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  1. 23-ML-101923-ML-<br /><br />Moved it for you Matt! Wayne
  2. I just noticed I put this in the AACA General Forum, not the OCA forum. Sorry for the mixup. Matt
  3. Hello, I have a 455 Olds 4-speed motor that I need some help with. It is stamped 30Xxxxxxx, 3 being Olds, 0 being 1970, and X being Kansas City produced, and the next six digits being production sequence. OK, I have read that 442s weren't made in KC in 1970, is that right? So, if not, what other 1970 Oldsmobile came with a 455 stick shift - either 3-sp or 4-sp manual? Cutlass? Also, is there any other identifying marks or stamps on the motor that would tell me what car it came from, i.e. Cutlass, 442, 88, etc. I have the American Car ID Numbers 1960-69 book, but nothing for the 70s. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, and have fun, Matt
  4. Hello, I have a 455 Olds 4-speed motor that I need some help with. It is stamped 30Xxxxxxx, 3 being Olds, 0 being 1970, and X being Kansas City produced, and the next six digits being production sequence. OK, I have read that 442s weren't made in KC in 1970, is that right? So, if not, what other 1970 Oldsmobile came with a 455 stick shift - either 3-sp or 4-sp manual? Cutlass? Also, is there any other identifying marks or stamps on the motor that would tell me what car it came from, i.e. Cutlass, 442, 88, etc. I have the American Car ID Numbers 1960-69 book, but nothing for the 70s. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, and have fun, Matt
  5. Good buy, Sintid! Best truck on the market in my opinion, and especially so when you got such a stellar deal on one. I have a 95 longbed with 160,000 and zero major problems (other that general maint.) and two 01's, both 4wd Q-cabs. I wouldn't drive any other new vehicle. I don't think the market for trucks will ever drop, they will hold their value well. Someone is always needing/looking for a truck. Enjoy the Ram! Matt
  6. So is the whole linkage assembly different, Lamar? If so, bummer, but if not, which pieces are the same? I have everything EXCEPT the one rod that goes to the carb. Matt
  7. I have a 55 Roadmaster parts car, let me see how much of the linkage is left. I'll get back to you here right quick. Matt
  8. Did I hear 4-speed? OLDBUICKSINCLT, is the car a 401 or 425? Single 4 or dual 4? A/C or non-A/C? There is no website with this info, but Ted Nagel went through the time and effort to contact the Sloan and get the daily production sheets and glean from them the number of 4-speed cars built, breaking the numbers down by motor, carbueration, options, etc. If you have this info, I can give you a production number. Tell us more about your car! Lamar, didn't mean to hijack your thread, so I do apologize. Matt
  9. Ryan, you're fired! I can push my Buick faster than your R code... hehe Pete, any updates or progress on the Wildcat? Very cool car, I'd like to see its progress. Matt
  10. Thank you, 3Jakes. I wouldn't say 'expert', though, rather just a hack that really, REALLY, digs manual Buicks. To sum all my drivel up, I would say that the 4-speeds were production cars, very rarely-chosen optioned cars, but production cars. I don't think Buick went out of their way to advertise or really sell their stick-shift cars, like Pontiac or Chevrolet, but if the 'gotta shift myself' Buick buyer hit the dealership, he could get his car his way. Someone on eBay recently tried to pass off a cobbled together geeen X-code 65 Wildcat 4-speed convertible as a 'COPO' car, and as it turns out it is a car with one car's body, a different car's data tags, and another car's X motor. Didn't work. If all the numbers pan out on Pete's 63, and it is a 425 car, it is as rare as a rare car gets, bottom line, and would make a stellar 'Cat when finished. I am not a convertible guy at all, and I really like it. Pete, keep us updated on that car! Your Wildcat put the fire under my feet to re-persue a real-deal 63 Wildcat 4-speed coupe today that I was riding the fence about. When it hits my door, I'll post some pics. Just4fun, if possible, it would be awesome to see a pic or two of that ginnie 63 4-speed convertible. Enjoy! Matt
