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    HPOF "Original" award

    Thanks -- will definitely request a copy.
  2. FMF

    HPOF "Original" award

    Thanks for that information. Is it possible to determine how many compliance points were deducted by the HPOF judges?
  3. FMF

    HPOF "Original" award

    The longest trip I've taken is to the Fall meet at Hershey -- about 75 miles. Some say I baby it way too much -- I guess I do.
  4. FMF

    HPOF "Original" award

    Thanks for your response. I completely missed form 3-11 in the Judging Guidelines. My car is entirely original except for the radial tires.
  5. I received the HPOF award at this years Eastern Fall National. The next time I re-enter at a future National Meet, I understand I could be reevaluated for my 1st Original or repeat HPOF award. My question is what is required to be awarded an Original? I've reviewed the Judging Guidelines but could fine nothing specific regarding the requirements to earn the Original award. Also, the HPOF Certification Form does not reference anything dealing with the Original designation.
  6. I will be driving my car to the Saturday show. What is the best exit off of Rt. 81 to take?
  7. FMF

    HPOF Certification Form

    Thanks -- this is my first Hershey meet.
  8. I will be driving my '48 Dodge to Hershey next Saturday for HPOF judging. I noticed there is a HPOF Certification Form. When do I fill out this form? Must it be submitted prior to the show?
  9. Apparently when you upgrade to Windows 10, the DVD program/player supplied with the old operating system was deactivated. Microsoft wants you to purchase a DVD app from them that will work with Windows 10. There are free alternatives rather than purchasing the Windows version. Check out the link below or do other Google searches on this topic.
  10. Here is my first new car --- a 1977 Dodge Aspen SE. The attached photo was taken at the Macungie Das Awkscht Fescht a few years back. The car has not been restored. What you see is exactly how it was driven from the showroom in 1977. Today my son owns this car. Good luck in your search !
  11. Suggest you check out the link below. It confirms what is stated in the Dodge History video ----- in 1922 "Dodge Brothers also launched the first all-steel car in the industry, a business coupe (essentially a two-door, single-row-seating sedan)".
  12. Check out this video specifically at 3:20 -- states that in 1922, Dodge started using steel for their closed cars -- from 1917 to 1922, the bodies for the closed production cars were wood as noted correctly by Nearchocolatetown.
  13. My '25 Fisher body coach (2 door) has a wood body. Fisher also supplied DB with a coupe body,
  14. My '25 has been pushed to 45 mph on one or two occasions over the last 8 years on a very straight and lonely road. It absolutely purrs between 30 - 35 mph. Enjoy it at speeds below 40 mph.
  15. One question -- what is the difference between a 1925 Type A and a Type B sedan???
  16. There is a Dyke's Manual --- 12th edition on the Dodge Brothers Club website.
  17. Check out this guy --- found him to be very fair.
  18. In my opinion, this car appears to be too nice (and complete) to be sold for parts.
  19. With regard to the brass plates, why not contact someone who restores old license plates? Perhaps they have the know how to paint the black background. Great looking car.
  20. My car (A377xxx) was built during the first week of July 1925 and is titled as 1925. The 1926 Series began with car A372475. Your car falls well within the 1926 series production. I guess the question is how did DB assign the year shown on the title? See attached build chart from the DB Club web site:
  21. I think I'll celebrate by taking my 89 year old DB for a ride.