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  1. I may be a little different than most, but I really like that car, lots, and the condition does not scare me in the least. If I had the spare change laying around, there'd be a new 57 Roadmaster in Wichita. Price is right, too. How many 57 Roadie convertibles do you see? Almost nil. Cool car, hope it is back on the road soon. Matt
  2. Deltawing, that is cool you saw my car in Flint, man was that a fun weekend. Is that picture you took of my car a digital pic? If so, I would love to see it sometime. I remember driving by the row of 59s and Rich Gibbs (whom I had not met yet) ran to the fence to get a pic of the car. Might have been the same time. Whenever you are in Wichita, look me up. I have a few 59s you can poke through - that is if you like 59s... hehe. Have fun, Matt
  3. Hello, what is the part number on the bellhousing? Also, do you have any digital pics you could email me? Do you know if this was off a 63/64 401 or 425, or is it an earlier part? Thank you, Matt
  4. Fred, I have a couple extras. I will check the conditions and get some digital pics. Please pm me your email address you would like the pics sent to and I will send them. Thank you, Matt
  5. Um... I don't know where to start asking the questions, but it is important to say how cool it is you owned this wagon and know of it's history. One reason is that most people associated with it and it's history have passed away, including Phil, whom I bought it from. Here's a quick list of questions, but I have tons more: 1. Who painted it dark metallic blue, and why? Was that the drag car color? 2. Approximately when was it used as a tow car? 3. Who was the drag car's driver? 4. Do you know where it was bought new? Is it a Kansas car from new? 5. Do you know what kind of aircraft engine the two bleeder valves used for the homemade exhaust dumps came from? My uncle says they look like the engines used on the early 707s, but was not 100% certain. 6. Are all the parts used in the manual setup (minus the trans) from a 53 Buick? 7. If you have any pictures of it back in its racing days you could share, I'd really like to see them. 8. Are you the seller that listed the car in the Wichita paper, and Phil Ehrlich came in and bought it right before you left for a flight? From what Phil told me, he read the ad in the paper that morning, called, and the seller said he had a plane to catch that afternoon. Since Phil had been after this car for several years (even when it was in Wichita prior going to Western Kansas), he did not want to miss the chance to get it again so he drove out there and paid for it. 9. If this was you, did you also sell the green 53 Roadmaster sedan along with the car? If so, cool, as this car came with the wagon. I still have it, all together and in nice shape. I feel just like Phil felt about it, it is just waaaaaay too nice of a car to be for parts. Thank you for the information. Any and all additional names, dates, info, or whatnot that you would like to share about this car would be unbelieveably appreciated. One more thing, I have a slip of paper in the wagon with a name on it (can't recall it at this time) that says '53 wagon original owner'. I will look in the car tonight for it and I'll see if that name rings a bell with you. I have an address and phone number with it too, but the number did not work when I called. I *think* it was a WI or MI number, but I will check tonight for sure. Have fun, and hopefully we'll talk again, Matt Menges
  6. Ted, you like 65 Wildcat 4-speeds? I'd never have guessed. Well, the one just unearthed here is a silver coupe with black Custom interior and a 4-speed. Parked and has sat in the same spot since 76, but sadly, that spot is in a field. Ugh. No rust, though, except the center of the front floor pans where moisture sat under the carpet. Frame looks perfect and it still has the Formula Fives with the center caps. Luckily it was set on blocks when parked, so the wheels are not up to the middle of the hubs in the dirt. That's it for now, I plan on picking it up this weekend, so full pics and story next week if anyone is interested in hearing about it. This is no low-mileage garage find, it is definately a farm field beater, but a 4-speed beater... I have another 64 4-speed Cat in the crosshairs, but I won't get ahead of myself until it is paid for, the 65 is so it's cool to talk about it (for some reason if I talk about a car before I buy it, something always happens. Funny how things work out sometimes). I have been after this particular car for about ten years, so what's another couple months? Have fun, Matt
  7. That's perfectly understandable, Bill. The stick blends in with the floor, and since there weren't any made like that from the factory, sometimes out of place things just kind of hide in plain sight. I am still not 100% sure on Batavia yet, this summer has been a lot more busy than I had planned, so it'll most likely be a last-minute decision. I got spoiled with last year's meet being in Plano (5 hour drive for me, tops), so a last-minute for Batavia will be a different story. Gene, the other Buick in the background is a 64 Wildcat, and if I am not mistaken, Brian has started a thread on this car ( I will have to look to be sure ). I am very glad to see you like old MoPars, I really dig these cars. I will PM you to let you know what is there. Cool? Thanks for the note! Have fun, Matt
