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  1. Just note of caution, I think the LeSabre's inner fenders are different than the Wildcat's, unless your LeSabre is a wagon. The LeSabre non-wagons did not come with the 401, and the battery is on the passenger side inner fender, whereas the Wildcat/Electra/Estate wagon has the battery on the driver's side. The LeSabre wagons came with the 401s, and the front inner structure is the same as the upper series cars. The LeSabre's inner fenders are also built a little different than the W/E/Wagon's as well.

  2. Hello, I am looking for a nice original rust-free (or as near as possible) 57 Fairlane 500 4 door sedan or hardtop. I do not want a 2 door, and it HAS to be a Fairlane 500. Color doesn't matter as much as originality, but I really like them in green or yellow. I would really like a nice running/driving original car, but not a super low mile high dollar car, just a reasonably priced decent clean original with original interior. I absolutely love the looks of these cars in a 4 door, and just want one for a daily commuter.

  3. Hello, I am really, REALLY, wanting to find a couple NOS diecast moldings for a stick-shift 64 Wildcat coupe I am restoring. Other than these few items, the all of the exterior trim of my car is NOS, so I am basically begging for some help. What I need are:

    1. Left door lower diecast ribbed molding

    2. Right door lower diecast ribbed molding

    3. Left Quarter lower diecast ribbed molding, in front of the wheel arch

    4. (5) fender Ventiports. I have one, but need a total of 6.

    Is there anyone out there that can help? I have been looking for these parts for a few years now, and sadly nothing has come up yet.

    Any leads are GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you.

  4. My 87 Electra estate had a factory CB, but the mic is missing. I keep looking on eBay, but just have not seen the correct one yet. It is the mic that has 'GM' on it, with the digital readout.

    I think it is the same one that Cadillac's had also.

    Thank you,


  5. Thanks a ton, Bill! Much appreciated. I knew the windshield was an older one due to the logo and the thickness, but just was curious as to how old.

    Yes, there is an old beater 53 Roadmaster estate lurking in the barn, which I have had for about 10 years. Found it in a warehouse under an inch of dust two (2!) blocks from my shop. It came with two truckloads of NOS and good used 53 parts - windshield included, parts books, manuals, another complete and nice original 53 Roadmaster sedan, 2 sets of Skylark wires, and an awesome vintage Jacobs longboard.

    Thanks again!


  6. I have a NOS windshield for my 53 Roadmaster Estate wagon, and I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the date coding on OEM glass. It has the etched 'Shaded' and 'Safety Plate' with the LOF diagonal in the box and the date code is AS-1-EB.

    I am sure it is not a 53-produced windshield, but am just curious as to how old it is.

    Any help is appreciated


  7. This one's easy for me. I have always said the 63-64 Buick Electra 63-64 Oldsmobile 98 are very underrated. I am not saying this is a bad thing, though, as you can find a very nice unrestored fully operational loaded one of these for under $5000, sometimes they are almost give-away priced. I love the way these two cars drive down the highway, and have personally put over 120,000 miles on a 64 Electra coupe with no, and I am serious, no major mechanical problems other than needing some brake pads and general tune-up stuff. These cars look great in convertibles, coupes, and 4 doors. The 64 98 and 64 Electra 4 door 4 window hardtop is a great and sporty looking car.

    1960 Edsels are also underrated to me. Yes, I know, it is a 60 Ford with a goofy grille and stretched 60 Pontiac taillights, but unless it is a convertible, their prices don't reflect their obscenely low production numbers.

    There are definitely more, but these are the two that first jump to mind.

  8. Does anyone need the metal windshield frame from a 64 Electra convertible? I am sending a very rusty (VERY RUSTY) body to the recyclers here soon, and about the only good thing left on it is a nice rust-free w/s frame. If someone has any interest in it, let me know!

    I do have some parts from this car for sale if anyone needs them, like a good convertible top assy, convertible w/s frame stainless trim, Cruise Control components (other than what was under the hood - had an engine fire), useable but not perfect fender skirts, and various other items. No body panels and very little diecast, though.


  9. Now why does this useless JA have to use Wichita, Kansas as his center of operations? I hate it when idiots like this and the Westboro pile of fails give Kansas a black eye.

    I'm always wary of anyone that uses 'transaction' in dealings. Of the 1000 Nigerian 419 scam emails I have received 100% of them use the word 'transaction'.



  10. Brian, I was at that auction and saw the car in person. I may still have photos of it and the auction catalogue, but I will have to do some digging. I was not into Limiteds at the time, so I liked it but did not go nuts over it.

    I am sure it is still around, but in some private collection. Kruse auction records may have it listed, but not sure if it will list it as the Wells-Fargo car, rather just as a '1958 Limited convertible'.


  11. What was the first year model full size Oldsmobile produced with a factory 4-speed manual? I thought it was 65, but there is a red 64 Jetstar with a 4-speed for sale on line, and the owner states it is documented. A friend of mine says he has seen a couple 61 88 4-speeds, and some 62s, but I have not seen them so I can't say if they are real or not.

    Anyone out there have any concrete info?

    Thank you.

  12. Hello, I am looking for an original 61 Bonneville 4-speed coupe. I do not want a 100% restored car, I would prefer some wear and tear than something restored. I would really like to find a nice complete original, from a complete rust-free (or as close to as possible) project to a nice nice unmolested original. Tri-power and metalbacks not a must, but either or both would be awesome. I have no color preference. What is a must is an original drivetrain and it being an original documented 4-speed.

    Finder's fee GLADLY paid if you lead me to a correct car that can be bought. Someone out there surely knows where of one these beasts is hiding. PLEASE let me know, I am a serious buyer. Been looking for one for too many years and I almost can't stand it anymore.

    Thank you!


  13. I just picked up a nice old 87 Electra Estate Wagon that had the factory CB in it. Does anyone out there have an original late 80's era GM CB mic? I don't have a photo of one, but there is an illustration of it in the owner's manual. The plug in is still there and the mic bracket is still on the dash, just no mic. Please note my terminology may be a little off, I don't know all the CB lingo. I need the piece you talk into.

    The one the owner's manual shows for the 87 has the digital readout on the top portion of the mic.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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