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  1. No pond, just left outside for 2 weeks here in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post, Pete! Above and beyond the call...as always. They have 46 Buicks in stock at this time.
  3. Lot S186 Rogers' Classic Car Museum 2015 Feb 27-28 https://www.mecum.com/lots/RC0215-207142/1953-buick-special-convertible/
  4. MrEarl, Just what you needed: Hand crafted crankshaft shipping box; I imagine you could spit one out in a lazy afternoon. Look for this pic in the latest Hemmings, "Swap Meet Finds".
  5. I'll remember that, that's a keeper, MrEarl!
  6. Hi lancemb! Give these guys a call -> http://budsalvage.com/ Lots of old Buicks. They've helped me out. Also, they're heartily approved by our fearless Bugle editor, Pete Phillips.
  7. Hi FBV8, My concern is the nice shiny chrome laid directly on the abrasive concrete. A cloth towel or such would protect from potential damage to the chrome surfaces. That is a good rib tickler though, you did let the concrete cure.
  8. Bummer, what is it with nice vintage chrome pieces being laid on raw concrete?
  9. That is a one heck of a good deal for a beautiful ready-to-install crank!!
  10. Thank you, Roger Fields - we appreciate your expert help!
  11. Hi all, Seeking advice from those in the know: Should the intake manifold be black or green? Please let me know. Thank you!
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