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  1. Anyone out there parting any 52-53 Hudson Hornets? I have a 53 coupe and need a bunch of stuff. Thank you!
  2. I'm on it! We'll see what happens.
  3. Awesome, Mark! The two front moldings on my 225 are sad, so a nice driver-quality set would be great. Thank you, Matt
  4. I am looking for a good pair of front fender wheel opening moldings for a 60 E225. I also need a left front fender molding. Thank you, Matt
  5. That would look great in my Roadmaster wagon. It looks in much better condition than the one I have in it now (lotsa cracks, etc). What are you asking for it? I am at home right now, and do not have the photos of the car, but will email them to you tomorrow. Thank you, Matt
  6. I am looking for a nice set of straight 60 Buick bumpers-- front and rear - for rechrome for a 225 Riv, preferably in the midwest if possible. A couple dents are OK, but I am really wanting a rear bumper that does not have that frown most have (from previously being towed by a hook-style wrecker), and a front bumper without the front point being flat. Poor chrome is fine, because they will be sent out to be redone. Also, if anyone has any of the 225 Super-deluxe hubcaps (not sure of the name, but they are the ones with the 8 chrome fins), I need a couple. Thank you, Matt
  7. Yes, 4400 is LeSabre. BJM, The beater I drove down to Plano was a black LeSabre stick coupe, one of those spur-of-the-moment trips. I was not registered or anything, just wanted to see a lot of cool Buicks. Man did it rain. I think the LeSabre is still drying out... Among the book of stories of that trip is the fact that we made it at all, as prior to the day we left the LeSabre had not been on the road since 1981. All I did was change the tires, change the oil, and a new coil and we hit the road. No problems other than on the return trip the original right T-3 low beam went out on the OK border at 1am. The only way I found out about it was the nice man in the car with the bright flashing red and blue lights was kind enough to tell me (oh, and a hubcap that flew into oblivion somewhere on a back road in N. Texas. I think excessive speed and curves might have been a factor there). Somehow I B.S.'ed my way out if a ticket, and the officer was nice enough to radio ahead to the others on the 25 mile stretch to the next town to not pull over a black Buick with a headlight out. Wal-Mart did not have the correct lamp, so I had to buy a square one and duct tape it onto the bezel. That was a good look. I don't know how to post pics or I'd show the 2am gas/headlight/duct tape/redbull pitstop. Man what a fun trip!
  8. Darn it, I give in too easily! hehe. Give me a month or so, and I will have body style and engine breakdowns for 4400 and 4600 63s. As far as photos/info on the cars, just let me know what you need. I have them from complete field finds to nice unmolested multi-carbuerated drivers. The black 64 is still in a zillion pieces, so it may not be the best to see.
  9. Pete, according to the daily production sheets, 346 A7 series 4600 Wildcats in all bodystyles for 63 (344 A7 series 4400 LeSabres). So, in my honest opinion, the one of nine doesn't hold water. For some reason I did not get the body style production sheets, rather just the model, so I don't have the specific numbers yet for coupes, convertibles, 4-doors, etc. BJM, yes the car is rare, but will never bring the dollars a SD Catalina, R-code Galaxie, 409 Chevy will. One reason is Buick never raced them, they were never produced with the sole purpose of going faster than the other cars. Why Buick even offered a 4-speed in their full-size car is a wonder to me. The car was bid up to $20K, which is about tops on its value (IMO). As much as I like these cars, they I just don't think they will ever be big dollar cars in line with the SDs and R-Codes - which is OK with me because even though very unique and rare, they are still affordable. Well, affordable except this particular one...
  10. Headliner may be in sad shape, but it is the original Starlite foam-covered cardboard headliner, and to have all 4 cardboard panels and the bows is something most do not have. These usually went bad in the first few years, and were replaced with regular fabric headliners as in the LeSabres. He was asking $75,000 for it a year or so ago, but is now down to a BIN of $50,000. Maybe next year he'll be down to $25,000 and someone will bite. We'll see...
