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  1. Thanks Guy's. In response to Tinindian's question: "As an aside and not to criticise the original poster or question. I have always wondered just what GM made. We tend to run down the old car makes that were "assembled" but after having worked for GM dealers for 15 years I really wonder. At one time if memory and history are right Ford was the only company that manufactured right from the raw materials to a complete car and this iI even doubt." I was just simply quoting my repair manual, I have no idea if GM actually made the fluid (I highly doubt it). I just would like an anternative fluid to use.
  2. Anyone know of any available equivalent fluid to use for the rear shocks on a 39 Chevy?
  3. Interesting question about the two plates Frank. I have the original plate from my 1939 Chevrolet but I only have one. Perhaps one was lost over the years or one of your's was a replacement. Anyone else know???
  4. I recently purchased a car from my grandfathers estate and hoped to keep the plate he had on the car. I was told by the notary that all I needed was a note from the executor of his estate that the plate was no longer needed by my grandfather and then I could use the plate. I have not yet submitted the paperwork to PA DOT but with the advent of the new plates does this mean I cannot use the old "purple" plate?
  5. looks like you have the pictures switched with your posts. Just thought I'd let you know
  6. Here is a site with a complete restoration of a 1939 chevrolet. I couldn't have gotten mine together without referencing this site and the help of some fine people on this site (thanks for the tire Dale). http://www.ju-online.com/1939.htm
  7. Not with the cold temps we currently have. It was -13 this morning in Little Gap, PA.
  8. Diz, would you be willing to ship, at my expense of course, plus whatever you would want for the tire? Thanks Dave
  9. Still looking! I know I can get new from Coker or one of the other vendors but my money and my daughter is currently going to PSU. So if anyone has even one usable tire they want to get rid of cheap, please give me a holler. Thanks Dave
  10. My two were my Grandparents that I wanted to keep in the family so my wife and I bought them from their estate. 1939 Chevrolet, 1950 Packard
  11. The carter WCD 663S is listed for the 1941 through 1949 Buick Models 40,50,60 and 70. Your rebuild kit will have the info on the float setting
  12. Did you check ebay? With all the rodding going on there are quite a few OEM parts out there.
  13. The Filling Station's website lists one with the ornament
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