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  1. Thanks for the reply Rick. What I am after is the size of the doors. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Glenn. Melbourne Australia
  2. The car I have just bought is meant to be a 36 Dodge 5 window coupe(shell and chassis only). How can I make sure this is what I bought? The only ID plate I can find on the car is a serial number tag on the firewall with the number 2741411 on it . The car is in Australia but it is my understanding that Dodge only imported 2 and 4 door sedans to Australia.
  3. I have just bought what I belive is a 36 dodge 5 window coupe. Where can I find out info on the car such as what size the door jams should be? - as the car is a littel twisted, what size, length and height should the doors be? - as the ones I got with the car look too small(they might be from a 4 door). Also my trunk lid is a lot smaller than pictures I have seen, does anyone know why?
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