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  1. I beleive ,most spots were paid for ,1 for close camping ,and not to sell parts .Myself and others were run over by carts and cycles all week ,i,ll go 1 more year ,if it dont change, ill go elsewhere ,chich,great show ,always love it people are great .Next year ,let me know if i can save 180.00 a night for 10.00 a whole week
  2. Excellent job,what a peice of history .Was going to introduce my self at hershey,but you were busy rubbin the Bell down.How did you do in the show?
  3. We have had to have the tires shaved,100% better.Wheels and tires.
  4. Email me @tklong1@msn.com,i will give you an address,as well as yours,thanks
  5. ditto ,as we are in dayton ohio,would be more than glad to help all out ,good luck,our prayers are with you all
  6. Keep it original if possible,looks like a great,solid car.Good luck
  7. I have 5 or 6.What size rim?I would be interested in selling you one.
  8. Check the hood ,see if it lines up perfect with cowl and radiator .Sounds to me ,shimming is required
  9. I would be ,im in OHIO.price pics,and more info.
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