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  1. The one on the right is the same as my 37 zephyr 4 door including the color.
  2. If you still have the club magazines please email me at jdnorris811@comcast.net.
  3. Ceil, Thanks for the photo, it will help a lot. John
  4. I am working on the interior of my 37 zephyr 4 door sedan. Does anyone have a picture or a web site with a interior picture of a correctly restored 37 zephry. I need to know what parts should have woodgraining in addition to the color of the different parts of the dash. George Trickett thought the dash was body color and the steering wheel, parking brake and vent handle were gray, but he didn't have the color of gray. Any help would be appreciated. John
  5. I posted a couple of messages about a year ago and have been just reading and learning since then. I have retired again and have now started redoing my 37 zephyr. My first job is a new paint job. Where do I find information on the correct items that should be black and what should be the body color under the hood and underbody. Thanks in advance for any help and I'm sure I will be posting a lot of questions as I work on the car.
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    Ace could you reply to my email at jdnorris811@comcast.net. I would like to see if we can get together and talk restoring 37's. Thanks John
  7. jdn

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    It is in fairly good condition. Engine runs good and smooth, leaks a little oil, body is mostly straight without rust, need new interior. I will attach a picture it.
  8. jdn

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    I'm in Bedford, the Fort Worth/Dallas area.
  9. I am a proud new owner of a 1937 zephyr 4 dr sedan. I have been reading items on the forum and learning what others have to say about the lincoln's. I will be doing a restore of my car and expect I will have a lot of questions later as I get to work. Thank you in advance for the type of help you give each other as I am sure I will need a good bit of help.
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