  11. 3Jakes, believe me, I am no expert either, but I don't believe that COPO stuff when it comes to these Buicks. The black/red 63 Wildcat 425 4-speed coupe bought new by Jimmy Dull (and for sale at the 2003 Nationals for 25K) had a silver motor. I talked with Jimmy for about 4 or so hours about his car, and since he knew that car inside and out, he'd know more than most. He ordered it with the 425 and 4-speed from the dealer, and it was not a hassle to either order or get. All 63-65 4-speed full size Buicks could be considered somewhat 'special built' because they did not make that many, and all thier floor pans were automatic floor pans cut out with a torch for the hole for either the console 4-speed shifter or trans-mounted floor shifter. But, in 63 Buick offered the 4-speed and the 425 for the first time, so I figure they would have had it together enough to make these cars as easily as possible to the automatics, and using all the VIN stamping and motor stamping protocols as they always did. As you know, I have 4 of these 4-speed Buicks, and my 63 and both 64s have a grease pencil '4' on the left firewall (I haven't dug deep enough into the 65 to find the markings). When the car was going down the line at the assembly plant in Flint, I would suspect this 4 told them to cut the hole in the floor, and in the case of Wildcats another code somewhere on the car mentioned if it was for a console shift or floor shift - possibly on the build sheet. Just because the options were new (and rarely chosen as we all know) for that year does not make their system of producing them haphazard and un-coordinated. I don't believe there would have been a special build order for them - such as having to know someone up high to get the car made, because the 425 and 4-speed were options available for the public to choose their car to be built with, and these cars were not produced for racing or any other non-steet application (like Super Duty Pontiacs, Super Stock MoPars, Z-11 Chevys, etc - which were all truly 'special ordered' and 'special built'). Buick, in 63-65, did not want a racing image for their cars, therefore none were produced or setup by the factory for racing, like the cars mentinoned above. They were to be made to be licensed and driven, so the codes, numbers, and everything would have been in line with the regular automatic cars. Also, since ALL of the 63 and later full size 4-speed Buicks were built in Flint and Flint only, there would be standards all the cars followed (engine color, VIN stampings, etc.). All 4-speeds had matching VIN motors, bodies, and transmission main cases. This car 'rejected' when ordered? Can't see that at all. How and why would an auto manufacturer offer options for a car only to say 'no, can't build it'. I have a factory-to-dealer only pricing sheet for the 63 full size Buicks (and one for the 64s too) that includes everything offered for the cars, and each has a check box for the 425 motor and 4-speed, each with a price. Neither has 'not available' when choosing a 425 and 4-speed. There would be no reason I can see to reject a 63 Wildcat convertible with a 425 and a 4-speed. Keep in mind lots if this information was gleaned from original 4-speed car owners, my own vehicle research, real tangible factory documents, and piecing together production history from several sources. I am only 35, and unfortunately I was not present in Flint when these cars were produced. How cool would have that been to watch one of these bad boys come together from build order to driving out of Buick City! Awesome! As far as the white convertible, I have no reason to doubt it is exactly what the owners say it is. As far as the engine being a green JW, I have no answer. All I know is it is a 4-speed and a very cool car. My opinion on why a 63 Wildcat is rare with a big motor, 4-speed, and a posi, and LeSabres even more so? The buyers regularly weren't your younger go-fast set, who chose the SS Impala and Grand Prix, and wanted an extremely well-built car that was smooth and easy to drive vehicle that had a sporty look. Someone, though, walked into a Buick dealership and chose a top of the line Wildcat with the biggest motor and a manual trans, just like Jimmy Dull, because he wanted to go fast with class. Enjoy! Matt
  12. If it is a JW car, shouldn't the motor be silver? I thought the 63 425 motors weren't painted Buick green. In the first picture the car has green valve covers and oil fill cap. If it is a real JW car, way cool. Matt
  13. It is safe to say it has not seen a vacuum in a little while...
  14. The Wildcat was hiding behind that Chevy grain truck in the background, well protected from everything except the weather and the occasional mouse.
