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  1. Jim, thanks for the quick reply and information. The Chrysler brakes including front and rear axels were actually retro fitted onto a 1923 Paige Dual Cowl Dual Windshield Phaeton back in the late 70's and the car has been in storage till now. A modern dual port master cylinder with vaccum booster was installed at the time. I think the MC is a drum/disc type. The wheel cylinders and MC have been rebuilt and bled, however, in order to stop you must pump the brake pedal a couple times and then you only get under an inch of pedal with very little stopping power. The brake bands have only very slight movement when you step on brakes. My thought is the current MC setup does not have enough volume to fully engage the brakes. I think if I went to a single port, larger volume MC and got rid of the vaccum booster (I'm not sure there is enough vaccum to operate) the brakes should work. Any thoughts?? John
  2. Can someone help me out with the bore and stroke dimensions of a '27-'28 Chrysler Master Cylinder...external contracting brakes Thanks John
  3. The transmission setup works great....as you know, the od is great for touring. OD cables are hard to find...the guy you bought the od from didn't have the cable? I'd check ebay and post a wanted message here on the forum I have some T86 parts left over from a spare when I rebuilt mine...let me know if you need something. The thing I would definately check is to make sure bearings/bushings are ok. If you do need bearings or bushings call George at Ol Car Bearing 910-693-3324. Good luck John
  4. According to my Hollander Manual a T86-1P is for a 37 Chrysler C14, C16 and 37 Desoto. I have a 30 Chrysler Roadster that has a 37 Desoto engine and OD transmission setup using this transmission. The overdrive unit bolts directly to the T86 so it's a 2 piece setup bolted together as one unit. I'm not sure the T-86 will fit a 34 Plymouth. Again, according to Hollanders the 34 Plymouth used a T194. The engine change out was done on my Chrysler Roadster to have the overdrive capability. John
  5. Does anyone have an empty enclosed trailer going from central Iowa to SF in the early to mid September time frame. If so, please PM me so we can discuss details. Thanks John
  6. My '30 Chrysler 70 Roadster had 3 oval head slotted ss screws for the lower step plate when I got it and that is what I used when I restored it. John
  7. They should have a great time! I drove my 1930 Chrysler 70 roadster on the 1908-2008 Great Race celebration tour last fall. We started in Times Square and ended at the Ferry Building in SF (see www.longestautoracecent.com). We followed the original 1908 race route as close as possible envolving mostly all back roads and even some dirt/gravel roads in Utah and Nevada. Some great scenery!! The route they are taking appears to be close to the same route we took. Making this drive with todays roads was tough and made you really think about what a difficult time it was for the cars and drivers in 1908 It was a great 3 weeks...I hated to see it end!!
  8. Does anyone happen to know the factory spec for setting caster on a 1930 Chrysler "70"... Thanks
  9. I am trying to locate a cyclinder head for my 1922 Paige Larchmont 6-66. Mine is cracked. Any help in locating one is greatly appreciated Thanks
  10. Thanks for the info Neil, however, the trans will not work for my application John
  11. Do you happen to have case numbers for transmission and overdrive?? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know where to get a pinion seal for a 1930 Chrysler 70..... Thanks for any help!
  13. Trying to locate a pinion seal for a 1930 Chrysler 70...ca anyone help??? Thanks
  14. Trying to locate a 1937 Desoto Overdrive Unit...any help or info greatly appreciated Thanks John
  15. Looking for a 1937 overdrive unit. Thanks for any help or info
  16. I own and am currently restoring a 1914 Kissel Semi-Racer. When I first saw the photo in the post it looked very much like a Kissel of 1909 to 1912 vintage, especially the front axle dip. The oval rear gas tank would also be correct for a Kissel semi-racer of this era. Kissel also had a floating rear axle (at least my 1914 does) I'd go with the Kissel ID
  17. Mine is NOS and yellow/black as well. I got it cheap at a swap meet for my 1930 Chrysler "70" Roadster...I had no idea it was for a Chevy either, but it looks and fits great so it will stay on the car; at least for now. The Napa 1100 filter element fits great!!
  18. Thanks Mika for the info!! Found the answer on a Chevy chat line....Napa 1100
  19. Can anyone tell me where to go to get an AC-115 filter element (C-115)for a AC S-6 Oil Filter Been to NAPA and the AC number is obsolete with no cross reference Thanks for any info!!
  20. Thanks for the info...I'll check out the site
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