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  1. Atlas was Esso/Exxon's in-house brand. It was around until at least the 1980's.
  2. any peculiarities to especially look for in a 67 300 I'm planning to see? 440 vs 440 TNT, what else?
  3. I had heard of the colored tires before the article. They were not commercially successful, obviously, but are real. Uncolored SBR rubber is off-white. Most common mineral fillers are white, plus the boundary scattering of having a filler. Carbon black proved to be an advantageous filler, so we are used to tires being black.
  4. At the end of the day It seems the obvious question about all this is: what's really left of the Ridler that's still '39 Olds.....? Exactly - it's a pile of parts. More the pity if the only 39 60 convt ended like this
  5. Of course it's the only one built. All the other ones built have flat sixes. I'm very sceptical of a medium-priced production model havinga build of one.
  6. I think the 245 was used from 38 - 48, basically all the later sixes except 37
  7. If it's the white one behind it, the interior and transmission conditions are very important
  8. I don't mean to be flip with this, but there was a factory mirror (even harder to find) that replaced that cowl trim SS piece, and that would solve the issue also.. I also had to search for the exact piece you seek.
  9. It was a nitrocellulose-coated fabric. Given that chemistry, I doubt its availability now.
  10. The dimensions may be different but it's not because of which measuring system is used. An object is the same size regardless of what units you use to measure it.
  11. loks like mid-late 50's Chrysler Corp gear selector
  12. good advice on lots of photos. And lots of interior photos! A pet peeve of mine is the ad with 15 exterior shots, 1 interior, 1 engine bay
  13. instead of the most people, the goal is the most interested buyers. I would think the CCCA and Lincoln Club would provide a small but focused group.
  14. The rubber splash shield on the leading edge of the rear fender is only on vehicles with the running board delete option, but is I believe common to 1900-1901-1903 series (110-120-SWB 160). The belt molding piece on the cowl is also common to at least those three. The rocker molding looks like it is the same as the running board vertical edge molding but it's not. Remember that your car has a shorter hood than but a common body with the 127" wb eights.
  15. The change in sourcing changed the water pH from 8 to 6.5. The coating of lime (calcium carbonate) in the old pipes was protective, but reacted away by a reaction taught in eighth grade science. This exposed the lead-dosed seals used on the old pipes. At that point changing the water source won't correct it. Technical incompetence all around.
  16. joe p makes an excellent and often ignored point. The bolt pattern fitting the hub does not mean a wheel and tire will work correctly on a car.
  17. there's more support for the Riv, but I also like the Wildcat, which can be a convt of course. The 66 uses a different engine from the 67-8. There are two trim levels - I much prefer the Wildcat Custom with an interior heavy on stainless trim and more differentiated from the LeSabre's
  18. Bolt pattern is the easy part wheel offset - match to within a few mm hub diameter match - weight belongs on the hub not the lugs calculate the current and potential (wheel plus tire) heights from the tire sizes and wheel diameters save the old original wheels - if you go to sell the car many buyers will view the new wheels as having negative value no matter what they cost
  19. the US market for coupes is also pretty weak. If you make it a sedan (the Acura show car took that approach), how do you sell it in Cadillac's price range? Maybe by the alternate style approach - it's much more attractive than all the origami style with a giant tacky shield exercises over at Caddy. For the alternate approach, the new Lincoln Continental just screams old man car to me. Dumpy and lumpy. Bring on the vinyl roof.
  20. I was at the show today. The big RWD coupe looks very nice (I kept thinking "Riviera") but I can't see a business case for it. And remember Cadillac has turf to guard above Buick's price point. The Cascada still looks like a Chrysler convertible "me-too" that might sell 15,000 - 20,000 cars in FL and AZ The whatever-UV's from China and the US are similar, which is to be expected. Remember the Chinese market is why Buick is still here and Pontiac isn't.
  21. consider having a new key made for the cylinder - a decent locksmith can do this
  22. The quality is outstanding. Be patient on the timing.
  23. I hear what you're saying. It seems like an argument for eating at McDonald's - it's not that good, but it's cheap and available
  24. General rodding question - why is a pushrod Chevy V8 considered a "modern engine" when the design technology is far behind current design? Newer than a carbureted L-head,yes, but if I want current technology it ain't orange.
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