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  1. Can anyone help identify this, it has a full aluminum block and i got a couple a casting numbers off the frame and the block. The steering box says Jacox "Jackson-Church- Wilcox" Saginaw, Michigan and the date on it was 1903. the casting number on the block is 36005-2 and the tag on the frame rails is 363200 ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! THANK YOU.....
  2. Does anyone know what this light up hood ornament might fit, we have been packing it around for some time know and want to find it a new home but need to know what it's for first. I also have another that I do not know what it is for, if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Thanks! Hood Ornaments
  3. Also does anyone know what this bumper guard might fit?
  4. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify this I believe it might be a tail light or license plate holder and is from an early chev????
  5. I just listed and am selling a 65 mustang project that I picked up. We were thinking of restoring it, but realize that we don't have the time right now and I really want a 64 comet (just in case anyone has one for trade or sale!) Anyways to see pics or read more info, please use the link below. Thanks for looking!! - JS http://www.oldride.com/displayAd.html?sectionID=4&ViewItem=2761&sort=&val=&offset=1
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to invite everyone to post pictures of your classics on our site OldRide.com We just created a new feature called The Lounge and we are looking for people to post pictures of there classics. If you have some time and want to show off your ride, we would love for you to post your picture/info about your classic. I will include a direct link to The Lounge, in case you have some extra time and you want to post it. Thanks for your time, Jody http://www.oldride.com/yourrides.html
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