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  1. Peter, thanks, that's a good idea. I think I'd better take a look at that. I did misstate that I had a 4:11. The owners manual calls it out for a 4:09. Not that that's any great difference, but who knows if the rear had been changed in this cars very long service life. Good info on the toploader exchange also. As I'd mentioned earlier, the junior and senior tranny's interchange on my '40 282 easily. Only the yoke on the output shaft needed to be switched over to the senior which uses larger U-joints.
  2. Too late Rick. You're in sunny TX while we're all up here getting freezing rain etc. 'Seems being 'holed up' is bringing out the Eddy Haskel in the boys. When we get a real time video of someone standing next to that car with a lit torch it may be time to move on to the Burpee Seed catalogue. Heck, even my Black Hound doesn't want to go out. He's curled up with his back against the heat register. yer whining Yankee pal, Fred
  3. West, go ahead and put the Iron Crosses on it. You know you wanna........
  4. Wow that's a pretty thing! Imagine opening your garage door and having that staring back at you. Nice......... By the way, I sent you a message this a.m. Take a look.
  5. Let's see, 2 million divided by the number of parts on the car............... I'll give a hundred bucks for the full set of fenders. :-)
  6. How about a scantily clad nubile maiden draped over that front fender? I'm thinking Moonbeam McSwine.
  7. Hey! I like it! Maybe a tad too 'civil' but slick nonetheless. A pal just down the road has a full set of fenders that look a lot like those. They're from a '31 plymouth sedan. Hmmmm.......... Nice little piece of 'mousework' too I might add. And there I was with a crayon and a piece of scrap cardboard laying things out. Sheeesh......! I may just have to burn up some ink and print that one out.
  8. Damn JT, that's just like riding in my car! I even have an old Paxton blower here in the barn that's been getting the 'eye' all along but I thought I'd run it in stock trim for a bit 'till the shakedown was done and the motor broken in. By the way, if that ride looks kinda scary, it's because it is! That clip's great! Thanks for posting it! Did I mention, I LOVE THIS FORUM...........
  9. Rick, I'd have to agree. Even though I didn't set out to find a Packard, in the short time I had it here, breaking it down, the more I respected it. Especially once I'd gotten into the engine rebuild (I did my own machine work). Surmising what it had been subjected to, and the minimal damage as a result was enough. The bores would easily have cleaned up +.020 and almost cleaned +.010. I went a bit larger for displacement. I did guides and installed hard seats for unleaded but in truth, while the exh. guides needed replacment, the seats cleaned up almost immediately. And, a steel crank! A steel crank! If it were not for some slight whip in it the crank would have cleaned +010 on rods and mains. Absolutely outstanding for an engine run from 1940 to somewhere in the seventies. And, then run out of oil somewhere in the woods to boot. That kind of longevity only comes from superior materials. Then there's that mental picture I still have sitting in it and imagining what it must have been like in it's prime. Sort of like being captain of a ship. But enough. I'm preaching to the choir, no?
  10. Dave, you're probably right, but spending too much time alone in a cold barn staring at the car and talking out loud to myself may have skewed things. Maybe I need a hobby......Ugh Oh.........wait a minute....! :-) By the way, as an interesting aside, the car I pulled from the junkyard 3 yrs. ago (page 8 under the Packard heading titled "Raw Material Rescue") had inspection stickers from 1970 and 71 on it. Someone really rode this one out. But there's more. This poor thing had all the earmarks of having been "fielded". Meaning, after it was off the road it was bashed around on the wood roads and fields till it couldn't take anymore. Smashed bumpers,fender,lights,oil pan, spun #3 rod bearing, first/reverse gear ground up, etc. Shameful end, no?
  11. Well, if it ever gets raced it had better be a real short track, and as for those crosses, closer study will reveal that they are vintage 1917-18. I just couldn't stop thinking that the thing resembled a D-VII Fokker, so it got the Iron cross treatment. Once things have progressed to a certain degree of foolishness 'might as well throw your chin out, your shoulders back, and wade right in (insert chuckle here).
  12. West. My wheels are already turning on those units you mentioned. Why didn't you tell me this before Christmas! :-) Anyway, let me pace around, knash my teeth, scheme, conive, and otherwise ponder how to get my hands on one of those. It would be a bit of a slap to have to put something post '55 in the car after all.
  13. Ugh Oh! Now the cat's really out of the bag. Them that gets a chuckle out of this I'll probably still hear from. The stone hard purists will be wanting to grab me by the neck. BY the way, notice the taillights in the rear view pic? The 40 taillights look real cool turned 90 degrees. Like cat's eyes. Go ahead and post that one if you'd like (it'd take me the rest of the day to figure out how to do it). Plus, the Packard script on the bumper is one of my favorite features. That, and that big Packard rear that stares followers in the face. To me it always looks like something that came out of a 1 1/2 ton truck. :-)
  14. Huh! What! Did I just hear you say modern OD unit? There's a guy here in the neighborhood who's a big time Model A buff. I'll have to run that past him. Thanks, I'll look into it. So, you had a look at my finely built barn car, hick rod, jittney, jalopy, poor boy, hot rod ! 'Outstanding example of utter nonsense, No? Maybe I'll just leave the gearing 'as is', put duals on the rear, and enter it in hillclimbs.
