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  1. Nice to hear. I think that there was a "Cruising" for that kind of cars that weekend. As you said most of them are 50-60's
  2. Nice cars - but almost wrong place.... I see.
  3. I'm crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the adress: Comments?
  4. Check this place! Have been there tree times. NICE!!!
  5. I said it was europes biggest meet - but it is the worlds biggest! Take a look at (everything in english)
  6. I didnt mean that this is SOMETHING compared to over there! But its the biggest in Europe and diffrent cars from 60's back (few from 70's). Very nice meeting. I was there this year too but without camera. Cars like is there you can see on our clubs homepage. Most from our summer meet for One week ago.
  7. Come to Västerås in Sweden the first weekend in July. Then theres a real old american car show. Over 10.000 (ten thousand) old american cars, 4km of selling boards, and people, people people... (and beer)!
  8. Samb2

    stalling in turns

    Can you specify a little bit: "unexpectedly stalls while rolling through either a right or left turn" Is it in all turns? Is it hapening only in a turn? What speed ? What kind of curve - wide? Reason why im asking is that there may be a nice idea from your answears.
  9. If the points are destroyed like you said, theres only two reason: 1. The voltage/current is to high over the points. Take off the plus cable to the coil. Insert an amperemeter. take off the distributor cable (to the coil) and turn the engine. I dont know what it should be on a 6V system but on a 12V about 6-9Ampere. About the same i think. Put the distributor cable back and start. For a 12V it will be around 4-4.5A. The coil must however be about 1,5ohm on the primary coil. You should have two resistors - i think. One for taking down to 6V and another for decreadsing the voltage when driving. 2. Condenser. Should be 0.25-0.35microfarad for 6V. If you have wrong/bad condenser the points will be eaten - if the condenser is dead the car is impossible to run (can be started).