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  1. Hey John I really have enjoyed some of your more informational posts, and I was on your side there with the article thing. But I really have to tell you, that your overall attitude has gone past healthy. Al keeps this list because the rest of us get to use it and help him keep it up when we see something in a movie. Your terroristic tactic of keeping information to yourself is juvenile at best. I will watch the movies myself and post the information here, just because you wont. This is a group effort to keep this up, if you dont feel like contributing fine, but if you do, do so unconditionally. I hope you get back to your informational posts without all the sour grapes. I used to enjoy reading your stuff, now I just go on to the next post, because I cannot stomach the swill.....
  2. BH You hit the nail right on the head. I wonder if a supply guy knew that a few guys would love to buy some of the items listed, if they would consider making them. It also brings a list to the front, so if a club were to sponsor some type of repo, they have a list to start from. I for one love the idea of a catalog that you can order a "whole" car from. I love that you can find some parts, the idea of putting together an entire car together that was never manufactured by the factory is a little disconcerting, except for the idea that it makes it on the road, and people get to see it, which to me is the most important part.
  3. Wow! The front screen with the moving stuff and rotating pictures looks marvelous!
  4. BH I can always count on you to come up with a top notch list of stuff. AMAZING! Now that was the list I was expecting to create. What I was hoping to do is find out what the hard stuff is to find, and maybe get a supplier or shop to show up in here that are making some of what we listed. I hope someone who reads these lists also will chime in when they "find" an outlet for these things, it will make the "chosen vehicles" easier to bring back to tip top shape. Any other items out there that are as hard to find as frog hair? Some of the pre classic (lower case intended to keep us V8 folks properly grounded) folks wanna weigh in here? Those Pre War cars have got to have just as many hard to find parts.....
  5. Reg I just joined the Yahoo group you listed. I am a pending member. I looked at a different site I guess, it listed you as replying to some folks about information. Robert
  6. Reg I took a second to google 54 Dodge truck and came up with several great links. I saw your name on several posts on the site I think you listed below. My name is Robert Johnson. I havent been under the hood in a while, so I need to get back out there and find a data plate and id the engine. I believe it is the 6 cylinder if I am not mistaken. I am going to take a few more pictures as well. Thanks' Robert
  7. Is there a data plate on these trucks? I have done a casual look through trying to find one and didnt see one. Locating of the data plate I guess would reveal some type of numbers that would be a help. I appreciate all the information you guys provided. Is there a good place that has Dodge parts for this year truck, or a specialty dealer that has parts for these trucks? Any idea what the production numbers were on the 54 trucks? Is there a club for the trucks? Sorry for all the questions.
  8. Reg Just when I had it figured out...LOL...I didnt realize the back windows came in different configurations. It definitely is the 54 front windshield comparing them to the photos you attached. Those are some nice looking trucks! Hope this one looks like those some day. I dont know what is under the hood just yet, I plan on heading over there in the next few weekends and doing a bit of research on several cars and trucks I have stored over there. I do not have a copy of that restoration guide. I would love to get a copy though. Any good ideas on where to pick one up? Is it still in print to pick up at a book store?
  9. Well after a week, I am kind of surprised by the answers here. I would have thought a few more appearance type parts would be on the list. I see a bunch of mechanical part improvements listed, but I thought there would be more hard to find interior or exterior body parts listed for a good number of years.
  10. I purchased a truck identification book at the local bookstore, and I am now convinced that this is a 55. The 54 model had three rear windows, one on each corner, and one in the middle of the back of the cab. The 55 picture shows the truck without the side windows, and just a single window in the back of the cab. The rest of the ID fits in just like advice here has given. I have yet to open the hood and ID the engine. The saga continues...LOL...
  11. I would be interested in the location and pictures as well if it isnt too much trouble. r22johnson@hotmail.com
  12. Rojo22


    Unless it is an optical illusion, that book cannot be more than 1000 pages long that is sitting on the floor. Are there multiple books?
  13. If you cannot find someone to trade, let me know how much you want for yours.
  14. I was driving home the other night and had plenty of time to think about restoration of Packards in general (Atlanta rainy night), and I came up with a topic that I thought would be an interesting place for people to come to and offer up interesting tidbits. I would like to know in this post: 1. If you could get someone to create a quality remanufactured part for Packards (any year, any model) what would it be, and why? (difficult to find, OEM not acceptable any more, etc..) 2. If you could get someone to make a better part for Packards (any year, any model) what would it be, and why? (I hear you 56 guys lining up already...LOL) I thought this would be interesting, because I have not literally taken an entire car apart, and then had to put it back together. I know there are small parts and large parts that get worn out, broke, or need some TLC to go back on a restoration, and I would like to know, and keep a record of what the people doing the restorations think would be a good list of near impossible stuff to find. Heck maybe someone who does Remans would get some ideas from our list, or at least a good discussion of where to find these "hard to find parts" through dealers.
  15. I would come if it was held on a day I can get up there. I would bring lots of money to buy ALK project car!
  16. I bet the chum line from that ship extended forever...LOL....
  17. Man, Ox, just looking at those pictures makes we want to run to the chuck bucket, and I have some pretty good sea legs....That would not have been a fun cruise.....
  18. Everyone hates labels....And in this case, that is so true....
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