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  1. frankngin, by chance do you have a TRICO-FOLBERTH cylindrical windshield wiper?
  2. I am also posting a photo of a DB Coach located at the Gilmore Auto Museum in Michigan. You can also check out the link below: https://gilmorecarmuseum.pastperfectonline.com/webobject/951F2625-7550-4FA8-8D9C-030277697927
  3. Nearchocolatetown was referring to my 1925 DB Fisher Body Coach. I am attaching a photo for you to compare with your car. There might be only 2-3 more of this Fisher Coach model in the 2019 DB Club Roster. The Coach was manufactured for only 2 years.
  4. Thanks -- will definitely request a copy.
  5. Thanks for that information. Is it possible to determine how many compliance points were deducted by the HPOF judges?
  6. The longest trip I've taken is to the Fall meet at Hershey -- about 75 miles. Some say I baby it way too much -- I guess I do.
  7. Thanks for your response. I completely missed form 3-11 in the Judging Guidelines. My car is entirely original except for the radial tires.
  8. I received the HPOF award at this years Eastern Fall National. The next time I re-enter at a future National Meet, I understand I could be reevaluated for my 1st Original or repeat HPOF award. My question is what is required to be awarded an Original? I've reviewed the Judging Guidelines but could fine nothing specific regarding the requirements to earn the Original award. Also, the HPOF Certification Form does not reference anything dealing with the Original designation.
  9. I will be driving my car to the Saturday show. What is the best exit off of Rt. 81 to take?
  10. Thanks -- this is my first Hershey meet.
  11. I will be driving my '48 Dodge to Hershey next Saturday for HPOF judging. I noticed there is a HPOF Certification Form. When do I fill out this form? Must it be submitted prior to the show?
  12. The first time I tackled this job, I tried to remove all the old graphite packing. That was a real pain in the butt - especially on the pump end facing the radiator. Since then, I've been simply adding new packing as required. I've got a question -- what type of grease do you use in the fittings? I've been using good quality chassis grease but recently I heard that might be a problem because it might eventually get into the radiator and clog the tubes.
  13. There is a cap (washer) that fits between the nut and water pump. This cap fit's flush with the pumps edge. You should be able to pop it away from the pump with a small pocket knife blade. You will see that a portion of this cap actually fits inside the pump - forcing the graphite packing in. Once this cap is pushed aside, it should be relatively easy to deal with the packing. I've found the other side to be the problem as far a clearance.
  14. Go to Harbor Freight and buy a set of dental tools - the kind your dentist uses to clean your teeth. They work great for both removing and inserting the graphite packing.
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