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  1. It's an MCA term as far as I know and it is a class where no reproduction or aftermarket parts are allowed. I may consider a non-judged display area, so long as I could unload nearby.
  2. Hope my request did not come across as negative, was simply asking a question about the rules, which I got a pointed answer and appreciate that. I usually attend the Charlotte Autofair and thought maybe I could bring the car. It was just finished this past August, so thought it would be nice to show it at some other venues. Anyway, appreciate all the responses. Even though some of us may have varying opinions, the nice thing is there is room for everyone in the hobby.
  3. It's just a different perspective. We want to preserve the vehicle in it's finished state and have no desire to drive it. Doesn't really matter what kind of car it is. I thoroughly respect that others choose to drive their cars and do whatever they want with them. The choices that we make are influenced by many factors.
  4. The car is shown in a marquee club and yes, the show class that it was restored to does not require that the car be driven onto the show field. Cars do not compete head to head, they are given awards based on a percentage of points scored. Was just asking for a clarification on the AACA rules and see that this car does not fit within the guidelines, which is fine by me. Not starting the car after restoration is simply a choice. There were efforts made to preserve internal engine/transmission components.
  5. I didn't come here asking for opinions about whether a car should be driven or not.
  6. That's too bad, guess that keeps me from attending. Maybe there will be future consideration to allow cars that fall into this category.
  7. How strict are the rules for driving cars onto the show field at an AACA national meet? I show a car at another national club that is shown in a highly authentic class, no reproduction/aftermarket parts allowed. There are NOS/original tires, belts, hoses, exhaust, etc... on this car that I prefer not to taint by starting and driving.
  8. I received this e-mail recently: ------------------------ I have a 64 ½ Mustang that may have been a show car at one time. It had a sticker in the window that said American Show Car Association or Show Car Association of America. Does that ring any bells? The era would probably have been in the 70?s or 80?s. ------------------------ Does anybody recall such a club? Oh, I'm a newbie to this forum!
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