104 or Email: openskystudio@hotmail.com Southern Colorado
  3. Congratulations, Jeffrey. Glad to hear you and your TC are on the road again. Good advice for all of us. We've already had our first serious snow here in Southern Colorado, and the winds are ablowing. But we have sunshine. It's good to have you back on the Forum. As a newcomber, I want you to know how comforting and supportive it can be to have caring TC owners who come forward to help and advise. I already think of you and Bill as friends. Thanks. Suzanne
  4. Dot,I'm a little late in thanking you for your reply about my TC's console buttons. I did try to find that Yahoo information through your website, but I ended up in another site call Allpar. Couldn't find anything that related to my question. And, so far, no one has posted that information for me. Don't know how Jeff Backes is doing with his surgery recovery. Haven't seen any posts from him for awhile. Hope he's OK.
  5. Thanks. I'll give that a try with my fingers crossed. We have sunshine almost everyday in Southern Colorado despite the season, so I should be able to warm up the soft top nicely. I'll let you know how it works for me. And then, with a little help from my friends, I'll try your permanent fix for the window. Thanks for sharing your experience and know-how. Suzanne
  6. Can anyone tell me if its safe to put up my soft top since my right rear window won't go down? I've been successful in removing the hardtop and putting it back on, but I'm feeling cowardly about the tonneau. I really want to put it up just once before winter hits in Colorado, but I don't want to damage my TC beauty. Don't think the previous owner used the soft top much. Thanks for your responses.
  7. Hi Tony, Now that I know what the service manuals are worth, thanks to ghostymosty, I'd like to purchase the '88 manual if its still for sale. Please answer. Thanks.
  8. Hey Tony, Are you out there? Having trouble determining what those manuals are worth? I wish I could tell you. Just write and tell me if the '89 is still available. Thanks. Suzanne
  9. Dear Bill, I didn't know that it was your instructions and photos about my console button question that Jeffrey is going to post. Thanks for that. Sorry to hear that he had to have back surgery. Not fun. But maybe he'll be pain free in the future. I was raised in K.C. and lived in St. Louis for a while in 1975. Made my way back to K.C. and then to N.Y. for many years before I settled in Colorado in 1993. My TC is parked in a storage space...winter is coming. Suzanne
  10. Dear Jeffrey, I'm the original console button question. I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a back problem, but on the other hand, you've had the problem fixed. My step-daughter in Florida had a fusion three years ago and hasn't had a pain since. I know your recovery will be just as successful. Thanks in advance for posting the pics and instructions. I'm sure they'll help me. Suzanne in Colorado
  11. I'm a new TC owner and am interested in your 1989 TC service manual. However, I have no idea what they go for. Make me an offer. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the tips, Bill. Jeffrey seems quite an active member. I've seen his replies to lots of questions since I found the Forum a few weeks ago. What Yahoo site? How do I get there? Can you tell that I'm about as fluent on the internet as with fixing my TC? I'll go into Yahoo and see what I can find. And I will be patient and wait to see what happens on the Backes site. Thanks for being the one to let me know there's somebody out there. Suzanne
  13. My new '89 TC has a little problem. The buttons in the center console that control the seat positions have detached whatever secured them inside the console. When I push on them, they slip back into the console. I can't seem to find the screws that will allow me to remove the console and reattach the buttons. Has anyone else had this problem? I'd really appreciate some expert help. Thanks. Open Sky Studio in Colorado openskystudio@hotmail.com
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