  8. Bill, you are right, they did not make a factory manual shift Roadmaster wagon (that I know of anyway), but this one is a manual. Unfortunately it is not original, though is all converted with vintage Buick parts and is very fun to drive. The story of this car is that it was used as a tow car for a local dragster in the early 60s. The Dynaflow was not good enough for pulling (I guess), so it was replaced with a manual shift - there is still a vintage 60s Isky '555' cam sticker on the left front vent window. The pedals are out of a 53 (as far as I can tell) Buick with a three on the tree, as is the bellhousing, clutch, clutch fork, rods, etc. The trans is out of a 37 Buick, that is why there is the long stick poking thru the floor with the 13 shifter knob. The Dynaflow shift lever is still on the column, too. I found the car with about 3 inches of dust on it, tucked away in the corner of a warehouse. The funny thing about this warehouse is that it is two blocks away from my shop. That car sat there for 20 or so years and I never knew about it, and it has been a local Wichita car since at least the early to mid 60s. Among the tons of parts it came with, included was a NOS Dynaflow still in the crate. I like the history of the wagon and manually shifting it, so the Dynaflow will continue to sit in the crate. The car was originally white, but has been painted a couple times. Fortunately it still has all it's original wood and interior, all in very nice shape. I like these old woodies, but have absolutely no desire to restore one. The original engine was shot dead, so until I rebuild it, I put in a running 53 Roadmaster engine so I could drive it. Basically it is just a cool old beater wagon. Thanks, and have fun, Matt
  9. 64Wildcat - Thanks for the reply. Well, if you are talking about a guy in Texas, all is cool now. It was a misunderstanding on my part, and on his part. It is hard to stay on bad terms with a person you have known since age 5, you know? Bad energy is, well, bad, so I am glad that is over. Anyway, on your Wildcat dash, here is how they are. The top of the dash (including where it rolls down to the bottom of the A pillars on each side) is flat flat, really flat. Matte is an understatement. The speaker grille is also flat. The bottom dash area is semi-gloss. Satin would almost be too flat, as it does have some shine to it, just not a gloss. If you paint it gloss like the outside of the car, it will look overdone and just not right - I have seen this, and in my opinion does not look good at all. If you would like, I can email pics of each area, as I have a parts car that has a stripped dash so you can really tell the difference. I have a few of those filler boots, so pm me your email address and we'll hammer out the details. If you have any other 63-64 Wildcat questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun, Matt
  10. Ken and Sue are two of the coolest people on the planet. I definately would buy cars from him, and have in the past. I am luckily only two hours away from Carrier, so when I need parts here and there, I just drive down and spend an entire day mired in Buicks. Life is good. If only every salvage yard and their owners can be like Wheatbelt... Matt
  11. Thank you for posting the pics, Brian. Well, needless to say the origial owner of this car bought it for one thing in mind, to go as fast from point A to point B as possible. The car was bought new in Gallup, NM, and Mr. Gage lived in Phoenix - the original sales invoice was in the glovebox. Here's why he wanted to go fast and that is it... the car is triple black (with a silver headliner), and does not have a/c, nor ps, pb, p. windows, trunk light, p. seat, radio, or any other creature comfort. The options he chose were a 425 with two fours, 4-speed, 3.91 posi, deluxe interior (for the buckets and console shifter), dual pipes, Formula Five wheels, and tinted glass. Talk about a blast furnace in the Phoenix summer. It was an early Flint-produced car, being built in Sept/Oct of 63, and is one of the most stripped Wildcats I have ever seen. It was driven hard and then abandoned in the destert in 82 until I bought it in 99. The poor thing was a general mess, but all the rare parts that make it special to me were present and in good condition, like the complete running gear minus the carbs. A good friend of mine helped me hunt down the correct 3634S rear carb, which is special to the dual four, 4-speed, 64 Wildcats. The front is the standard 3645S dual four carb found on 64 2x4 Rivs, Electras, and Wildcats. I have replaced almost every part needing replaced with perfect originals or NOS, and all the bolts, clips, clamps, etc. are correct for a third periord 63 Flint production car. To me research like this is fun because it is always interesting to see the hardware differences between assembly plants and production periods. I have used as few reproduction parts as possible to restore this thing. The weatherstrips are even NOS GM parts. It will be a very cool car when finished (at least to me), and the next one on the resto block will be a Coral Mist with black deluxe interior 64 Wildcat 4-speed factory a/c car - not that I like the torture of restoring these things and finding NOS parts, but a Coral Mist 4-speed it just too cool. Have fun and thank you for your comments, Matt Guy, I forgot to add, yes, those are the correct size tires, 7.60-15. They are not Firestone 500s though (they don't make them new - yet at least), but I do have a correct NOS Firestone 500 for a spare.
  12. I really dig the 58 Limiteds. I personally have a 58 98 coupe, and to me it is one of the coolest looking cars made. 58 Buicks and Oldsmobiles are overstated, overchromed, over the top, and perfect. the 57s are very cool, as are the 59s, but the 58s (Buicks and Oldsmobiles) just do it for me. But, that is why they made so many different looking cars to choose from, some may like the look of one particular car while others do not. Just like AWBE, you have to know what you like (or don't). Matt
  13. Save it, even if for a beater! The factory buckets make it even cooler, and don't let the extra doors bother you, it just makes it easier for everyone to get in and out. Very cool car. Matt
  14. Todd, I sent you an email. Thanks, and have fun, Matt
  15. John, the VIN is stamped on a boss on the block right behind the thermostat housing/water crossover tube. The VIN is on the driver's side of the block, the engine production code is on the passenger side. Hope this helps. Have fun, Matt I forgot to add, yes, the VIN on the block should match the VIN on the stainless VIN tag in the door jamb.
  16. Hello, please contact me when you get time, I would really like to hear more about your Limiteds and the Roadmaster. Thank you, and have fun, Matt kansasbodyworks@sbcglobal.net
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