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  1. I have two 60 series engine blocks, not complete engines and 3 60 series transmissions. What series do you need?
  2. Hi Dave, What parts do you need. I have a lot of 60 series parts, axels, front fenders, lights, and more. I also have a 60 series truck for sale that i built. You could use all the parts you need and sell the rest.
  3. If Dave is not interested in the body I might be. Is it a 60 series? splane2me@wideopenwest.com
  4. I have a 60 series rear axle. I believe someone was going to make a trailer out of it. The spot where the torque tube enters the rear axle has a plate welded over it. I would need to check and see if the gears and axle shafts are in it. I also have a 60 series engine block. Let me know if your interested. I would not be able to get to these parts to check them until early April.
  5. Dear James I know your ad is old but do you still have the 32 Buick for sale and if you do can you tell me what series it is. Thanks
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