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  1. With the loss of Lebaron Bonney finding wire on to match is very difficult to find. While looking for a source for my Hupp Skylark I found a young man in Wisconson. He recently purchased the machine that makes the wire on product. His name is Cory Cook ph 715 520-3776, he did 50 feet for me on fabric I provided..."perfect"
  2. With the closure of Lebaron Bonney I noted several folks needing wire on for their restoration. I too found myself with the same problem. A young fellow in Wi. has bought the machine that makes the wire on with your fabric. I just had 50 feet make for my Hupp Skylark....nice product...his name is Cory Cook 715 520-3776, made and sent in two days..his email CMC14900@gmail.com
  3. Anyone know the source for fiberglass fenders for the Cord 810.812???
  4. Hi Charles...I'm one of the tech advisors in the Graham Club for the Hollywoods...if you have any questions about your car I will try to answer them 520 351-2351..Tom Mulligan
  5. Here is the best solution....remove the gauge and send it to one of the advertisers repairing these type units in Hemmings motor news...its cheaper and you keep your original dash unit. I have done this several times with great results, I have used Williamson's in Ark twice
  6. where on ebay...cat find them
  7. The parts you want are ONLY available to member of the Airflow Club!.....you need to join if you ever expect to find parts. The club makes most of the rubber parts and offers a lot of advice on your car..........
  8. Nice set of driver quality inner trim rigs for Packard...very hard to find originals! 150+ shipping tmulligansr@aol.com 520 325-7247
  9. I have the complete set!....5 of the pieces a NOS!!! 4 are good southwestern used...getting harder to find complete sets...fit "Champion" models...300.00 or best reeasonable offer...tmulligamsr@aol.com 520 325-7247
  10. I have a four piece set of the original "INNER" trim rigs for 1938-1942. They are in decent driver condition....I'm sure they will fit other years as well. These are being reproduced by Bill Hirsh ..but his are nearly 300 for the set. 150.00 + shipping tmulligansr@aol.com
  11. NO...they are not..I have had the molds made form a near perfect original pair...and these fit email for further info tmulligansr@aol.com
  12. From one of the parts vendors.....these were made by California Metal Shaping which in the last year or two went out of business and the assests were sold at auction.......somebody bought the tooling I'm told!...but who?
  13. Bob Drakes inners fit the Ford hub cap which is smaller....1942-1947 used a larger cap than the Ford and thus a different part was sourced by Ford...with a larger center hole
  14. These are very difficult to find...they are like the 40 Ford ones only the hub cap opening is larger to accomodate the larger Merc and Lincoln wheel cover...NEVER reproduced! set of 4 driver quality 150+ postage tmulligansr@aol.com
  15. I have set of 4 inner trim rings for the Lincoln and Mercury 16 inch wheels....they have a larger hub cap opening..VERY difficult to find in any condition there are NO reproductions...Good driver quality 150.00 + postage tmulligansr@aol.com
  16. This cover is not a simple sheetmeat shop type of cover...the originals are die stamped and include a removable service port. Tom Cox could make one out of ABS...and is work is wonderful...but in this restoration only correct metal will do
  17. There is some fellow on the west coast who makes the repro battery cover. He used to sell them on EbaY.....CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO CONTACT HIM!!! tmulligansr@aol.com
  18. Top dollar paid for original jack and base for Graham Hollywood, Sharknose Grahams and Hupp Skylark. Itts a screw type tubular jack like a Saginaw execpt it lifts by turning the nut on top with the lug wrench.... tmulligansr@aol.com 520 325-7247
  19. To my knowledge there were two of these offered...1. its "Snap Up" not Snap on...2. Mopar Brand for 49 to 52 cars, maybe earlier
  20. With all due respect...you are missing serveral parts need to mount this cap. In addition the switch is also missing..
  21. My recomendations is to move forward carefully. There a several different set backs on the Motor Wheel Corp Mopar wires. The Dodge Plymouth wheels are different than the rest...as they are lip laced. I have an original set if you are interested. tmulligansr@aol.com
  22. Anyone know the guy who sells jacks and tools at Hershey...?? tmulligansr@aol.com
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