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  1. Rob thanks for the info. What a great site.
  2. Hi I need one piece of chrome from your 53. I need the piece above the grill that says "Buick Eight" on it. Kind of looks like a mustache. Mine was cut into 3 pieces for some reason. Please let me know if you have that piece. Thanks for your help. Jeff
  3. There are 24 studs on each head and there is a "A" stamped in the middle of each head. Again thanks for your help. Jeff
  4. Gentlemen please help. I just bought a flathead Ford V-8 engine today. I don't know were to look to tell what year it is, or if it is a 60 hp or 85hp. I was told by the seller it was an 85. Where do I look to identify the type of engine. Thanks for your help. Jeff
  5. Looking for some NOS or rechromes pieces for a 52 super. Need rear spears, hood bullet, front and rear bumpers etc. Will consider rechroming what I have. Does anyone have a good chrome shop in NE Pa. or NJ? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Rotary does have one and it looks good to me. I will also check out the danmar. Has any publication done a comparison? thanks for the help
  7. Has anyone done a comparison on the 4 post lifts? I'd like to purchase one but there are so many to choose. Backyard Buddy, Rotary, etc. Any info or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Help!! I need a fuel pump for a 52 Super. The one that came off is a 9761. I would prefer a rebuilt one ready to go but I will consider others. Would a 9762 for a series 70 fit and work on a series 50 car? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Jeff. Call if you would like 610-972-9694.
  9. Hello I bought my first Buick last week. A 1952 super woodie wagon. I need some help getting it on the road. It was a running driving car until the gentleman pulled it into his garage 6 years ago and passed away. When I went to see the car I primed the carb, jumped the batt and it fired right up for a few seconds. I am picking it up this weekend. I plan on doing the usual: cleaning the gas tank and lines, go over the brakes and change the engine fluids. It has the auto trans. What should I do to it? Should I flush it? Is there anything else particular to the car that might be a trouble spot that I should check? Is there a local Buick club chapter in my area Nazareth Pa? Thanks for your help. Jeff
  10. Hello I need some help on a 53 woodie wagon I have come across. I am told the car is a good older restoration. I think Buick made 2 woodies in 53 a special or super and a roadmaster. 2 things I need help with. I think I can buy the car in the 20k range. Is this a fair price? Secondly, I plan to use the car, +/- 5000 mi per year, is a 53 a good car? Any trouble spots I should be aware of? Are parts available? I would appreciate any opinions you have on this car. You can also call my cell at 610-972-9694. Thanks again for your help. Jeff Add: The owner tells me the car has a straight 8. Did they make a 53 with a straight 8? It is probably a 52 titled as a 53. Is the straight 8 a good motor. Again any help is appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  11. Hello I need some help establishing a value on a car. I have come across a 1953 Buick woodie wagon which I am going to see. I am told it is a good older restoration. I believe Buick made 2 wagons in 53 a super or special and a roadmaster. 2 things I need help with. What is this car worth? I think I can buy it in the 20k range. Too much or a good deal? Secondly I plan to use this car. I have a family of 5 and I need a car that is a good roadworthy vehicle. Is a 53 a good car? Any trouble spots I need to be aware of? Are parts available? I appreciate any help you can offer. If you would like to call me my cell # is 610-972-9694. Again thanks for your help. Jeff
  12. I need help establishing a value on a 1952 Packard 250 Cvt. The top is new, interior is useable, He says it runs and drive although it has not been on the road since 1981. Rust on drivers floor but it looks easy to repair. Needs paint and chrome. Guy is asking low to mid teens. This seems high to me. Please let me know your opinion
  13. Robert Henry Yeska of Nazareth PA. might be able to help you. He has many parts for 1928 Packards. His # is 610-759-0230. I might have a generator from a 1928 443. I don't know if they are the same? Good luck. Jeff
  14. Hello My father has a 1916 Loco model 38. The car starts and runs but has no guts. I believe the problem is either with the carb, timing or the mag. I am far from an expert on this car and need some help getting it running properly. I live in eastern PA and the car is in west central NJ. I would appreciate any help or the name of someone who can help. Thanks for your time. Jeff 610-972-9694
  15. Hello I need some help with the above Loco. The car starts, runs well but it has no guts. I believe the carb might need rebuilding and the timing set. I am far from an expert on this car and would like to find someone in the Central New Jersey/ Eastern PA area that can help me get this car running the way it should. Any help toward this goal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff. 610-972-9694.
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