  15. I do have an open driveshaft which, yes, is a blessing. It's also a plus knowing either the Junior or Senior tranny's bolt right in. I do need to find a '39 or earlier unit though to get the cane. My '40 was a column and I think that was the first year for that refinement, at which point the sticks were left to the poor folks. So, I guess I'll be off on another 'parts quest'. I thought I was past that stage! For what it's worth, I'm trying to keep from 'using up' this drivetrain on the assumption that one day, when I'm dead and gone, somebody, somewhere will be breaking down my car to reuse it for a restoration on a real Packard. As far as I'm aware, they're not making these things anymore. And, as another 'aside', I drool over the cars you guys have. 'Out of my league, but I'll tell you, my wife and I sat in what was left of that '40 (bare springs) and imagined what it must have been like, wishing we could have one. We still talk about it every now and then. Thanks again for everything.............cheers, Fred
  16. Well, the news from everyone regarding their road speeds is some comfort, but I'm still going to try to find an OD for this car. I just heard of a Packard laying in an old quarry near a friends house that we'll be going to look at. I'm mostly concerned with keeping my rpm's down at cruise and extending the life on this engine. I have gobs of torque and HP for the weight of this thing and it just seems wasteful to spin everything so fast. As Speedster says, things are getting hard to find. By the way, what is the situation with the tran. cases? Are there different cases to accomodate the OD or are the OD units bolted right up to a standard case? Thanks.........Fred
  17. Clipper and Owen please ignore my last, if I had turned the page I would have seen your posts, Oop's. V12, thanks for yours also. If you view the pics you'll see why it's so loud inside. The engine's had a total rebuild and runs quite nice. It's entirely possible that I'm being tricked to some extent by the volume inside but on the other hand I can feel the 'pull' beginning to taper off, which translates into a warning flag. Nope, I think I need to find taller gearing. The OD, producing a 3:00 would be a piece of cake for my car which probably comes in around 12-1500 lbs. I wouldn't doubt it could be run engaged full time except for reverse, though not necessary. Now for the hard part. Does anyone out there have either the higher gearsets, or a stick Junior or Senior OD transmission. By the way, the junior trans. was a 'drop in' on the 282.
  18. Wow! I mentioned that Model A body and the lines went dead! Please note that despite being made from many makes everyone who knows this 'thing', without fail, refers to it as "The Packard". I posted pics in the gallery, just look for Big Nosed Kate, also, there are two pics back on page 8, one titled "raw material recue" shows the '40 120 leaving the junkyard three yrs. ago, and the other shows it in very early stages. The Packard heading will show those posted today. Hoping all's well, Fred
  19. From the album: Packard

    Read the Bumper!
  20. Thanks you guys. If I can just keep from holding up traffic I'd be happy. I never expected it to be very fast but being a whole Packard drivetrain I figured it'd at least cruise decently. I had no idea there might be different gears for that rear, which is nice to know, but the overdrive would be an easier fix for me. I understand that the overdrives use their own trans. case and cannot just be bolted on to a non-od case. Is that correct? And, what should I expect to be paying for one. I'm just going to go ahead and assume I'm not going to be lucky enough to find one in the woods like the I did the rest of my stuff :-) I'd be curious to know what ratio the highway rear gears are, I'm told the OD gives 27-30% which I think yields something like 3:85 (?). By the way, my drive train is in what's kinda/sorta a Mod.A Tudor, although the hood and nose are from the Packard, hence the weight reduction. It pretty much has the structural integrity and accoustics of a tin can. The goal was to build whatever I could with what I could find around the area with no parts later than '50 or '55. I don't know how to describe the way it looks but a sense of humor is a prereq. I'll check back in shortly, maybe I can figure out how to get a pic posted for you. Cheers.........Fred
  21. Gents, I'm curious as to what a comfortable cruise speed is for a '40 120 sedan. I've just gotten my jalopy on the road and at 50 mph (someone else clocking me) it sounds like that 282 is wound out and I won't push it any further until I get a tach installed. Please, oh please, tell me I didn't just build a car that will only do 50 mph (Sheeesh) ! The owners manual states that the rear is a 4:11 ('wish I'd spotted that earlier), I'm running 7;00x16's on the back instead of the 6:50's, and I have a '37 Junior tranny w/o overdrive. I would guesstimate that the car weighs a full 2000 lbs. less than a stock 120. Any insights or suggestions are, as always, greatly appreciated. p.s. No restorable vehicles were killed or injured in the making of this...thing!
  22. I'd ordered that thermostat from Kanter, just assuming they knew which one went in there but it's been worrying me since I got the engine running. I like the idea of the 160 deg. better. I'm pushing my luck but you wouldn't happen to have a brand and part # for that would you? Just though I'd try and save my poor parts guy some trouble. Thanks for the info.
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