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  1. Joe, Have a friend who may be able to salvage my hard drive. Micro center may be an option as well, they seem a bit more in tune with saving stuff. I'll let you know how I make out. I'm thinking there are other cars out there that were lost we just haven't heard about it.good luck.
  2. flood damaged, bordeaux/ginger, headlights, side markers, turn signals, hardtop and soft top all good. Was in salt water we evacuated, car had water up to seats. Would like to sell whole, no time to part in midst of demo Please make reasonable offer, come with flatbed, tow truck,dolly, tow bar or whatever and take away.Will try and post pics or just contact me and i will send. Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. Joe, Save your hard drive from your computer if you still have it, you may be able to salvage it and have them transferred to another drive and/or cd/DVD. i am also on LI, but didn't have coverage since it was off the road, so I too am trying to salvage something from my car. Good luck, I hope the forum members will try and help save a few TC's and help you out as well. jim
  4. Tom Pm me with info,was up in Andover last week wish I had known then. Also thanks for the link for the hood struts,I'll check them out as well.
  5. car chick payment sent yesterday thanks
  6. Hey Car chick, sent you a pm. Thanks, jim
  7. Thanks anyway Tom I should've posted this a long time ago
  8. Hi all. Looking for: Hood struts,I'll go new if no one has any available RR lower chrome wheel well moulding LR bumper rub strip,from wheel well to vertical strip,looks like a pia to change but mine split and it looks terrible Headlight knob pulled it on,flew off,and its gone. I can't make Carlisle,but have a friend who's going and can meet up for me. Thanks, Jim
  9. Jeff, Send me your email address in a pm and I'll send you pics and info. Thanks, Jim
  10. Hey Lou, !st post answered some of the q's you have. Send your email and I'll send pics and answer addtional q's.
  11. Hey all, Update,early car,fuzzy covers and black trim. Local LI car, with id plate. Thousands in receipts Black soft top,pulldown inoperative. vin # 201089. I'm not getting to this car,anyone interested before it goes on Ebay? Bottom line $1300. Will send pics
  12. Bob, I'll call you this week and he's inFloral Park,Jeff. Jim
  13. Bob, Email me @ hondo2685@yahoo.com and we'll set something up. Thanks, Jim
  14. 89 TC Bordeaux/Ginger,unknown soft top color,haven't had the hardtop off yet. Runs well,has been off road since late 04. Original windshield good as well as all other glass.Portoles fogging of course. Hardtop needs repainting,left rear tail lamp broken(replacement included)fist sized dent above the housing. Usual seat control issue.Dry interior,one tear driver side seat bottom. Pass headlight has a road chip,d/s marker has stress cracks all others look good. 90's style cell phone hard mounted included at no additional cost. Folder(1998 and up) with numerous maintainence receipts included. I am not going to get to this TC and am not interested in parting out. I've probably forgotten to mention things good and bad so please ask any q's. You can come take a look and make a reasonable offer. Will send pics to those interested. Located near JFK,but you will not be able to drive home without thorough going over. Enjoy the holiday weekend!!! Jim
  15. Sorry car chick my sister in law reminds me periodically when shes up from Va
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