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  1. I am interestedc in the tool kit wwhat do you want for it and do you have the car still I may need some other parts
  2. could you add my car to list vin ending in 208009 Yellow Black Black v-6 auto od the car has been repainted to Black and was imported to Canada in 2004
  3. I am interested in the hard top how much I am in Vancouver BC can drive down to pick it up call me 604 657-8521
  4. I just checked for the hard top and could not find a listing
  5. My TC was stolen and now have back missing the hard top and with some damage. I am looking for a balck hard top ginger headliner but can repaint if have to. looking for a passenger side door handle. good grille the SS molding on the top of the windshield. can anyone help.....
  6. I have a 91 V-6 that has the same problem does it have the same remedy or is there another repair for the V-6
  7. do you know of a place to get these for the TC V-6
  8. I am looking for the black trim piece that goes on the passenger side inside to the front of door of the car in the foot well do you have a good one.
  9. How much do you want for the set. My first Mopar was a 69 cuda Have owned 7 in my life now just love them.
  10. I am in need of a set of good headlights My car has an rock chip in the right side and a crack in the left side
  11. how much for the hard top and what color is it.
  12. I am looking for a good black hard top do you have one and how much. Where are you located.
  13. I am looking for a hard top what are you asking for one. Also looking for the stock stereo and wiring harness for same. can you help me please e-mail me at nmennie@shaw.ca
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