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  1. Woud someone be so kind as to tell me what class a 1985 Corvette would be in? Also, do I have to have a AACA Vehicle # to register this car for the Florida meet in March? If so, how do I get a AACA vehicle number (it's been so long, I can't remember what I did in the past).

  2. I recently attended the Annual Grand National Meet in Buffalo, NY. After receiving a 2nd Grand National Award (only 1 car our of 4 in the class got a 1st)I wrote for the "areas" the judging team deducted points for. I received a Jr. Judging sheet with items highlighted to some degree (can't determine on a couple which area was deducted for). Also, "other" is highlighted with NO EXPLANATION at all. How does that help the vehicle owner? The one car that did get a 1st Grand National Award was WAY OVER RESTORED (high gloss paint all over the engine commpartment). I firmly believe that the other cars in the class were judged against this over restored car rather than on their own merits/correctness. I have been told that points should not be deducted for over restoration but why would that vehicle receive a higher score because of it? Over restoration (high gloss paint where there should be semi gloss) is INCORRECT, not over restored!

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