  11. Adam, I am thoroughly enjoying the progress reports. You are doing my favorite part, restoring all the little items that come off the car, and you are doing it the RIGHT way, too, by finishing them as they come off the car. Trust me, that is smart, because the last thing you want is to have a pile of unfinished vents, brackets, panels, etc. etc. when the body is finished and ready for them. Even though it was rustier than you had planned or wanted, it is great to see you sticking with it. It'll be an awesome car when finished! Matt
  12. That was over 10 years ago, Ryan, and since then I have learned to never say never, and you know that. Nice barb... With that being said, I have the daily production sheets from the Sloan for every 64 Electra made, and there is no series 4800 with the 4-speed. That is not to say one or two were not made, but they were not documented by Buick. Like I have told you in the past, look on the Fisher body tag, and see if it is stamped 2L in the ACC part. If it is, and it is the correct tag for the Electra, it was built as a 4-speed at the Fisher body plant. If it does not have 2L, then it was not built as a 4-speed, though it is possible someone high up at GM or someone with large strings to pull had one built but not documented. If you want concrete proof or possible production numbers, you'll have to talk to someone that worked for Buick in Flint (that's where all the 4-speeds were made and no other plant) as that information does not exist from the documents available to deciper these cars. Other indicators to look for... The trans will be VIN stamped, look on the top of the main case at the front right behind where the bellhousing is mounted. It will match the VIN on the motor and the VIN on the door pillar. The first three digits of the VIN must be 8K1. No other plants built the stick shift full size cars. The true build sheet from the factory, NOT the sales invoice. I am not going to argue whether they built one or not, but provided here are some methods to check for authenticity. As far as how many, the indicators say zero, but you never know what may have left the factory with undocumented equipment. Let's hope this is one of them, it'd be a very cool car. Matt - the guy that doesn't know jack s*&% NOTE - I just contacted a good friend with some obscure 1964 Buick production info, so hopefully he can add some interesting facts.
  13. 'The Rarest' will always be up for debate, because what is the basis for being rare, is it the options that make it very low production, or is it the car itself irregardless of its options? Example: a 1964 4-speed Wildcat with a/c and AM/FM, or a 53 Roadmaster Estate Wagon. 64 Wildcats aren't particularly rare, but 4-speeds with air are, whereas the factory made only 653 RM Estate wagons total. Either way they are rare, but for different reasons. Excluding 1 of 1 pre-production and factory show cars, there are a some Buicks equipped in certain ways that have very low production numbers. I have a 65 Wildcat Custom Coupe with a 3-on-the-tree and factory A/C, with the huge production total of 4. 18 Custom Coupes had the 3-speeds, 5 had posi (which mine also has), and 4 had A/C. Great question, though! It'll be neat to see what rare and unique Buicks others have. Matt
  14. Mr. Earl, that is a poor excuse! 2040? That's only 31 years. Line them up till 2080, therefore you'll be assured you'd never get bored.
  15. Yes, Brian, it sure would shock the salesman to order a Wildcat, but opt for the straight shift. What I am dying to see is a heater-delete Wildcat, even though the heater-delete was in fact an option, but instead of paying for it, you received a $91.00 rebate off the sales price. B5 is the code. Also, some frugal buyers probably wanted the bigger engine selections offered in the Wildcat line, but still wanted a stripped/manual everything car. They couldn't get the 401-425 in the LeSabres in 64 (excluding wagons, of course). I actually have a 65 Wildcat 3-speed synchro coupe bought new by a farmer in Texas that he used to pull the plow with when the tractor broke down. From what I was told by the nephew, the car saw lots of plow duty! Sure would like to hear more about the 64 3-speed! Matt
  16. Actually, the base transmission for the 64 Wildcat was the 3-speed synchro, though very few people wanted them. I have quite a few original sales invoices for 64 Wildcats and in the options list they all have either 'Super Turbine' or '4-speed Synchro' listed, therefore indicating they were optional equipment. From Ted Nagel's 64 Wildcat spreadsheet, it shows that 103 3-speed synchro Wildcat coupes were made. I put a call in for him just to double check the figures, but this is what I have for now. Let's see some photos of your car when you have time, sounds like a cool car! Matt
  17. I am really, really wanting to find the left and right lower ribbed diecast door moldings for a 64 Wildcat coupe. I need these bad, and will pay a finders fee if I am lead in the right direction. I also need 5 NOS veniports for the same car. Unfortunately I am not made of money (bummer), but I will definately pay a premium for them if they are NOS. Can anyone please help? Thank you, Matt
  18. Buick Bonery, don't sweat it, I am a Buick guy thru and thru (and always will be), but hands down my #1 favorite car I have is my 58 98 coupe. Even though the car is very big and very heavy, that thing will absolutely fly. The 371 will surprise you for sure! I see yours as a Dynamic 88 4 door hardtop. Does it have a 2 or 4 barrel (maybe even a J2???). Great colors on that car, too! Post more photos when you have the time, it looks like a sweet car. Matt
  19. Most Buick people, from my experiences, are usually over and above helpful, and have great attitudes. Another great Buick forum with great guys and gals is the Buick-59 group. Some of the most helpful and informative Buick-related talk anywhere.
  20. Hello, is the car a 4 door flattop or roundtop? Sounds like a cool car! Matt
  21. Thank you for the reply. I am interested in a console and shifter, and if you do find some linkage I'd be interested in them too. I will email you direct. Thank you again, Matt
  22. Bryan, is it a wagon?
  23. Hello, I am looking for a decent set of bucket seats with tracks, a complete console, and a shifter with linkage for a 62 Starfire. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great! Thank you, Matt
  24. Hello, where are you located, and do you have any photos of the car? Thank you! Matt
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