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  1. Other than possibly attacking filler in the rubber compound, strong mineral acids are not likely to be effective. Mixed hydrocarbon solvents, like a good parts cleaner uses, is more likely to be effective.
  2. what does wheel diameter have to do with aspect ratio? Aspect ratio is the tire sidewall/tread width.
  3. I don't think aspect ratio is in the old sizes. 6.50 x 16 is I think just 6.5" wide tread (nominal) and 16" rim. New sizes have 3 bits of info. 225-60 x 16 means 225 mm tread, side wall height is 60% of tread width, 16" rim. So you can convert assuming a high aspect ratio as was typical back then (like 75)
  4. higher hot viscosity (the second number in a multi-vis oil) will work the same way (STP is a polymer dissoloved in oil to raise the viscosity) for blow back
  5. two lazy too reed end affix watt they rote? (this will pass spell check)
  6. actual vs nominal 7 inch tread width is not the widest point - need the measurement at the bulge. I understand the problem!
  7. forgot the fish scales - that is a pearlescent, but it certainly wasn't a 41 Plymouth color. The Golden Anniversary 49 Packards used bronze for the special paint batch, but the poor weathering of it led to color change repaints.
  8. Pearlescent and metallic are not the same. Metallic paints use small flakes of metal, usually aluminum, as the special effect. I agree with the rest of the timing on metallic paint. Pearlescent paint uses mica, sometimes coated. The effect is quite different.
  9. Amen on "unique!" Listen to the typical ex-jock sportscaster for some inspired butchery of language.
  10. original is almost certainly not pearlescent
  11. my non politically correct but direct answer: Look up Classic on the CCCA site - if it's one of those cars, use the term Call the others Antique. I can see some leeway for modified brakes, 12 V conversions Call modified cars Rods - if the engine or tranny is changed, if the body is cut, it is neither original nor restored
  12. spellcheck also doesn't pick up incorrect use (e.g. homonyms). In an office supply store a saw a sign over the paper department that said "Stationary." I thought it was wrong at first, but upon reflection the sign wasn't going anywhere.
  13. having lived in both Louisiana and Michigan, I can tell you Michigan corrupts French names far more thoroughly. In Detroit (itself a mildly corrupted D'étroit) there is a street called Gratoit. "Grashit"
  14. Have you checked Bill Hirsch's website for engine enamel colors
  15. if need be you can date the photo from the Mercedes dealer's new cars in the background
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