  15. Christmas eve day I went on an awesome adventure to rescue this silver 65 Wildcat 4-speed Custom coupe from a farmer's field, where it had been hidden under a cedar tree since 1975. Buick only made 64 401 4-speed 46637 Wildcat Custom coupes. The story is the farmer's daugher drove it for a few years until the motor spun a bearing. It was then towed to a far away field and parked. The farmer removed the original Formula Five wheels and put them into the barn, and set the car on concrete blocks up off the ground, and then just walked away. There it sat until December 24, when I put the wheels back on and carefully extricated it out from it's hiding spot. I had to weave it through a maze of farm trucks, old 60's era farm equipment, and cedar trees. Being off the ground on the blocks for 31 years worked out great for the car (instead of just sitting in the dirt), the underside of it is completely rust free, and all the hubs turn easily by hand. Thankfully the only part of the car removed in 31 years was the alternator. It still has the original spare, 4-Q-64 dated spark plug wires, plugs, T-3 headlights, wheels and centercaps (complete with the original chrome acorn-style lug nuts), Wittek tower top hose clamps, and so on. The car is very optionless, it only has a 4-speed, 3.42 positrac, tinted glass, Custom interior trim, Formula Five wheels, and oddly enough a power rear antenna. No power steering or brakes, no interior power options whatsoever, single speed wipers. That's how I like my 4-speeds, stripped! 3 of my 4-speed Buicks are strippers with no power options at all, the black 2x4 64, the black 63 LeSabre, and now this one. Cool! The 65 is kind of sad, but is 90% rust free and a 100% complete and original car, a perfect candidate for a restoration. All the rare, odd, and hard to find parts are there and accounted for. My initial plans are to get it running and driving for now, to enjoy it and have fun for a bit, then do the frame-off thing after the black 64 and 61 Bonneville are finished. I'll attach more pics below. Have fun! Matt
  16. I will definately keep my eyes and ears open! That angers me beyond words. Why can't people just do an honest day's work and make money to buy stuff rather than go and steal someone else's? I recently had two Buicks (a 58 and a 67) stolen from me here in Wichita, which I found the next day and promptly exposed a ring of car thieves (who were all arrested), so I have no patience for people like these. It most likely was someone who knew what he had or what he did for a hobby, but believe me that large amount of very unique items can't stay a secret for long. Even the brass and copper scrappers will smell something very fishy if someone rolls up with hundreds of 20's era automotive parts to sell. I'll let you know if I hear anything, Matt
  17. Drive it, definately. Just like you said, here's your chance to do a cross country in your 50. Couldn't get any better. Matt
  18. Awesome! I couldn't resist, I hit the 'pre-order' button. Now if only I can match the paint well enough to refinish the top in Laurel Mist. Now how about a 59 Electra coupe in Lido Lavender... Matt
  19. I am sure a couple bolts and a fender washer or two will, but that's about it. They are two totally different cars. Matt
  20. I am sure some of us on here can help, but you'd really need to be specific on what parts you are searching for, and the body style of the car (i.e. coupe, conv, 4 door, etc). Are you looking for body parts, trim parts, NOS items, repro parts, chrome? Have fun, Matt
  21. Pete, is that a 59 Parklane Cruiser with flesh colored interior I see right next to the 63? If so, I have that same exact Merc (color and all) parked next to my black 63 4-speed coupe. Very good taste in cars! Have fun with the stick shift! Matt
  22. Greg, heck, I'd give you one if I had it, I know what it's like to search for unobtainum. I am on the lookout for one though whenever I see NOS stuff. One will show up sometime I'm sure, and I'll let you know. Matt
  23. Welcome to the world of the 63-65 4-Speeds, Pete! Great car and great buy, no doubt. That one is an oddball too as it does not have the long console, rather the floor shift with buckets. Very strange. Best bet for the body is to find a decent but needing restoration coupe or conv., they usually don't break the banks in sales dollars. 63 Wildcats are extremely cool, but just don't bring what the Chevys bring, which is great for buyers like us. As far as how much to spend, how much do you like the car? The more you are around it the more you will like, trust me. Enjoy the shifting! Matt
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