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  1. You are correct about the angled foot well for the rumble seat passengers...the 2 large holes at the rear of the rumble seat are for the rear spare tire mount support rods that attached to the rear floor of the rumble seat John
  2. I don't recognize these pieces...I've included a photo of the rumble seat are of my '30 70 Roadster for your info...doubt if this will help though
  3. Do you have a clearer more detailed picture...I am restoring a 30 chrysler 70 roadster and these look like floor pans in the rumble seat area,behind the front seat
  4. Thanks for the reply...I have the top bows, what I need is the canvas top
  5. I'm finishing up a restoration on my 1930 Chrysler 70V Roadster and need a top. Does anyone know where I can get one?? I have been quoted $2000 to $2500 for a custom one, however, before I go down that road I would to see if someone already makes them. Thanks
  6. I am looking for a gas tank for a '39-'40 Nash. I believe tnaks from 1939-to 1940 will work. Thanks John Quam
  7. I am looking for a gas tank for a 1939-1940 Nash. I believe the gas tanks from 1939 to 1948 will work. Thanks John Quam
  8. I need help!!! How do you remove the inner door handle from a 28 Hup sedan?? I've checked for set screws, retaining rings....no luck Thanks
  9. I need 4 wheels for a 1910 Overland. Please reply to q2jazz@dslextreme.com Thanks, John Quam
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can buy motor mounts for a 8 cyl 1933 Chrysler CQ Conv?? You can reply here or to q2jazz@dslextreme.com Thanks, John Quam
  11. I don't know about the halogen type replacement, but am told by a Trippe light rebuilder that the incandescent replacement is a type #1133 which is available (I can give you a source off the internet if you want them). These type do not have the "black out" on the bulb put you could paint it on. John
  12. Do you happen to know the color code for the paint (DuPont#??) I love the color and would like to use it on a 1930 Chrysler Roadster I am restoring Thanks
  13. Can anyone tell me what Mopar Part #328074 and 328075 fit. They are a windshield stanchion pad for '30's open car....what year and model?? Thanks for the help!
  14. Does anyone know of a source for Trippe replacement light bulbs. I need a couple T-4S bulbs. Thanks!
  15. I am looking for the (4) square faced metal dash pulls knobs) for a 1930 Chrysler "70" Roadster. I also need (2) exterior door handles as well Please email me q2jazz@dslextreme if you can help. Thanks, John
  16. I need 4 square faced metal dash pulls for my 1930 70 series roadster I am restoring. Any help greatly appreciated Please reply to q2jazz@dslextreme.com Thanks, John
  17. I am looking for a rear tail light bracket and windshield mount cowl lights (I have the arms) for a 1930 "70" Chrysler Roadster. Also need the 4 square dash pulls. Thanks, any help locating these items is greatly appreciated!! Please reply to q2jazz@dslextreme.com Thanks, John Quam
  18. Can anyone help me identify part number #216560. I think its a top rest for a late 20"s early 30's Chrysler roadster, however, I can't find it in my books Thanks John
  19. I am looking for the chrome side trim for a 1930 Chrysler "70" Roadster. Does anyone know were I could find it, or someone who could fabricate it. Thanks for your help. John Quam
  20. I'm looking for the following parts for my 1930 Chrysler "70" Roadster: 1. Rear hood socket (cowl) 2. Chrysler head light emblem. 3. Parking lights & hardware for windshield mount. 4. Wind wings. 5. Rotary headlight switch (steering column mount). 6. Information or pictures on the correct setup for rear spare mounting (wire wheel). 7. Front seat springs (top and bottom). Any information on the car greatly appreciated! Thanks John Quam
  21. Does anyone have any info or picture of the correct rear spare tire mount (wire wheel) for a 1930 Chrysler 70 Roadster. Thanks for your help John Quam
  22. Thanks so much for the info Harry! Regards John Quam
  23. No, I haven't seen any pictures yet! When did you send?? John Quam
  24. Great! Please reply to my email at q2jazz@dslextreme.com with picture and price. Thanks John Q
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