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  1. thank you terry I got a set of NOS C-1s that will work
  2. THis is what I need Vintage CHAMPION TR. SPEC. "S" SPARK PLUG Hex: 28 mm = 1-1/8" Threads: 22 mm = 7/8
  3. Hello I am restoring a 1918 FWD Model B with a Wisconsin Model A engine. The original plugs are CHAMPION Tr Spec 5 I cannot locate these in any cross reference to find a suitable modern replacement. I would also welcome any one who has a set of these for sale Thank you
  4. Hello I am looking for any of the original manuals that came wit the 1918 FWD model B truck. That would be the manual for the Stromberg model G carburetor ,instruction books for brakes, magneto, clutch,silent chain and motor oiling system. ALSO need an original step assembly that bolts to the side of the chassis.
  5. I own several original ww 1 vehicles including an original 1918 Dodge light repair truck. I also own a replica which I built of the repair truck and a 196 Dodge touring car the type that Pershing brought to Mexico. Pershing did NOT bring hundreds In fact I think the number was more like 20. There were no Dodge Cars with disc wheels in 1918 as they were not made until the early 20s. They were copied from the French disc wheel in fact early ones have a metal tag MICHELIN BUDD wheels. The color on the car could in fact be correct for post war as I have seen original paint jobs that faded to that pale OD> However the disc wheels throw me off as I never saw them on any Dodge military car EXCEPT the replica I built where I used them!!! I have tons of pictures and even have some for sale.... Re Pershing in Mexico he did use a Dodge Likely a 1915 model in france he was in Cadillacs.
  6. My friends in the UK with FWDs obtained their Strombergs in the US !
  7. Hello anyone out there have one of these Stromberg G models I am looking for some parts/spares. Will consider any that you have . It is for a 1918 FWD truck The one pictured shows the governor and warm air tube still attached thanks bob
  8. Hello I am looking for this bracket for my 1918 FWD truck I have the yoke and spotlight but I will consider the entire assembly in order to acquire the bracket which bolts to the truck.Thanks bob
  9. Price is 375. Plus shipping. One mounting tab is broken off
  10. Hello I just picked this up Are you still looking for one? bob
  11. I have the same problem on one of my DBs. Shifts perfectly but a lot of noise until you depress the clutch pedal., Haven't had a chance to work on it.
  12. Mike I think I have a rear window bob jacobs
  13. I need a radiator for 1917-18-19 dodge brothers .Thank you
  14. I need a 21 in OD wooden steering wheel > I can get a new one made but I first want to try to find a vintage wheel . Thanks bob
  15. Pop the clutch is to roll the car in gear while depressing clutch pedal then while it is rolling with ignition on let up on the clutch to start engine. NO vacuum tank yes gravity feed , no coil it is a magneto.
  16. I would welcome ideas as to why it has been difficult to start my 1918 DB when it is hot (engine). When running it is smooth as silk. No backfire or misses. recently put in new pistons and valves. It will easily start when cold and easily starts when hot if you pop the clutch, This is a magneto car with crank only start , NO BATTERY that has recently had a magneto rebuild. I am thinking about vaporized fuel in the carb ???
  17. I need to replace pistons (scored) and rings in 1918. Plan to get pistons and valves from Egge. Anybody have comments good or bad re this company.?
  18. good to know I have a 17 with honey comb always thought it was "wrong" as in not original
  19. Jesse my plan is to come down on Friday See you then
  20. final though does it matter whether I used a wound wire or ceramic resistor???
  21. Thanks to both of you . I am really ill prepared for this type of calculation . Even if the dropping resistor is as Tom Myers suggested 3.2 ohm I would still be fine with a 25 watter