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  1. Adam, if you need any parts, like rust free doors and good interior pieces, let me know. I just sold my 4 door Limited parts car and he is for sure parting it out. Keep us updated! Matt
  2. Raptor, Buick did not make any factory drag cars in 64 at all. In fact, 1963 was the last year for factory produced drag-package cars (like the Z-11 Impalas and Super-Duty Catalinas) with lightweight drag racing only parts and special engines. As far as I know, no Wildcat had a factory aluminum motor or heads, they were all cast iron 401s or 425s. What size motor is in the one you found. Is it coral colored by chance? Matt
  3. Craig2911, I need a little info first. KT 401, KW 425, or KX 425? A/C or non A/C? 4 door sedan, 4 door hardtop, 2 door hardtop, or convertible? With this info I can get you a production number. Matt
  4. Adam, you may already know this, but if not, when you look under the car at the transmission pan, if it is a perfect square, that is the Flite-Pitch. If the trans was changed in the past, sometimes they also changed the gear indicator on the dash to the Dynaflow indicator, but I've seen several where they left the Flite-Pitch indicator in and just had to use memory as to where the gears were. Flite-Pitches can be a pain, but when they work, they are great. If the LTD still has it, and it needs work, there are a couple people I know that specialize in rebuilding them, so there'll be no need to go the Dynaflow route. Sweet machine, Adam! Matt
  5. Yep, I am going to that one for a couple cars. It is a mis-print, though (maybe on purpose, to draw more attention), but it is 900 cars, not 9000. Some very cool cars there! Matt
  6. Man, that stinks. The sad thing here is 80% of those cars will end up getting crushed, with a $400.00 starting bid, most of them will not even get bid on. Sad sad sad... Matt
  7. Jeff, do you by chance have an auction number? I couldn't find the car. Thank you! Matt
  8. Shovel, I sent you a pm. Thank you! Matt
  9. OK, now that you have stopped laughing, yes, I am really looking for a restorable complete original 1950 Olds 98 2 door Sedanette. I don't want a restored or customized car, and I am really not interested in an 88. A barn-fresh complete car with patina would be perfect. If anyone has one or knows of one, PLEASE let me know, that car has been on the wanted list for a long time. Thank you, Matt Wichita, Kansas
  10. Man, talk about rare! I still really want a 50 98, but do you have any photos you could email me? I'd be interested in taking a look, as I do like the 42s. If so, I will pm you my email address. Thank you, Matt
  11. OK, now that you have stopped laughing, yes, I am really looking for a restorable complete original 1950 Olds 98 2 door Sedanette. I don't want a restored or customized car, and I am really not interested in an 88. A barn-fresh complete car with patina would be perfect. If anyone has one or knows of one, PLEASE let me know, that car has been on the wanted list for a long time. Thank you, Matt Wichita, Kansas
  12. Mike, thank you for the reply! I am interested in the good used one, but it is too late to call right now so I will call you in the morning. Thanks again! Matt
  13. Hello, somehow my antenna broke on my 50 Special, so I need another one. I think 50-53 are the same or are similar. If anyone has one, please let me know! Thank you, Matt
  14. Hello, I need a left front fender molding for a 50 Special. Mine is a sedanette, but I figure any body style molding is the same. If you have one, please let me know! Thank you, Matt
  15. Hello, Joe, just saw the want ad. Crazy as it sounds, the 64 4 door sedan is the only parts car I do not have. Let me do some local checking, I am sure there is a good one to be found. I will let you know! Matt
  16. Eric, I'll give you 25 bucks for 'em. Sound like a deal?
  17. We bought a car both in 2000 and 2001, before it was the Speed Channel Spectacle and the regular guy could actually buy a car if they were patient and tried. Both cars were, and are still, two of the nicest original cars I have seen, and both bought at a very reasonable price. Needless to say, we would scope out the entire offering of cars and narrow it down to a car or two that had buying possibilities (such as a nice original and one that could be affordable), and stuck with them. Sometimes a car will just explode in the bidding and we go home empty handed (oh well, there's ALWAYS other cars out there), and sometimes one will go up and the bidding falls flat and a deal could be had. Of course, this was 7-8 years ago, and the auction times have changed. The one bought in 2000 was a 41,000 mile 100% original two-tone white/turquoise 55 Olds 98 Starfire convertible that we saw on the first day. Luckily the auctioning during the day went a little longer than expected and the Olds went late in the night. Many of the bidders were gone or just not bidding, and we were lucky enough to snag it. It was funny, too, as when the hammer hit SOLD, we all jumped up and yelled, and the entire crowd cheered. Not because we spend an extremely stupid amount of money (which we didn't at all), but rather that we were actually very very excited to win the bidding rather than have that 'ho-hum, just another car' attitude you see a lot. We were freakin' AMPED! In 2001, a very large (150+ vehicle) collection of mostly excellent original mid 50s to early 60s American cars were all being auctioned at no reserve on Sunday - in 2001 they still had reserve cars - because a collector was thinning down his collection. We had our sights set on a very very VERY nice 59 Cadillac Eldo Seville coupe, but the seemingly nice original car that got very little attention from the same collection selling right before it was not bringing that much money at all, so we bid on it to see what happens. Well, we won the bidding and walked away with what appeared to be a nice 61 Dodge Polara coupe. In the trunk, which the auctioneers did NOT mention to ANYONE in the auction nor did anyone representing the car mention, was paperwork and documentation to show that this was a 5,800 mile original car out of Denver. It still had (and still has today) the original tires, wires, belts, shocks, etc. The car is as a new 61 Dodge would look in 61. Unfortunately for the seller, but fortunately for the bidders, B-J just slammed through these no-reserve cars and gave them almost zero spotlight time. The 59 Eldo ended up going for $13,500, which was a downright steal too, as was most of the collection cars. We were fortunate enough to be able to buy two exceptional cars at a reasonable price and still have them today. Matt
  18. Easy. A triple black 64 Wildcat coupe, KX 425 2X4 4-speed 3.91 posi, deluxe interior with long console and boomerang shifter, radio-delete, trunk light delete, manual everything, with Formula Fives. ... or the 51 LeSabre, but that isn't happening any time soon so no reason to even consider it...
  19. I agree with you 100% Mr. Earl. I could write a whole bunch more about this issue, and related issues, but I will probably be booted for good. Bottom line, I feel exactly as you do. Matt
  20. Sorry, none for sale, all are headed to Wichita! hehe, don't I wish... What's up, Eric, I thought you liked Fiats. Matt
  21. GaryN and TxBuicks, I don't know how to post pics on the site, but I definately can email them. I will get the coupe pics to you today, and the conv. pics tomorrow (that car is at home, so it'll be tonight before I can get them). If you need anything else, let me know. Have fun, Matt
  22. I have both coupe with buckets and a convertible with a bench that has the door panels you need photos of. I can email them to you if you'd like. Have fun, Matt
  23. Wichita? Of all the cities they can take those cars to they go to Wichita?!? Matt
  24. Joe, thanks for the reply. I am almost 100% certain it has not been apart. I am not a 455 3 or 4-speed expert, so I can't really say I know exactly what is stock and not, but it has the flywheel and other stick-shift parts attached, and looks to be original. It does, though, have a very vintage set of M/T aluminum valve covers and a Torquer 455 Edlebrock 4 bl intake so it has been somewhat modified, but the rest still looks very original. The oil fill tube is in good condition, so I will check it for the code tag and get back to you. Also, I can get photos of the 4-speed components if that'll help. I am a full-size Buick/Pontiac 4-speed fanatic, but have never had an Olds stick shift. Again, thank you! Matt
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